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Own a Piece of Airliner History with Aviationtags

by Matt Falcus

I recently came across a really cool company in Germany called Aviationtag which sells pieces of aircraft for enthusiasts and collectors to keep.

The company is run by Stephan, who is an enthusiast himself and has managed to acquire parts of the metal skins of aircraft that have been decommissioned and scrapped. This is then turned into a unique little tag inscribed with an image of the aircraft and details about who it flew for, its registration and serial number.

Each tag comes attached a colourful card, which also details the information about the aircraft that the tag has come from, with its first and final flight dates and the logo and colours of the airline it flew for.

Each tag is a limited edition, with its individual number printed on. You will therefore be in a minority of people who can own such a piece of aviation history.

Stephan was kind enough to send me two samples of tags and I think they’re fantastic. I love the idea of keeping a piece of history like this, and to have the opportunity to pick an aircraft or type that is of interest or importance to me. 

The two examples sent were a Douglas DC-9, N133NK, formerly flown Spirit Airlines, and Continental Airlines before that.

The other tag was from Lufthansa’s Boeing 747-430 D-ABVC, which was retired in 2003. This was an aircraft I had seen in service a number of times, so was particularly special.

Spirit DC-9 N133NK before it became my Aviationtag! By Konstantin von Wedelstaedt [GFDL 1.2 or GFDL 1.2], via Wikimedia Commons

The information on the back of the tag’s card explains that each tag is unique, from a different part of the aircraft, with a variety of thicknesses, colours and textures depending on where they came from on the aircraft.

Tags can be used on luggage, keys, bags (they all have a strong loop to allow it to attach), or just on display at home to remind you of aircraft which no longer fly.


How to Buy

Aviationtag has lots of different aircraft available as tags. Their online shop displays all of the available options, ranging in price from €19.95 up to €49.95.

A brief list of aircraft currently available include a Canadian Government A310, Spring Airlines A320, Cathay Pacific 747, DC-3 Candybomber, Swiss A340, plus lots of light aircraft. More aircraft are being sourced all of time.

Find out more at https://www.aviationtag.com/






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