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The best places to see classic airliners in Asia

by Matt Falcus
datanshan museum

Countries across Asia are a haven for classic airliners of all shapes and sizes. An aviation enthusiast visiting the area is sure to be able to add a great number of older types to their logs books, and take pictures of them. The problem is in finding them.

One of the easiest ways is to search out the preserved airliners which have been put on display for the public to enjoy.


Read on to discover some of the best places to see classic airliners in Asia, and start planning your trip today.

Hint: Some of these aircraft should definitely be on your bucket list, as important remnants of air travel in days gone by.


Beijing, China

datanshan museum

By calflier001 [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The Chinese capital city is a hub of aviation activity which needs to be on your list of places to visit, if you haven’t already.

The city’s huge China Aviation Museum at Datangshan is home to hundreds of retired aircraft of all varieties. Important for airliner lovers is the interesting collection of former transport aircraft which flew passengers, military and government personnel in China.

On display here are eight Antonov An-24/30s, three Hawker Siddeley Tridents, six Yunshuji Y-5 (licence-built An-2s), five Douglas DC-3/Lisunov Li-2s, three Ilyushin Il-18s and a single examples of Douglas DC-8, Vickers Viscount and Ilyushin Il-62 among many others.


Elsewhere in the Chinese capital is the Beijing Civil Aviation Museum, which has its own impressive collection of classic airliners, include Trident, Airbus A310, BAe 146, Li-2, Curtiss C-46 and plenty of Yunshuji Y-5s, Y-7s and Y-11s.


Jakarta, Indonesia

Douglas DC-3 Seulawah Indonesian Airways RI-001. The first Indonesian aircraft, donated by Acehnese people in 1949. Now the historic airplane is in display at Aceh pavilion, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah.

There are seven different Douglas DC-3s preserved around Jakarta, the Indonesian capital – two of them have the same registration, RI-001! You can find these at locations such as the Taman Mini Indonesia Theme Park, Satriamandala Museum, Garuda HQ, Indonesian Air Force Staff College, and Kebon Jeruk.


Tokyo, Japan

Boeing 747 at museum

The Museum of Aeronautical Science at Narita Airport is a great place for spotting at the Tokyo airport. It also has a nice little collection of classic airliners on display, including a NAMC YS-11, Gates Learjet 25, and the forward section of a former Northwest Airlines Boeing 747-212B.


Yangon, Myanmar

Myanmar’s capital is not a common place for spotters to venture to. However, those who do can be rewarded with a public park in the city which is home to five retired Fokker F27 aircraft!

These are in a semi-derelict condition, but open to inspect and get close to at the People’s Square and Park on Pyay Road.


Tainan City, Taiwan


Aircraft on display at the Republic of China Air Force Museum in Taiwan

The Gangshan district to the south of Tainan City is home to the Republic of China Air Force Museum at the city’s air base. Here you’ll find military transport airliners such as a Boeing 720, Douglas DC-6, Fairchild C-119 and C-123, Douglas DC-3, Curtiss C-46 and a rare AIDC XC-2 indigenous transport aircraft.


Bangkok, Thailand

Photo (c) RTAF

All over Bangkok, Thailand, are interesting old airliner types to discover.

The main location to visit is the Royal Thai Air Force Museum at Don Mueang Airport, which is home to a Boeing 737-200, Douglas DC-3, Fairchild C-123, GAF Nomad, SA226 Metro and IAI Arava.

For more information visit this website.


Elsewhere in Bangkok you’ll find preserved DC-3s at the Science Centre for Education, the Taweewattana Palace and the Ram Intra Police Museum, part of a 737-200 at Kidzania Bangkok, and a Convair 440 at Siam Park City.


Sacheon, South Korea

By Jerry Gunner from Lincoln, UK (0-50582 C-54G Skymaster RoKAF) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The KAI Aerospace Museum in South Korea (in the south east of the country) is home to the best collection of preserved aircraft in the country. Among it is a number of classic airliners of the Republic of Korea Air Force, including a Douglas DC-3, DC-4, C-124C and Fairchild C-123.



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