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Radisson Blu at East Midlands

by Matt Falcus

Photo (c) Radisson BluA new airport hotel recently opened at East Midlands Airport in the form of a Radisson Blu.

Whilst passing recently, I decided to check out the prospects of this being a place that you can view aircraft movements from.

In case you’re not familiar, East Midlands Airport is one of the UK’s premier cargo airports, and as such becomes a hive of activity during the nighttime hours. Previously, if you wanted to watch the action, your best bet is to slum it with the local boy racers on Diseworth Road, Castle Donington, which leads up to the crash gate and the best views of the runway and cargo ramp.

Although I didn’t stay at the Radisson Blu, it seems from passing that there are indeed plenty of rooms from which you can watch the action. A request when booking or checking in should provide you with an airport-facing room, overlooking the runway and eastern cargo apron (home to UPS, Star Air (Maersk) etc.). You won’t be able to see the main DHL cargo ramp, but everything should pass the window at some point.

The Radisson Blu East Midlands Airport website is http://www.radissonblu.co.uk/hotel-eastmidlandsairport

Let me know if you’ve stayed there. What is the view like? Which rooms are good?

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