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Manchester Ringway Through the Decades series

by Matt Falcus

Eighties RingwayA new book series has been produced based on Manchester Airport in the UK, formerly (and still affectionately) known as Ringway.

Ringway Through The Decades is a vast volume on the history of the airport, which is so big that it covers multiple volumes – each looking at a particular decade.

Each book pulls together facts, figures and stories from a variety of sources to tell the story of Manchester Airport in that particular period. It takes the form of a diary, listing movements, unusual visitors, stories and details on the different companies to be found on the site. In addition, the books are full of photographs from the period showing the airport and aircraft. They are a fantastic resource and a great read for those who remember the airport in these periods.

Books in the series include:

* Seventies Ringway – Manchester Airport 1970-79
* Eighties Ringway – Manchester Airport 1980-84
* Eighties Ringway – Manchester Airport 1985-89

There are also Movements CDs available (1970-1979 & 1980-1989) and 50 years of Diversions (1960-2010). These are designed to compliment the books.


70s Ringway

Nineties Ringway, as well as Sixties Ringway are both in the pipeline for a future release, as well as a number of other titles on the history of Manchester Airport and its operators.

A website has been set up from where you can buy the books, however it also has

plenty of interesting content in its own right, including photographs and stories from Manchester Airport. The link is http://ringwaypublications.com

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