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South Africa warning – spotter found guilty

by Matt Falcus

News24.com is reporting that a plane spotter has been found guilty of illegally listening to ATC communications through an air band receiver.

Julian Swift was at Johannesburg’s OR Tambo Airport in February when he was arrested. He had been observed taking photographs of aircraft, and listening to a radio receiver (which could no transmit). He has been ordered to pay a R5000 fine, or face 10 months in jail.

In South Africa, it is illegal to use scanners and receivers without a license proving you’re qualified as a radio amateur.

Despite this, air traffic control is streamed live from South African airports via the internet, and at the High Flyers Bar next to OR Tambo Airport.

So watch out if you’re in South Africa! Maybe I should put up a list of rules from different countries on this site to keep us all on the right side of the law. Anyone care to explain the rules that you know of for different countries? Leave a comment.


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