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Spotting at Toronto Pearson Airport

by Matt Falcus

Canada’s principal gateway in the east and a very busy airport, Toronto Pearson is worth the visit if you need any of the Air Canada fleet. Most of the country’s other airlines also visit, as well as various regional types from the main US carriers across the border.

The airport can be quite complex to negotiate, and never has one perfect solution to the spotter given the differing runway directions – especially if photography is your thing.

The best bet intially is to drive the perimeter road which will give you a good idea of what aircraft are in, and where the best spots may be.

The best place to join this road is at ground level outside Terminal 1. Look out for Silver Dart Drive and follow it as it passes the various ramps and runways. It soon turns into Convair Drive, and then Courtneypark Drive E. Turn onto Dixie Road, Derry Road E, and then Airport Road to take you back to the terminals and complete the loop.

There are various vantage locations around this perimeter road, although sometimes the police may move you on. A courtesy call to the airport police has often been very much welcomed, with the spotters being encouraged to carry on at will.

The best spots seem to be on the mound to the west of the FedEx ramp, and in the midfield cargo terminal area.

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Brian Wood March 3, 2017 - 12:47 am

Hi,l remember going to Toronto Airport back in the summer of 1979,one best places for spotting in those days was a car park on top of one of theTerminals,which l think now been demolished.Anyway l remember seeing :American Airlines 707s,727-100s,727-200s,United DC10,Eastern Tristar,DC9s,Great Lakes Convair 540s,Millardair DC4,CP Air DC8s,Boeing 747,DC10s,plus lots of Air Canada Aircraft DC9s,DC8s,Boeing 727-200,and also one Viscount parked near one of the hangers.


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