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Spotting at Tupelo Storage Airport

by Matt Falcus

Tupelo Regional Airport in Mississippi is one of America’s growing number of airports involved in the storage and scrapping of airliners.

Located a few miles south of the city, the airport has a single north-south runway, and only occasional scheduled service. It’s fairly busy with general aviation and biz jet activity, too.

However, the main reason to visit is the scrapping base in the south-east part of the airfield.

N351BU Pic 3


Here you’ll find all kinds of aircraft from around the world, right up to Boeing 747 size. Recent additions have included Vueling and S7 Airlines Airbus A320s, United Airlines Boeing 747s and 757s, Qantas 747 and Jet Airways Boeing 777s.

The number of aircraft present fluctuates and it isn’t anywhere near as busy as the larger storage and scrapping airports further west. But if you’re in the area it’s definitely worth stopping by on the off chance of seeing something exotic.


Where to Spot at Tupelo Airport

The scrapping areas are quite visible from along Lemons Dr (turn left just before the passenger terminal), but be careful not to loiter or block the road.

You can also see the stored airliners from Air Park Rd.


All photos (c) Andy Tucker


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