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Stavanger Airport now has live cameras!

by Matt Falcus

Stavanger Airport WebcamIf you’re sat at home or in an office somewhere and dreaming of being sat at an airport, watching the aircraft come and go, then I’ve got a new site for you to bookmark.

Stavanger Airport in Norway now has a page with two webcams, looking both directions down the main runway, showing all of the comings and goings. It is run by Aftenbladet.no.

From giving it a go, I can say that the live streaming is very fast.

The site also shows a live ATC map centred on Stavanger, taken from the excellent FlightRadar24 site. Below this, there’s an arrivals and departures board from the airport, showing what movements are due.

You can view the Stavanger Airport webcams here: http://www.aftenbladet.no/webkamera/flyplassen/

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