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Stored Airliners at Greenwood Leflore Airport

by Matt Falcus

Greenwood Leflore Airport in Mississippi is the final resting place for airliners from around the world.

The former US Air Force training airfield is now a public use airport a few miles east of the city, and 125 miles south of Memphis.

For the past couple of decades the airport has found itself as a place where airliners go to die. Notably many former FedEx, Northwest and United aircraft have been reduced to scrap there. However, airliners from all over the world do end up there, including recent examples from Iberia, Garuda, Onur Air and Jet Airways.

There is no airline service to Greenwood Leflore. Spotting is possible from the fence alongside the access road, or by attending an airshow held here.

Jeff Seznak recently had the opportunity to snap some pictures of stored airliners at Greenwood, which he shares here:

Greenwood Leflore





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