Suvarnabhumi Ville Bangkok Spotting Hotel Review

Ian Moss recently visited the Suvarnabhumi Ville Hotel near Bangkok’s main airport and sent in this report. He describes the hotel as a “spotter’s dream”, so we’re keen to bring you the information below.

The hotel is 8 minutes drive from the airport. The journey costs around 140 baht for a taxi, or there is a shuttle bus which costs 120 baht.

The hotel has two parallel blocks with a swimming pool in the middle, and the blocks are 4 floors high.

Naturally the top floor is best for views, with room 4342 reported as the best room for spotting.

All of the rooms have balconies, which makes spotting even more pleasant, and easier for photographs. This picture shows how close aircraft are without the use of a telephoto lens.

bangkok spotting hotel

Another great feature of the hotel is the open deck on top, where you can relax and also watch the action. Ian reports that if it is raining, simply go to the floor below where there is shelter, and enjoy the views from the open ends of the building.

Nearby there are two 7/11 stores which are great for stocking up on food and drink supplies.


Suvarnabhumi Ville Hotel

9/9 Moo 7 Soi Kingkaew 64, Kingkaew road, Rachathewa, BangPhli Samut Prakan, BANGKOK THAILAND 10540



Thanks to Ian for the report.



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8 Responses

  1. Stefan says:

    Thank you for the report. I am going to stay there for my next BKK visit.
    Which is the best time to take picture from this hotel?

  2. Matt Falcus says:

    The hotel faces east, so afternoons are better for photos.

  3. Rafal says:

    Be careful with this hotel. The management don’t understand the spotting concept. I’ve stayed there twice on one trip and both times I had to fight with the staff to let me go on the deck during the day. They wanted 5000 Bahts deposit for damages (idiots). And both times I had an escort!!! Employees would seat there with me while I was taking pictures. They make you sign the form that all pictures that you take are hotels property. Most employees are rude. I wouldn’t recommend this dump. Stay at nicer hotel and walk to the canal to take pictures.

  4. John Millar says:

    Any updates on the hotel?

  5. ian moss says:

    I think this mr rafals message comment is talking through his back side . numerous times I have been here. and I know guys that have been also . never had the trouble he is saying he has for what damages can be caused I dont know unless he is throwing chairs or tables off the roof terrace. the staff there are so good and helpful, but you cant help everybody in this hobby ‘

  6. Suresh RV says:

    Suvarnabhumi Ville Hotel is excellent spotting place…In room no 2424 you can spott from the bed ….

  7. Eric Y says:

    Can I go if I don’t stay in this hotel? What if I’m willing to pay a bit to go up there? Thx guys

  8. Dorapilot says:

    The most important info is missing in this report: which focal lenghts are needed to spot from there?

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