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Teruel Storage Airport Spotting Update

by Matt Falcus

Teruel in Spain is one of Europe’s premier airports for airliner storage and dismantling.

The airport is between Madrid and Valencia off the A-23 and N-234 roads. It was opened in 2013 and has become full of the aircraft from airlines that have ceased flying, or retired from active service.

This selection of images was taken in October 2019 by Erik Ritterbach and shows the variety on offer.


Plane Spotting at Teruel

You’ll need a car to travel to Teruel. If you are driving on the A-2, leave at junction 131 for Cella and then follow the N-234 south towards the airport. Once there you can spot from around the perimeter by following the roads.

You may need to take a step-ladder and a long lens to get the best results.

Sometimes logging the aircraft registrations can be difficult due to the way the aircraft are parked, or if they have them taped over. But with perseverance you should get a good haul.



Thanks to Erik Ritterback for contributing these photographs.






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