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The Best New Airline Liveries to See in 2024

by Matt Falcus

It’s always nice for aviation enthusiasts and photographers to have something new to see, and over the past year there have been plenty of new airlines and liveries taking to the skies.

Wherever you are around the world, there are some new liveries to be seen.

Here are the best new liveries to see in 2024:


Air India

Pramodkraj12, CC BY 4.0 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0>, via Wikimedia Commons

The Indian national carrier recently introduced this new corporate livery. While most of its aircraft still wear the old livery, all new deliveries, like the Airbus A320neo and A350, wear the new scheme.


Air Japan

The new offshoot of All Nippon Airways, Air Japan is a brand new airline flying Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft.



Acode37, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

AnadoluJet of Turkey is in the process of rebranding as AJet, and introducing this new livery across its fleet.


Royal Jordanian

Royal Jordanian Embraer JY-REA. Photo (c)

Always quite a unique livery, this year Royal Jordanian Airlines has updated its scheme whilst still retaining the greys and blacks of the existing scheme. The new livery first appeared on the airline’s new Embraer E2 aircraft.


Air India Express

Like Air India (see earlier), its low-cost subsidiary Air India Express also introduced a new corporate livery recently. It is inspired by the parent’s new livery, but includes its own variation and a more orange colour. Seen here on its new Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft.



Revived by the Mexican Government out of the ashes of the old carrier which ceased flying in 2010, the new Mexicana has introduced Boeing 737-800 aircraft. It will also soon be adding Embraer E2 aircraft.



Another new Indian carrier, Fly91 is utilising ATR 72 aircraft to link smaller airports and communities across the country.



FarCargo is a new freight operator based in the Faroe Islands. It uses Boeing 757 freighters on flights between Europe and the USA.


Lufthansa City

Yet another offshoot of the German national airline, Lufthansa City launched recently to operate Airbus A319 aircraft on short-haul routes out of Munich. Whilst it uses the standard Lufthansa livery, aircraft have Lufthansa City titles.


Air Road Cargo

This new Chinese cargo airline launched earlier this year. It is an offshoot of the Air Road Logistics company, and utilised Boeing 737-800 converted freighter aircraft in this smart livery.



Which is your favourite new livery? Have you managed to see any of the new liveries yet? Leave a comment below!

Title Image: Solojaynvm, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons



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