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The German Government Transport Fleet at Cologne/Bonn

by Matt Falcus

Cologne/Bonn Airport in Germany is the home base for the government’s transport aircraft fleet – particularly those aircraft used for transporting ministers and VIPs, as well as aerial tanker roles.

This is known as the Executive Transport Wing of the German Air Force.

The Germany government fleet was recently brought right up to date with the addition of its first Airbus A350. A second has also just joined the fleet.

These will replace some of the older types, like the Airbus A340.

These pictures were provided by Erik Ritterbach, who spent some time at Cologne/Bonn watching the aircraft movements.

An Airbus A340 with A319 and A310 in the background.

The brand new Airbus A350-900

An ageing A310 aircraft.

The old and the new. The Airbus A350 (background) will replace the 4-engine A340-300.

The current fleet includes:

  • 5x Airbus A310-300 (including 4 tankers)
  • 3x Airbus A319-100 ACJ
  • 1x Airbus A321-200
  • 2x Airbus A340-300 (being phased out)
  • 2x Airbus A350-900
  • 34x Airbus A400



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