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The Latest Videos from JustPlanes

by Matt Falcus

Justplanes.com are probably the most prolific producers of aviation videos, with their ranges of cockpit and airport series covering airlines and spotting locations around the world.

New videos are released every week, and hundreds of classic titles are still available.

Some of the latest titles include:

  • Aegean Airways A320neo/A321neo
  • Ethiopian Airlines 737-700
  • Kenya Airways 787
  • LOT Boeing 737 MAX 8
  • Sydney & Brisbane Airports 2020-21
  • Toulouse Airport 2020-21

To get a taste of what they offer, their YouTube channel is one of the most popular aviation channels of all, and they always post new videos showing the latest content from their cockpit videos.

Check out their YouTube channel here: http://www.youtube.com/JustPlanes

This December, Justplanes have a 25% discount available on over 800 aviation films. You can browse the range and purchase them at this link: shop.justplanes.com


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