Thomas Cook’s Aircraft – Where Are They Now?

thomas cook aircraft

On 23 September we faced the sad news that the UK’s oldest holiday company, Thomas Cook, had closed down after 178 years.

With it went the company’s UK airline fleet (partner carriers in Germany and Scandinavia have continued flying).

Now the dust has settled somewhat, we take a look at what has happened to the airline’s fleet of aircraft following disposal. This list is of the aircraft being operated by the UK arm on the day the carrier ceased flying (aside from those on lease from Avion Express etc).


This list will change as aircraft find new owners; we’ll endeavour to keep it up-to-date.


Airbus A321
G-DHJH – Stored at Lasham, UK
G-NIKO – Stored at Lasham, UK
G-TCDA – Stored at Montpellier, France
G-TCDC – Stored at Istanbul Ataturk. Assigned OE-IDT.
G-TCDD – Stored at Larnaca, Cyprus *Updated 24/11/19
G-TCDE – Stored at Lake City Municipal, FL
G-TCDF – Now C-FTXU with Air Transat *Updated 5/12/19
G-TCDG – Stored at Chicago Rockford, IL
G-TCDH – Now C-GTZX with Air Transat *Updated 4/12/19
G-TCDJ – Stored at Zagreb, Croatia. Assigned OE-IKL.
G-TCDK – Now C-FTXZ with Air Transat *Updated 5/12/19
G-TCDL – Stored at Zagreb, Croatia. Assigned OE-IKO
G-TCDM – Stored at Kaunas, Lithuania. Assigned F-
G-TCDN – Stored at Zagreb, Croatia
G-TCDO – Stored at Kaunas, Lithuania
G-TCDP – Stored at Shannon, Ireland
G-TCDR – Stored at Zagreb, Croatia. Assigned OE-IKM.
G-TCDV – Stored at Newquay, UK
G-TCDW – Stored at Castellon, Spain
G-TCDX – Stored at Newquay, UK
G-TCDY – Stored at Castellon, Spain
G-TCDZ – Stored at Castellon, Spain
G-TCVA – Stored at Lasham, UK
G-TCVB – Stored at Lasham, UK
G-TCVC – Stored at Lasham, UK
G-TCVD – Stored at Lasham, UK

Airbus A330
G-CHTZ – Withdrawn from use at Newquay, UK
G-MDBD – Stored at Manchester, UK
G-MLJL – Stored at Manchester, UK
G-OMYT – Stored at Manchester, UK
G-TCXB – Stored at Newquay, UK
G-TCXC – Stored at Abu Dhabi, UAE *Updated 6/12/19
G-TCXD – Stored at Lake City Municipal, FL. Assigned OE-IEJ.




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12 Responses

  1. David Longa says:

    I guess you know that on the N36272. !. That was the first plane that was painted with the new tail. 2. The other side of the plane is red in color.

  2. Robert Paterson says:

    G-tcdd has now moved to larnaca

  3. Matt Falcus says:

    Thanks Robert. Keep adding updates everyone!

  4. Robert Paterson says:

    G-TCDH – Stored at Shannon, Ireland. Assigned OE-IEI.
    now fly as C-GTZX for transat

  5. Matt Falcus says:

    Thanks Robert!

  6. Richard G says:

    3x A330 and 2x A320 at Apple Aviation at Newquay Airport, Cornwall.

    G-CHTZ, G-TCXB, G-TCXC are the regs I have got at the moment. 2 more to ID.

  7. Robert Paterson says:

    G-TCDF – Stored at Shannon, Ireland
    now flying as C-FTXU for Air Transat
    last seen in YUL montreal

  8. Robert Paterson says:

    G-TCDG now in chicago RFD

  9. Robert Paterson says:

    G-TCDK now C-FTXZ with Air Transat
    last seen in Calgary

  10. Robert Paterson says:

    G-TCDK now C-FTXZ with Air Transat

  11. Robert Paterson says:

    G-TCXC is on the move, out over eastern turkey just now

  12. Matt Falcus says:

    Thanks Robert!

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