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TWA Connie Takes a Trip Through Times Square

by Matt Falcus

The preserved TWA Lockheed Constellation which was recently transported to New York JFK (see our story) to become part of the new TWA Hotel has been taking a little outing through Manhattan Island, taking in Times Square.

Sitting in the position where TWA once advertised its brand new Constellation airliners, the classic lines of the aircraft looked fantastic and certainly drew big crowds. Even the famous Naked Cowboy came to see it.

The aircraft is L-1649 Starliner N8083H (line number 1038).

Its journey through New York took in some of the city’s most famous streets and districts, including Central Park.

It is now back at JFK where, once put back together, the Constellation will be used as a cocktail lounge at the TWA Hotel for guests, rekindling the history of the golden era when Eero Saarinen’s iconic terminal was used by Trans World Airlines at the airport. Today the terminal is about to open for guests and boasts runway-view rooms and an observation deck which is sure to please enthusiasts visiting JFK.

Read our post about the hotel and how to book rooms here: http://www.airportspotting.com/jfks-spotting-hotel-twa-hotel-open-bookings/




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