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Where Are British Airways Boeing 747s Located?

by Matt Falcus

With the sad news last week that British Airways is retiring its Boeing 747-400 fleet with immediate effect owing to the downturn in air travel following the coronavirus, we thought it would be interesting to provide the locations of all remaining aircraft should you wish to track them down before they’re scrapped.

These aircraft are likely to be moved to their final scrapping locations in the coming weeks, so the list may get out of date fairly quickly.

Boeing 747-400 British Airways G-BNLE cn 24047/753
BA 747 storage

If you need any, go get them!

G-BNLE (24047/753), WFU Victorville, CA

G-BNLG (24049/774), WFU Victorville, CA

G-BNLH (24050/779), WFU Victorville, CA

G-BNLI (24051/784), WFU Victorville, CA

G-BNLK (24053/790), WFU St Athan, UK

G-BNLM (24055/795), WFU Victorville, CA

G-BNLP (24058/828), WFU St Athan, UK

G-BNLR (24447/829), WFU Victorville, CA

G-BNLS (24629/841), WFU Victorville, CA

G-BNLT (24630/842), WFU Victorville, CA

G-BNLU (25406/895), WFU Victorville, CA

G-BNLV (25427/900), WFU Teruel, Spain

G-BNLY (27090/959), Stored Cardiff, UK (Landor livery)

G-BYGA (28855/1190), Stored Cardiff, UK

G-BYGB (28856/1194), Stored Cardiff, UK

G-BYGC (25823/1195), Stored Cardiff, UK (BOAC livery)

G-BYGD (28857/1196), Stored Cardiff, UK

G-BYGE (28858/1198), Stored Cardiff, UK

G-BYGF (25824/1200), Stored Cardiff, UK

G-BYGG (28859/1212), Stored London Heathrow, UK

G-CIVA (27092/967), WFU Teruel, Spain

G-CIVB (25811/1018), Stored London Heathrow, UK (Negus livery)

G-CIVC (25812/1022), Stored Cardiff, UK

G-CIVD (27349/1048), Stored London Heathrow, UK

G-CIVE (27350/1050), Stored London Heathrow, UK

G-CIVF (25434/1058), Stored London Heathrow, UK

G-CIVH (25809/1078), Stored London Heathrow, UK

G-CIVI (25814/1079), Stored London Heathrow, UK

G-CIVJ (25817/1102), WFU Kemble, UK

G-CIVK (25818/1104), Stored London Heathrow, UK

G-CIVL (27478/1108), WFU Kemble, UK

G-CIVM (28700/1116), WFU St Athan, UK

G-CIVN (28848/1129), WFU Kemble, UK

G-CIVO (28849/1135), Stored Cardiff, UK

G-CIVP (28850/1144), Stored London Heathrow, UK

G-CIVR (25820/1146), WFU Teruel, Spain

G-CIVS (28851/1148), WFU Teruel, Spain

G-CIVT (25821/1149), WFU Teruel, Spain

G-CIVU (25810/1154), Stored Cardiff, UK

G-CIVV (25819/1156), Stored London Heathrow, UK

G-CIVW (25822/1157), Stored Cardiff, UK

G-CIVX (28852/1172), WFU Teruel, Spain

G-CIVY (28853/1178), Stored London Heathrow, UK

G-CIVZ (28854/1183), Stored Cardiff, UK



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Hugh Semple July 23, 2020 - 8:08 am

What are the Reg.Numbers of the Tui Aircraft parked up during the civil 19 pandemic at Doncaster/Sheffield Airport.

Hugh Semple July 23, 2020 - 8:14 am

Went there to see them to get the Reg. Numbers but it was sunny and it gave a heat haze so I couldn’t get a clear view of them. I was parked up on the Old Bawtry Road. Hoping you can help. Thanks Hugh Semple


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