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World Airports Spotting Guides on Kindle

by Matt Falcus


Our recent book release, World Airports Spotting Guides, is now available on Kindle.

At present you can pre-order it ready for its release on 16th October. Click here to order.


As a reminder, World Airports Spotting Guides is a concise and all-encompassing guide to over 300 of the world’s best airports for spotting. It includes the big hubs as well as many smaller regional, GA, biz, cargo and storage airports.

With each one, a description is given of the best places to spot aircraft from, and what kind of aircraft you’re likely to see.

Over 50 of the airports have maps and lots more detail, such as the best spotting hotels and aviation museum attractions nearby.

Ordering World Airports Spotting Guides on Kindle gives you the complete guide in an electronic format, easy for travelling with.

What’s more, if you’ve already bought the print version from Amazon, you can get the Kindle version at a vastly reduced price!



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