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Celebrating the Most Important Airliners Ever Flown

by Matt Falcus

I’m pleased to be able to announce a new book written by myself and published by The History Press.

50 Airliners that Changed Flying, simply put, is a photographic homage to the most important airliners ever flown.

As the name suggests, the book includes fifty airliners, which have all made an impact on flying. Selecting the final list was no easy task as so many airliners have had an impact on the role of air travel, with many ‘firsts’ and game-changing developments to talk about.

In this book I look at the full history of air travel, from man’s first forays into using aeroplanes for transport, right up to the Airbus A380 and Boeing 787 Dreamliner. 

Each type is described in detail and illustrated with some fantastic imagery. I’m really happy with the finished design.

If you’re lucky enough to be sitting on one of these modern, state-of-the-art airliners, it’s difficult to imagine that a little over a hundred years ago flight was a new, experimental endeavour. Early pioneers saw its potential in delivering the mail much quicker, and the onset of war meant great advancements in aeroplanes because of their ability to be used for military purposes. Yet flying one or two passengers was a novelty in those early days.

Through this book you’ll learn about the types that really changed the way we flew. From the more obvious like the Douglas DC-3, Airbus A300, Boeing 737 and 747 ‘jumbo jet’ to the types you may not be so familiar with.

Take the Benoist Type XIV which, in 1914, is credited as flying the world’s first scheduled service, between St. Petersburg and Tampa.

Boeing 247

Then there’s the Boeing 247 – an all-metal airliner which many consider to be the invention of the modern airliner. It featured air conditioning, sound-proofing, and enabled quick, reliable and comfortable travel across the United States at speeds never seen before.


As well as the historic and well-known modern airliners, the book also covers some of the most important utility aircraft to change air travel. Find out about the qualities of the de Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver and DHC-6 Twin Otter, as well as the Cessna 208 Caravan and Antonov An-2, on civilian and military work the world over.


We should never forget the incredible achievement it is to be able to travel so easily by air today. Today’s airliners transport us quickly and affordably over great distances, with so many comforts that we often forget where we are.

It’s something that has always fascinated me, and one of the reasons I ended up running this website.


This book celebrates all of the steps it has taken to get there. I think it will delight aviation enthusiasts with its historic pictures and details, and yet it is also accessible to those who only have a passing interest in aviation and air travel. It makes a great gift!

Published by The History Press, 50 Airliners that Changed Flying by Matt Falcus is available now, priced £12.99.

You can buy a copy from Amazon at this link.

It’s also available in good bookstores!




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