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Airbus A350 Routes

by Matt Falcus
Airbus A350 Routes

The Airbus A350XWB is now entering service, so on this page I will attempt to keep up to date on the planned A350 routes and airports to be served by the type, and the anticipated start dates.

If you have a correction or addition, please e-mail me!

Last Update: 6 November 2020

** With the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, many routes are changing regularly and may not be reported.

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34 Operators


SVOLHRMoscow SheremetyevoLondon Heathrow(-900) Resumes 25 October 2020
SVOKIXMoscow SheremetyevoOsaka Kansai(-900) Starts 29 March 2021

Air Caraïbes

ORYCAYParis OrlyCayenne(-900)
ORYFDFParis OrlyFort-de-France(-1000)
ORYPTPParis OrlyPointe-a-Pitre(-1000)

Air China

PEKCTUBeijing CapitalChengdu
PEKCANBeijing CapitalGuangzhou
PEKLHRBeijing CapitalLondon Heathrow
PEKMXPBeijing CapitalMilan Malpensa
PEKSHABeijing CapitalShanghai Hongqiao
PVGFRAShanghai PudongFrankfurtResumes 1 August 2020
PVGLGWShanghai PudongLondon Gatwick
PVGLHRShanghai PudongLondon HeathrowResumes 24 October 2020
PVGKIXShanghai PudongOsaka Kansai

Air France

CDGATLParis Charles de GaulleAtlanta
CDGBKOABJParis Charles de GaulleBamakoAbidjan
CDGBKOLOSParis Charles de GaulleBamakoLagosStarts 7 October 2020
CDGCAIParis Charles de GaulleCairoResumes 6 October 2020
CDGDXBParis Charles de GaulleDubai
CDGSGNParis Charles de GaulleHo Chi Minh City
CDGBOMParis Charles de GaulleMumbai
CDGGRUParis Charles de GaulleSao Paulo Guarulhos
CDGYYZParis Charles de GaulleToronto

Air Mauritius

MRUTNRMauritiusAntananarivo(-900) Starts 28 March 2021
MRUDELMauritiusDelhi(-900) Starts 28 March 2021
MRULHRMauritiusLondon Heathrow(-900)
MRUBOMMauritiusMumbai(-900) Starts 28 March 2021
MRUCDGMauritiusParis Charles de Gaulle(-900)

Asiana Airlines (All -900)

ICNFRASeoul IncheonFrankfurt
ICNLHRSeoul IncheonLondon Heathrow
ICNLAXSeoul IncheonLos Angeles
ICNJFKSeoul IncheonNew York JFK
ICNSFOSeoul IncheonSan Francisco
ICNSEASeoul IncheonSeattle Tacoma
ICNSYDSeoul IncheonSydneyEnds 31 December 2020

British Airways (all -1000)

LHRBLRLondon HeathrowBangalore
LHRBOSLondon HeathrowBoston
LHRDXBLondon HeathrowDubai
LHRPHLLondon HeathrowPhiladelphia
LHRTLVLondon HeathrowTel Aviv
LHRIADLondon HeathrowWashington Dulles

Cathay Pacific

HKGAMSHong KongAmsterdam Schiphol(-1000)
HKGFRAHong KongFrankfurt(-1000)
HKGSGNHong KongHo Chi Minh City(-900)
HKGLHRHong KongLondon Heathrow(-1000)
HKGLAXHong KongLos Angeles(-1000)
HKGMANHong KongManchester(-1000) Operates 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19 December 2020
HKGMELHong KongMelbourne(-900)
HKGJFKHong KongNew York JFK(-1000)
HKGPERHong KongPerth(-1000)
HKGSFOHong KongSan Francisco(-900)
HKGSYDHong KongSydney(-900)
HKGTPEHong KongTaipei Taoyuan(-1000) Operates 25 October-30 November 2020
HKGTLVHong KongTel Aviv(-1000) Resumes 5 November 2020
HKGYYZHong KongToronto(-1000)

China Airlines

TPEAMSTaipei TaoyuanAmsterdam(-900)
TPEBKKTaipei TaoyuanBangkok Suvarnabhumi(-900) Resumes 8 November 2020
TPEBNETaipei TaoyuanBrisbane(-900)
TPEFRATaipei TaoyuanFrankfurt(-900)
TPEHANTaipei TaoyuanHanoi(-900)
TPECGKTaipei TaoyuanJakarta(-900)
TPELGWTaipei TaoyuanLondon Gatwick(-900) Resumes 27 March 2021
TPELHRTaipei TaoyuanLondon Heathrow(-900) Ends 27 March 2021
TPEMELTaipei TaoyuanMelbourne(-900)
TPEYVRTaipei TaoyuanVancouver(-900)

China Eastern

NKGYVRNanjingVancouver(-900) Ends 17 November 2020
PVGXIYMADShanghai PudongXi’anMadrid(-900)

China Southern

CANPEKGuangzhouBeijing Capital(-900)
CANCDGGuangzhouParis Charles de Gaulle(-900)

Delta Airlines

ATLJNBCPTAtlantaJohannesburgCape Town(-900) Starts 13 December 2020
ATLICNAtlantaSeoul Incheon(-900) Operates 24 October 2020-4 January 2021; Resumes 27 March 2021
ATLHNDAtlantaTokyo Haneda(-900) Operates 24 October 2020-4 January 2021; Resumes 27 March 2021
DTWCDGDetroitParis Charles de Gaulle(-900) Operates 2 November-17 December 2020
DTWICNPVGDetroitSeoul IncheonShanghai Pudong(-900) Starts 1 December 2020
DTWPVGDetroitShanghai Pudong(-900) Starts 1 December 2020
DTWHNDDetroitTokyo Haneda(-900) Operates 24 October-31 December 2020; Resumes 27 March 2021
LAXPVGLos AngelesShanghai Pudong(-900) Starts 27 March 2021
LAXSYDLos AngelesSydney(-900) Operates 25 October-21 December 2020; Resumes 27 March 2021
LAXHNDLos AngelesTokyo Haneda(-900) Operates 19-31 December 2020; Resumes 27 March 2021
MSPHNDMinneapolis St PaulTokyo Haneda(-900) Starts 27 March 2021

Ethiopian Airlines

ADDABVAddis AbabaAbuja
ADDCPTAddis AbabaCape Town
ADDCTUAddis AbabaChengduEnds 30 November 2020
ADDDXBAddis AbabaDubai
ADDFRAAddis AbabaFrankfurt
ADDHRELUNAddis AbabaHarareLusaka
ADDKIAZNZAddis AbabaKilimanjaroZanzibar
ADDLUNHREAddis AbabaLusakaHarare
ADDCDGAddis AbabaParis CDG
ADDPVGAddis AbabaShanghai PudongEnds 30 November 2020

Evelop Airlines

Fiji Airways

NANLAXNadiLos Angeles International(-900)


HELHKGHelsinkiHong Kong
HELKBVHelsinkiKrabiStarts 6 January 2021
HELLHRHelsinkiLondon Heathrow
HELHKTHelsinkiPhuketStarts 2 January 2021
HELICNHelsinkiSeoul Incheon
HELPVGHelsinkiShanghai Pudong
HELNRTHelsinkiTokyo Narita

French Bee (All -900)

ORYEWRParis OrlyNewarkStarts 18 December 2020
ORYRUNParis OrlySt Denis de la Reunion

Hainan Airlines

PEKBOSBeijing CapitalBoston(-900)

Hong Kong Airlines


MADEZEMadridBuenos Aires Ezeiza(-900)
MADLHRMadridLondon Heathrow(-900)
MADLAXMadridLos Angeles(-900) Starts 29 March 2021
MADSCLMadridSantiago de Chile(-900)
MADNRTMadridTokyo Narita(-900) Starts 28 March 2021

Japan Airlines

HNDFUKTokyo HanedaFukuoka(-900)
HNDOKATokyo HanedaOkinawa Naha(-900)
HNDCTSTokyo HanedaSapporo New Chitose(-900)

LATAM Brasil

GRUFRASao Paulo GuarulhosFrankfurt
GRUJNBSao Paulo GuarulhosJohannesburgStarts 30 June 2021
GRUMADSao Paulo GuarulhosMadrid
GRUCDGSao Paulo GuarulhosParis Charles de GaulleStarts 27 March 2021

Lufthansa (All -900)

TXLMUCBerlin TegelMunichOperates 7 November 2020
FRAORDFrankfurtChicago O’Hare
FRALAXFrankfurtLos Angeles
FRAHNDFrankfurtTokyo HanedaStarts 2 December 2020
MUCPEKMunichBeijing CapitalStarts 1 March 2021
MUCCPTMunichCape TownStarts 13 December 2020
MUCORDMunichChicago O’Hare
MUCLAXMunichLos Angeles
MUCYULMunichMontrealResumes 2 December 2020
MUCKIXMunichOsaka KansaiStarts 1 December 2020
MUCSFOMunichSan FranciscoStarts 1 March 2021
MUCICNMunichSeoul Incheon
MUCPVGMunichShanghai Pudong
MUCHNDMunichTokyo HanedaStarts 1 March 2021

Malaysia Airlines

KULLHRKuala LumpurLondon Heathrow
KULNRTKuala LumpurTokyo Narita

Philippine Airlines

MNLLHRManilaLondon Heathrow
MNLJFKManilaNew York JFK

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Qatar Airways

DOHADDDohaAddis Ababa(-900) Ends 30 November 2020
DOHAMSDohaAmsterdam(-1000) Ends 30 November 2020
DOHBLRDohaBangalore(-1000) (-900 from 1-16 December 2020)
DOHBCNDohaBarcelona(-900) Resumes 17 December 2020
DOHBERDohaBerlin(-900) Operates 2-16 December 2020
DOHBOSDohaBoston(-900) Operates 25 October-16 December 2020
DOHCPTDohaCape Town(-900) Starts 17 December 2020
DOHORDDohaChicago O’Hare(-900)
DOHCPHDohaCopenhagen(-900) Ends 17 December 2020; Resumes 1 March 2021
DOHDFWDohaDallas Ft Worth(-1000)
DOHEDIDohaEdinburgh(-900) Resumes 1 February 2021
DOHHKGDohaHong Kong(-900)
DOHIAHDohaHouston Intercontinental(-1000)
DOHCGKDohaJakarta(-900) Starts 1 December 2020
DOHKULDohaKuala Lumpur(-900)
DOHLHRDohaLondon Heathrow(-900) Operates 1 November-16 December 2020; 1-27 March 2021
DOHLAXDohaLos Angeles(-1000)
DOHMELDohaMelbourne(-1000) Operates 25 October 2020-27 March 2021
DOHMIADohaMiami(-900) Resumes 19 December 2020
DOHMXPDohaMilan Malpensa(-900)
DOHJFKDohaNew York JFK(-900/1000)
DOHOSLDohaOslo(-900) Except 22 January-6 February 2021
DOHPERDohaPerth(-1000) Operates 25 October 2020-27 March 2021
DOHFCODohaRome Fiumicino(-900) Ends 16 December 2020
DOHSFODohaSan Francisco(-900) Starts 15 December 2020
DOHGRUDohaSao Paulo Guarulhos(-1000)
DOHICNDohaSeoul Incheon(-900) Operates 2 November-15 December 2020
DOHSINDohaSingapore(-900) Resumes 25 October 2020-27 March 2021
DOHARNDohaStockholm Arlanda(-900) Ends 30 November 2020
DOHSYDDohaSydney(-1000) Operates 25 October 2020-27 March 2021
DOHNRTDohaTokyo Narita(-900/1000)
DOHIADDohaWashington Dulles(-900/1000)

SAS Scandinavian Airlines (All -900)

CPHORDCopenhagenChicago O’HareResumes?
CPHSFOCopenhagenSan FranciscoResumes?
CPHPVGCopenhagenShanghai Pudong

Sichuan Airlines

CTUHGHLAXChengduHangzhouLos Angeles International(-900)
CTUTNALAXChengduJinanLos Angeles International(-900)
CTUPVGChengduShanghai Pudong(-900)

Singapore Airlines

SINAMSSingaporeAmsterdam Schiphol(-900)
SINHKGSingaporeHong Kong(-900) Resumes 1 November 2020
SINISTSingaporeIstanbul(-900) Resumes 1 November 2020
SINKULSingaporeKuala Lumpur(-900)
SINLHRSingaporeLondon Heathrow(-900)
SINLAXSingaporeLos Angeles(-900)
SINMXPBCNSingaporeMilan MalpensaBarcelona(-900)
SINJFKSingaporeNew York JFK(-900ULR) Starts 9 November 2020
SINKIXSingaporeOsaka Kansai(-900) Starts 1 November 2020
SINCDGSingaporeParis Charles de Gaulle(-900)

South African Airways

Thai Airways (All -900)

BKKBRUBangkok SuvarnabhumiBrussels(-900) Resumes 1 December 2020
BKKMELBangkok SuvarnabhumiMelbourne(-900) Resumes 1 December 2020
BKKNGOBangkok SuvarnabhumiNagoya Chubu(-900) Resumes 1 December 2020

Turkish Airlines

ISTESBIstanbulAnkaraEnds 14 November 2020
ISTAYTIstanbulAntalyaEnds 14 November 2020
ISTLHRIstanbulLondon HeathrowStarts 16 November 2020

Vietnam Airlines

Virgin Atlantic (All -1000)

LHRATLLondon HeathrowAtlantaStarts 1 December 2020
LHRBGILondon HeathrowBridgetownOperates 14 December 2020-30 April 2021
LHRJNBLondon HeathrowJohannesburgStarts 1 December 2020
LHRLOSLondon HeathrowLagos
LHRLAXLondon HeathrowLos Angeles International
LHRJFKLondon HeathrowNew York JFK
LHRSFOLondon HeathrowSan FranciscoStarts 28 March 2021

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