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Airbus A350 Routes

by Matt Falcus
Airbus A350 Routes

The Airbus A350XWB is now entering service, so on this page I will attempt to keep up to date on the planned A350 routes and airports to be served by the type, and the anticipated start dates.

If you have a correction or addition, please e-mail me!

Last Update: 7 August 2020

** With the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, many routes are changing regularly and may not be reported.

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34 Operators


SVO LHR   Moscow Sheremetyevo London Heathrow   (-900)
SVO KIX   Moscow Sheremetyevo Osaka Kansai   (-900) Starts 29 March 2021
SVO SIN   Moscow Sheremetyevo Singapore   (-900) Starts 25 December 2020

Air Caraïbes

ORY CAY   Paris Orly Cayenne   (-900)
ORY FDF   Paris Orly Fort-de-France   (-1000)
ORY PTP   Paris Orly Pointe-a-Pitre   (-1000)

Air China

PEK CTU   Beijing Capital Chengdu    
PEK CAN   Beijing Capital Guangzhou    
PEK LHR   Beijing Capital London Heathrow    
PEK MXP   Beijing Capital Milan Malpensa    
PEK SHA   Beijing Capital Shanghai Hongqiao    
PVG FRA   Shanghai Pudong Frankfurt   Resumes 1 August 2020
PVG LGW   Shanghai Pudong London Gatwick    
PVG LHR   Shanghai Pudong London Heathrow   Resumes 24 October 2020
PVG KIX   Shanghai Pudong Osaka Kansai    

Air France

CDG ATL   Paris Charles de Gaulle Atlanta    
CDG BKO ABJ Paris Charles de Gaulle Bamako Abidjan Starts 1 September 2020
CDG BLR   Paris Charles de Gaulle Bangalore   Ends 4 September 2020
CDG BKK   Paris Charles de Gaulle Bangkok Suvarnabhumi   Ends 2 September 2020
CDG CAI   Paris Charles de Gaulle Cairo   Except 31 August-6 October 2020
CDG DXB   Paris Charles de Gaulle Dubai    
CDG GRU   Paris Charles de Gaulle Sao Paulo Guarulhos    
CDG ICN   Paris Charles de Gaulle Seoul Incheon   Operates 3 September-3 October 2020
CDG YYZ   Paris Charles de Gaulle Toronto    

Air Mauritius

MRU JNB   Mauritius Johannesburg   (-900)
MRU LHR   Mauritius London Heathrow   (-900)
MRU CDG   Mauritius Paris Charles de Gaulle   (-900)
MRU RUN   Mauritius St Denis de la Reunion   (-900)
MRU PVG   Mauritius Shanghai Pudong   (-900)

Asiana Airlines (All -900)

ICN FRA   Seoul Incheon Frankfurt    
ICN CGK   Seoul Incheon Jakarta    
ICN LHR   Seoul Incheon London Heathrow    
ICN LAX   Seoul Incheon Los Angeles    
ICN JFK   Seoul Incheon New York JFK    
ICN CDG   Seoul Incheon Paris Charles de Gaulle   Starts 28 August 2020
ICN SFO   Seoul Incheon San Francisco    
ICN SEA   Seoul Incheon Seattle Tacoma    
ICN SYD   Seoul Incheon Sydney    

British Airways (all -1000)

LHR ACC   London Heathrow Accra   Starts 25 October 2020
LHR AUS   London Heathrow Austin   Starts 25 October 2020
LHR BLR   London Heathrow Bangalore    
LHR BOS   London Heathrow Boston    
LHR ORD   London Heathrow Chicago O’Hare    
LHR DXB   London Heathrow Dubai    
LHR PHL   London Heathrow Philadelphia   Starts October 2020
LHR TLV   London Heathrow Tel Aviv    
LHR IAD   London Heathrow Washington Dulles    

Cathay Pacific

HKG AMS   Hong Kong Amsterdam Schiphol   (-1000)
HKG FRA   Hong Kong Frankfurt   (-1000)
HKG SGN   Hong Kong Ho Chi Minh City   (-900)
HKG LHR   Hong Kong London Heathrow   (-1000)
HKG LAX   Hong Kong Los Angeles   (-1000)
HKG MAN   Hong Kong Manchester   (-900) Resumes September 2020
HKG MEL   Hong Kong Melbourne   (-1000) (-900 from September 2020)
HKG JFK   Hong Kong New York JFK   (-1000)
HKG PER   Hong Kong Perth   (-900) Resumes September 2020
HKG SFO   Hong Kong San Francisco   (-900)
HKG SYD   Hong Kong Sydney   (-1000) (-900 from September 2020)
HKG YYZ   Hong Kong Toronto   (-1000)
HKG YVR   Hong Kong Vancouver   (-900) Ends 31 August 2020

China Airlines

TPE AMS   Taipei Taoyuan Amsterdam   (-900)
TPE BKK   Taipei Taoyuan Bangkok Suvarnabhumi   (-900)
TPE BNE   Taipei Taoyuan Brisbane   (-900)
TPE FRA   Taipei Taoyuan Frankfurt   (-900)
TPE HAN   Taipei Taoyuan Hanoi   (-900)
TPE CGK   Taipei Taoyuan Jakarta   (-900)
TPE LGW   Taipei Taoyuan London Gatwick   (-900) Resumes 24 October 2020
TPE LHR   Taipei Taoyuan London Heathrow   (-900) Operates 3 July-24 October 2020
TPE MEL   Taipei Taoyuan Melbourne   (-900)
TPE YVR   Taipei Taoyuan Vancouver   (-900)

China Eastern

PXK HND   Beijing Daxing Tokyo Haneda   (-900)
PVG AMS   Shanghai Pudong Amsterdam Schiphol   (-900)
PVG FRA   Shanghai Pudong Frankfurt   (-900)
PVG HKG   Shanghai Pudong Hong Kong   (-900)
PVG MAD   Shanghai Pudong Madrid   (-900)
PVG XIY MAD Shanghai Pudong Xi’an Madrid (-900)
PVG FCO   Shanghai Pudong Rome Fiumicino   (-900)
PVG SYD   Shanghai Pudong Sydney   (-900)

China Southern

CAN PEK   Guangzhou Beijing Capital   (-900)
CAN CDG   Guangzhou Paris Charles de Gaulle   (-900)
CAN SHA   Guangzhou Shanghai   (-900)

Delta Airlines

ATL AMS   Atlanta Amsterdam   (-900)
ATL JNB CPT Atlanta Johannesburg Cape Town (-900) Starts 24 October 2020
ATL CDG   Atlanta Paris Charles de Gaulle   (-900) Ends 7 September 2020
ATL ICN   Atlanta Seoul Incheon   (-900)
ATL HND   Atlanta Tokyo Haneda   (-900) Ends 8 September 2020
DTW AMS   Detroit Amsterdam   (-900)
DTW CDG   Detroit Paris Charles de Gaulle   (-900) 
SEA ICN PVG Seattle Tacoma Seoul Incheon Shanghai Pudong (-900)

Ethiopian Airlines

ADD ABV   Addis Ababa Abuja    
ADD ACC   Addis Ababa Accra   Resumes 16 August 2020
ADD CPT   Addis Ababa Cape Town   Resumes 15 August 2020
ADD DXB   Addis Ababa Dubai    
ADD FRA   Addis Ababa Frankfurt    
ADD HRE LUN Addis Ababa Harare Lusaka  
ADD FIH   Addis Ababa Kinshasa   Resumes 15 August 2020
ADD LHR   Addis Ababa London Heathrow    
ADD LAD   Addis Ababa Luanda   Starts 16 August 2020
ADD LUN HRE Addis Ababa Lusaka Harare  
ADD BOM   Addis Ababa Mumbai   Resumes 16 August 2020
ADD CDG   Addis Ababa Paris CDG    
ADD YYZ   Addis Ababa Toronto    

Evelop Airlines


Fiji Airways

NAN AKL   Nadi Auckland   (-900)
NAN LAX   Nadi Los Angeles International   (-900)
NAN SYD   Nadi Sydney   (-900)


HEL BKK   Helsinki Bangkok Suvarnabhumi   (-900) Resumes 1 July 2020
HEL PEK   Helsinki Beijing Capital   (-900) Resumes 3 July 2020
HEL DEL   Helsinki Delhi   (-900) Starts 5 August 2020
HEL HKG   Helsinki Hong Kong   (-900) Resumes 1 July 2020
HEL LHR   Helsinki London Heathrow   (-900)
HEL NGO   Helsinki Nagoya Chubu   (-900) Resumes 1 July 2020
HEL JFK   Helsinki New York JFK   (-900) Resumes 2 August 2020
HEL KIX   Helsinki Osaka Kansai   (-900) Resumes 2 July 2020
HEL ICN   Helsinki Seoul Incheon   (-900) Resumes 3 July 2020
HEL PVG   Helsinki Shanghai Pudong    
HEL SIN   Helsinki Singapore   (-900) Resumes 2 July 2020
HEL NRT   Helsinki Tokyo Narita   (-900) Resumes 1 July 2020

French Bee (All -900)

ORY EWR   Paris Orly Newark   Starts 4 September 2020
ORY RUN   Paris Orly St Denis de la Reunion    
ORY YVR PPT Paris Orly Vancouver Pepeete Ends 28 August 2020

Hainan Airlines

PEK BOS   Beijing Capital Boston   (-900)

Hong Kong Airlines



MAD EZE   Madrid Buenos Aires Ezeiza   (-900)
MAD MEX   Madrid Mexico City   (-900)
MAD SJO   Madrid San Jose CR   (-900)
MAD SCL   Madrid Santiago de Chile   (-900)

Japan Airlines

HND FUK   Tokyo Haneda Fukuoka   (-900)
HND OKA   Tokyo Haneda Okinawa Naha   (-900)
HND CTS   Tokyo Haneda Sapporo New Chitose   (-900)

LATAM Brasil

GRU FRA   Sao Paulo Guarulhos Frankfurt    
GRU MAD   Sao Paulo Guarulhos Madrid    

Lufthansa (All -900)

MUC CLT   Munich Charlotte   Resumes 3 September 2020
MUC ORD   Munich Chicago O’Hare    
MUC DEL   Munich Delhi   Resumes 16 August 2020
MUC DEN   Munich Denver   Resumes 1 September 2020
MUC LAX   Munich Los Angeles    
MUC YUL   Munich Montreal    
MUC EWR   Munich Newark    
MUC KIX   Munich Osaka Kansai   Resumes 1 September 2020
MUC SFO   Munich San Francisco    
MUC ICN   Munich Seoul Incheon    
MUC PVG   Munich Shanghai Pudong   Starts 1 September 2020
MUC HND   Munich Tokyo Haneda    

Malaysia Airlines

KUL LHR   Kuala Lumpur London Heathrow    
KUL KIX   Kuala Lumpur Osaka Kansai   Resumes 2 September 2020
KUL NRT   Kuala Lumpur Tokyo Narita   Resumes 2 September 2020

Philippine Airlines

MNL LHR   Manila London Heathrow    
MNL JFK   Manila New York JFK    
MNL YYZ   Manila Toronto    

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Qatar Airways

DOH AMS   Doha Amsterdam   (-1000)
DOH BLR   Doha Bangalore   (-1000)
DOH BKK   Doha Bangkok Suvarnabhumi   (-900) Ends 1 September 2020
DOH BCN   Doha Barcelona   (-900)
DOH BOS   Doha Boston   (-900)
DOH BNE AKL Doha Brisbane Auckland (-1000)
DOH CPT   Doha Cape Town   (-900) Starts 1 September 2020
DOH MAA   Doha Chennai   (-900)
DOH ORD   Doha Chicago O’Hare   (-1000) Starts 1 September 2020
DOH CMB   Doha Colombo   (-900) Starts 1 September 2020
DOH CPH   Doha Copenhagen   (-900)
DOH DFW   Doha Dallas Ft Worth   (-1000)
DOH DEL   Doha Delhi   (-900)
DOH FRA   Doha Frankfurt   (-900/1000)
DOH GVA   Doha Geneva   (-900)
DOH HAN   Doha Hanoi   (-900) Resumes 1 September 2020
DOH HEL   Doha Helsinki   (-900) Resumes 1 September 2020
DOH SGN   Doha Ho Chi Minh City   (-900)
DOH HKG   Doha Hong Kong   (-900)
DOH ISL   Doha Islamabad   (-900)
DOH CGK   Doha Jakarta   (-900)
DOH JNB   Doha Johannesburg   (-900)
DOH JNB DUR Doha Johannesburg Durban (-900)
DOH KHI   Doha Karachi   (-900) Ends 1 September 2020
DOH COK   Doha Kochi   (-900)
DOH KUL   Doha Kuala Lumpur   (-1000) Ends 1 September 2020
DOH KWI   Doha Kuwait   (-900)
DOH LHE   Doha Lahore   (-900)
DOH LHR   Doha London Heathrow   (-900/-1000)
DOH LAX   Doha Los Angeles   (-1000)
DOH MAD   Doha Madrid   (-900)
DOH MLE   Doha Male   (-900) Starts 1 September 2020
DOH MAN   Doha Manchester   (-900) Ends 1 September 2020
DOH MEL   Doha Melbourne   (-1000)
DOH MXP   Doha Milan Malpensa   (-900)
DOH YUL   Doha Montreal   (-900)
DOH MUC   Doha Munich   (-900)
DOH MCT   Doha Muscat   (-900) Starts 3 September 2020
DOH JFK   Doha New York JFK   (-1000) Resumes 1 October 2020
DOH OSL   Doha Oslo   (-900) 
DOH CDG   Doha Paris Charles de Gaulle   (-900) Ends 1 September 2020
DOH PER   Doha Perth   (-900/-1000)
DOH FCO   Doha Rome Fiumicino   (-900)
DOH GRU   Doha Sao Paulo Guarulhos   (-1000)
DOH SIN   Doha Singapore   (-900/-1000)
DOH ARN   Doha Stockholm Arlanda   (-900) Ends 1 October 2020
DOH SYD   Doha Sydney   (-1000)
DOH SYD CBR Doha Sydney Canberra (-1000) Resumes 23 October 2020
DOH IKA   Doha Tehran IKA   (-900)
DOH NRT   Doha Tokyo Narita   (-1000) Ends 1 September 2020
DOH IAD   Doha Washington Dulles   (-900)
DOH ZRH   Doha Zurich   (-900)

SAS Scandinavian Airlines (All -900)

CPH ORD   Copenhagen Chicago O’Hare   Resumes?
CPH EWR   Copenhagen Newark   Resumes?
CPH SFO   Copenhagen San Francisco   Resumes?

Sichuan Airlines

CTU HGH LAX Chengdu Hangzhou Los Angeles International (-900) Resumes 1 September 2020
CTU TNA   Chengdu Jinan   (-900)
CTU TNA LAX Chengdu Jinan Los Angeles International (-900) Resumes 1 September 2020
CTU NKG   Chengdu Nanjing   (-900) Starts 1 July 2020
CTU PVG   Chengdu Shanghai Pudong   (-900)
CTU URC   Chengdu Urumqi   (-900) Starts 1 July 2020
CTU XMN   Chengdu Xiamen   (-900)

Singapore Airlines

SIN ADL   Singapore Adelaide   (-900)
SIN AMS   Singapore Amsterdam Schiphol   (-900)
SIN AKL   Singapore Auckland   (-900) 
SIN BCN   Singapore Barcelona   (-900) Ends 13 August 2020
SIN CHC   Singapore Christchurch   (-900)
SIN CPH   Singapore Copenhagen   (-900)
SIN FRA   Singapore Frankfurt   (-900)
SIN HAN   Singapore Hanoi   (-900)
SIN CGK   Singapore Jakarta   (-900)
SIN KUL   Singapore Kuala Lumpur   (-900)
SIN LHR   Singapore London Heathrow   (-900)
SIN LAX   Singapore Los Angeles   (-900)
SIN MEL   Singapore Melbourne   (-900)
SIN MXP BCN Singapore Milan Malpensa Barcelona (-900) Starts 20 August 2020
SIN KIX   Singapore Osaka Kansai   (-900)
SIN CDG   Singapore Paris Charles de Gaulle   (-900)
SIN SYD   Singapore Sydney   (-900)
SIN SYD BNE Singapore Sydney Brisbane (-900)
SIN ZRH   Singapore Zurich   (-900)

South African Airways


Thai Airways (All -900)

BKK BRU   Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Brussels   (-900) Resumes 1 October 2020
BKK MEL   Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Melbourne   (-900) Resumes 2 October 2020
BKK NGO   Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Nagoya Chubu   (-900) Resumes 1 October 2020

Turkish Airlines

IST DXB   Istanbul Dubai    
IST MNL   Istanbul Manila    

Vietnam Airlines

HAN BKK   Hanoi Bangkok Suvarnabhumi   (-900)
HAN CDG   Hanoi Paris Charles de Gaulle   (-900)
SGN BKK   Ho Chi Minh City Bangkok Suvarnabhumi   (-900)
SGN SIN   Ho Chi Minh City Singapore   (-900)

Virgin Atlantic (All -1000)

LHR LOS   London Heathrow Lagos   (-1000) Starts 23 August 2020
LHR LAX   London Heathrow Los Angeles International   (-1000) Resumes 21 July 2020
LHR JFK   London Heathrow New York JFK   (-1000) Resumes 21 July 2020
LHR SFO   London Heathrow San Francisco   (-1000) Starts 28 March 2021

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