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Bangkok Don Mueang

Here’s a list of the stored planes at Bangkok Don Mueang

Last update: 4 December 2016

HS-BKA B767-300 (Orient Thai)
HS-KLA Jetstream 31 (Air Andaman)
HS-MDL MD-82 (Orient Thai)
HS-PCC A310 (PC Air)
HS-TAR A300 (Thai)
HS-TDB B737-400 (Thai)
HS-TLA A340-500 (Thai)
HS-TLB A340-500 (Thai)
HS-TLD A340-500 (Thai)
HS-UTW B747-300 (Orient Thai)
HS-VAK B747-200 (Holiday Airlines)
N388LS L1011 (Las Vegas Sands)