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Moscow Domodedovo, Russia

There are many stored airliners at different airports around the world, and the situation regularly changes. These pages list the known aircraft at Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport. Please comment if you know something has changed.

Last Update: 12 September 2011

Antonov An12
RA-11756    Aviast Air (NEW)-was parked on freight ramp 09/10
Boeing 737
EI-DNT        Air Union
Boeing 757
EI-DUE        Air Union
RA-73019   VIM (all white,no titles)
Boeing 747
VP-BQA      Transaero (NEW)
Embraer 120
VQ-BBY      Region Avia (NEW)(not wearing Rusline titles)-looked in good shape so may only be parked up.
Ilyushin Il-18
RA-75834    AstAir (blue cheat)
UN-75111    GVG Airlines (no titles,blue cheat)
Ilyushin Il-62
RA-86472    Domodedovo Airlines
RA-86515    Airstars (grey fuse & fin,blue cheat)
RA-86533    Interavia (grey fin,blue cheat
RA-86552    Domodedovo Airlines
RA-86568    Airstars (white,blue cheat)
RA-86575    Interavia
RA-86590    Magadan Airlines
5A-DKT        Jetline International (no titles)
Ilyushin Il-76
RA-76806    East Line (NEW)-was parked by hangars 09/10)
RA-76429    MCHS (NEW)
Ilyushin Il-86
EK-86117    Armenian Airlines (no titles)
RA-86143    Tatarstan Airlines (no titles,blue cheat & fin)
RA-86142    Kazan Air Enterprise (no titles,blue cheat & fin)
RA-86926    Tatarstan Airlines (no titles,blue cheat & fin)
Ilyushin Il-96
RA-96006    Domodedovo Airlines
RA-96009    Domodedovo Airlines
RA-96013    Domodedovo Airlines (NEW)-was parked by hangars 09/10
Tupolev Tu-134
RA-65694    Air Union
Tupolev Tu-154
RA-85486    Gromov Air
RA-85540    Magadan Airlines (had it’s tail cut off on 19/08/11 so not long for this world,sob!)
RA-85731    Air Union
RA-85851    Moskovia Airlines
RA-85704    Zapolarye (NEW)(no titles,ex Kras Air cs)
RA-85832    Rossiya (NEW)(no titles,ex Pulkovo cs)
A few of those noted last year are no longer present:
RA-86475 Il-62     Domodedevo Airlines  (b/u 29-30/4/11 acc.to Aviation Letter)
RA-86520 Il-62     Alpha Airlines      (fate???)
RA-86523 Il-62     Airstars (b/u 06/05/11 acc.to Aviation Letter)
RA-86532 Il-62     Alpha Airlines      (fate???)
RA-85745 Tu-154  Domodedovo Airlines (b/u 14/4/11 acc.to Aviation Letter)
85754        Tu-154  All white,reg on nose door -this one has apparently escaped.Airliners.net has a photo of it on 28/4/11 with the Novosibirisk Aviation Research Institute.Does anyone have any more info on this??
The new remote/long term parking ramp alongside 32L contains:
VP-BQE    747      Transaero (NEW)-seems to be used for cabin training
(EI-GAA)   767      Kras Air (NEW)-was parked on freight ramp 09/10
Still parked next to the hangars is:
RA-86499  Il-62   Domodedovo Airlines
Parked/dumped near the threshold of 14L are:
RA-98117  An-12   Aviatrans
RA-73001  737      All white (ex Transaero)
Also parked here were VQ-BCB,BCL E120s of Rusline (ex Regio Avia cs).BCB was reported at BUD on 06/09 so I guess they are both still in use.
And finally:
The substantial wreckage of Soth East Tu 154M RA-85744 is just inside the perimeter fence at the end of 14L (thanks David/Terry).It can be reached on foot in about 30 mins from the terminal.Follow the main exit road past the Airhotel.Go right at the first set of lights.The road is used for parking at this end.Continue all the way to the barrier at the airport entrance.The road turns sharply to the left here.Continue down the hill and the Tupolev will become visible in a few hundred metres.Someone has thoughtfully ripped away the plastic sheeting on the fence at this point.

Credit to Paul Mitchell for putting this list together