Oscoda Wurtsmith, MI

There are many stored airliners at different airports around the world, and the situation regularly changes. These pages list the known aircraft at Oscoda-Wurtsmith Airport in northern Michigan. Please comment if you know something has changed.


Last Update: 9 November 2016

N234AX 767-224ER Omni Air
N110TR 747-256B(F) (white)
N170CR 767-341ER(F) Kalitta
N450AX DC-10-10 Omni Air
N488EV 747-230B(F) Evergreen International
N502MG 727-191 MGM Grand Air
N629US 747-251F Northwest Cargo
N630SN MD-11(F) Lufthansa Cargo
N703CK 747-212B(F) Kalitta
N704CK 747-246F Kalitta
N705CK 747-246F Kalitta
N706BL 747-251B Baltia
N746CK 747-246F Kalitta
N747CK 747-221F Kalitta
N748CK 747-221F Kalitta
N752DH 727-224(F) Kalitta Charters
N767CK 747-446 (white)
N769CK 747-430 Lufthansa
N783CK 767-346 (white)
N784CK 767-346 (white)
N791CK 747-251F Kalitta
N792CK 747-212F Kalitta
N866AA 727-223 American Airlines
N923FT 747-2U3B(F) Star Air