Lasham, UK

Nigel BThere are many stored airliners at different airports around the world, and the situation regularly changes. These pages list the known aircraft at Lasham Airport in the UK. Please comment if you know something has changed.


Last Update: 2 December 2019

G-NIKO Airbus A321

G-TCVB Airbus A321

G-TCVC Airbus A321

G-TCVD Airbus A321

HZ-AB3 Boeing 727-2U5

XT-BFA Boeing 727-282

2-SEVN Boeing 727-281

VP-CAQ Boeing 737-2V6

G-CELH Boeing 737-330 (scrap area)

G-CELV Boeing 737-377 (scrap area)

2-WORK Boeing 737-3L9

G-HEVI Boeing 737-

OE-IDZ Jet Airways Boeing 737-96NER

2-JBZI Jet Airways Boeing 737-96NER

N882AA Premier 1


Scrap area
VP-CJN   B727-76 Starling Aviation (fuselage sections)

5U-BAG  B737-200

TC-SNY Boeing 737-8K5 (scrap area)


With credit to Brian Duxbury, Les Hitchings, Graham Pointon, Graham Brown, John Smith, Andy H, Nigel Burch, Robert Mitchell and Dean.