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Boeing 747 Routes

by Matt Falcus
Boeing 747 Routes

On this page I will attempt to keep up to date on the Boeing 747 routes and airports still served by the type, and the anticipated start dates.

The list focuses on passenger schedules and not cargo routes.

If you have a correction or addition, please e-mail me!

Last Update: 23 June 2020

** With the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, many routes are changing regularly and may not be reported.

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Air China (-400 and -8)

PEK CTU Beijing Capital Chengdu (-400/-8) Operates July-October 2020
PEK CKG Beijing Capital Chongqing (-8) Operates July-October 2020
PEK CAN Beijing Capital Guangzhou (-400/-8) Operates July-October 2020
PEK SZX Beijing Capital Shenzhen (-400) Operates July-October 2020
LHR CKG London Heathrow Chongqing (-400) Operates 18 July 2020
SHA CAN Shanghai Hongqiao Guangzhou (-8) Starts 1 July 2020

Air India

DEL BOM Delhi Mumbai (-400)
CCJ JED Kozhikode Jeddah (-400)
BOM HYD Mumbai Hyderabad (-400)

Asiana Airlines

ICN PEK Seoul Incheon Beijing Capital (-400)
ICN DAD Seoul Incheon Da Nang (-400)
ICN MNL Seoul Incheon Manila (-400)

British Airways (All -400)

China Airlines

TPE PEK Taipei Taoyuan Beijing Capital (-400)
TPE CTU Taipei Taoyuan Chengdu (-400)
TPE FUK Taipei Taoyuan Fukuoka (-400) Occasional
TPE CAN Taipei Taoyuan Guangzhou (-400)
TPE HKG Taipei Taoyuan Hong Kong (-400)
TPE OKA Taipei Taoyuan Okinawa Naha (-400)
TPE TAO Taipei Taoyuan Qingdao (-400)
TPE PVG Taipei Taoyuan Shanghai Pudong (-400)
TPE SZX Taipei Taoyuan Shenzhen (-400)

Iraqi Airways

BGW ESB Baghdad Ankara (-400) Occasional
BGW DEL Baghdad Delhi (-400) Occasional

Korean Air (-400 and -8)

GMP CJU Seoul Gimpo Jeju (-400) Occasional

Lufthansa (-400 and -8)

FRA PVG Frankfurt Shanghai Pudong (-8) Resumes 1 July 2020

Mahan Air

THR BND Tehran Mehrabad Bandar Abbas (-300)
THR KER Tehran Mehrabad Kerman (-300/-400) Occasional
THR KIH Tehran Mehrabad Kish Island (-400)
THR MHD Tehran Mehrabad Mashhad (-300/-400)

Max Air

ABV JED Abuja Jeddah (-400) Hadj
ABV LOS Abuja Lagos (-400) Occasional
KAN JED Kano Jeddah (-400) Hadj
NIM JED Niamey Jeddah (-400) Hadj


Rossiya Airlines

KZN AYT Kazan Antalya (-400)
SVO KHV Moscow Sheremetyevo Khabarovsk (-400)
VKO AYT Moscow Vnukovo Antalya (-400)
VKO BKK Moscow Vnukovo Bangkok Suvarnabhumi (-400)
VKO NBE Moscow Vnukovo Enfidha (-400)
VKO LCA Moscow Vnukovo Larnaca (-400)
VKO HKT Moscow Vnukovo Phuket (-400)
VKO SIP Moscow Vnukovo Simferopol (-400)
VKO AER Moscow Vnukovo Sochi (-400)
LED AYT St Petersburg Antalya (-400)
LED NBE St Petersburg Enfidha (-400)
LED LCA St Petersburg Larnaca (-400)
LED SIP St Petersburg Simferopol (-400)
LED AER St Petersburg Sochi (-400)
SVX AYT Yekaterinburg Antalya (-400)

Saudia (leased from Air Atlanta Icelandic)

JED ADD Jeddah Addis Ababa (-400)
JED KRT Jeddah Khartoum (-400)
JED MED Jeddah Medina (-400) Occasional
JED MUX Jeddah Multan (-400)
MED BTH Medina Batam (-400)
MED SUB Medina Surabaya (-400)
RUH ADD Riyadh Addis Ababa (-400)

Thai Airways

BKK HKT Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Phuket (-400)

Wamos Air

Operates mostly on lease to other carriers