Boeing 787 Routes

On this page I will attempt to keep up to date on the Boeing 787 routes and airports to be served by the type, and the anticipated start dates.

All 787-8 unless stated. If you have a correction or addition, please e-mail me!


Last Update: 17 January 2020


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Total 787 Operators Listed: 57



MEX AMS Mexico City Amsterdam (-9)
MEX BCN Mexico City Barcelona Ends 18 January 2020; Resumes 14 March 2020
MEX BOG Mexico City Bogota
MEX EZE Mexico City Buenos Aires
MEX LHR Mexico City London Heathrow
MEX MAD Mexico City Madrid (-9)
MEX MTY Mexico City Monterrey
MEX JFK Mexico City New York JFK
MEX CDG Mexico City Paris CDG (-9)
MEX GIG Mexico City Rio de Janeiro Galeao
MEX GRU Mexico City Sao Paulo Guarulhos (-9)
MEX SCL Mexico City Santiago de Chile
MEX ICN Mexico City Seoul Incheon
MEX NRT Mexico City Tokyo Narita
MTY ICN Monterey Seoul Incheon

Air Austral

DZA CDG Dzaoudzi Paris CDG (-8)
RUN BKK St Denis de la Reunion Bangkok (-8)
RUN DZA St Denis de la Reunion Dzaoudzi (-8)
RUN MRU St Denis de la Reunion Mauritius (-8)

Air Canada

YYC FRA Calgary Frankfurt (-9) Resumes 1 May 2020
YYC LHR Calgary London Heathrow (-9) Except 3-29 February; 29 March-14 June 2020
YUL BRU Montreal Brussels (-9)
YUL DUB Montreal Dublin (-8) Starts 30 June 2020
YUL FRA Montreal Frankfurt (-9) Resumes 18 December 2019-29 March 2020
YUL LYS Montreal Lyon (-8) Operates 30 April-29 June 2018
YUL FCO Montreal Rome Fiumicino (-8) Resumes 29 March-29 April 2020
YUL GRU Montreal Sao Paulo Guarulhos –
YUL PVG Montreal Shanghai Pudong (-9)
YUL TLV Montreal Tel Aviv (-8) Operates March-October 2020
YUL NRT Montreal Tokyo Narita (-9)
YOW LHR Ottawa London Heathrow (-8) Starts 29 March 2020
YYZ AMS Toronto Amsterdam Schiphol (-9) Ends 30 April 2020
YYZ PEK Toronto Beijing Capital (-9) Resumes 29-30 April 2020
YYZ BRU Toronto Brussels Starts 1 May 2020
YYZ CPH Toronto Copenhagen (-9) Ends 1 May 2020
YYZ DEL Toronto Delhi (-9) Except 27 October 2019-27 March 2020
YYZ DXB Toronto Dubai (-9)
YYZ DUB Toronto Dublin (-9) Operates 28 March-30 April 2020
YYZ FRA Toronto Frankfurt (-9) Ends 27 October 2019; Resumes 30 April-28 May 2020
YYZ HNL Toronto Honolulu (-9)
YYZ LHR Toronto London Heathrow (-9)
YYZ MAD Toronto Madrid (-9) Starts 30 May 2020
YYZ MXP Toronto Milan Malpensa
YYZ YUL Toronto Montreal
YYZ SFO Toronto San Francisco
YYZ SCL EZE Toronto Santiago de Chile Buenos Aires Ezeiza
YYZ GRU Toronto Sao Paulo Guarulhos (-9)
YYZ ICN Toronto Seoul Incheon (-8)
YYZ PVG Toronto Shanghai Pudong (-9) Resumes 29 March-29 May 2020
YYZ TLV Toronto Tel Aviv (-9)
YYZ VIE Toronto Vienna (-8) Except 29 March-29 April 2020
YYZ ZRH Toronto Zurich (-9) Except 30 April-29 May 2020
YVR AKL Vancouver Auckland –
YVR PEK Vancouver Beijing
YVR BNE Vancouver Brisbane
YVR DEL Vancouver Delhi (-9)
YVR FRA Vancouver Frankfurt (-9) Ends 1 June 2020
YVR HKG Vancouver Hong Kong (-9) Starts 29 March 2020
YVR LHR Vancouver London Heathrow (-8/-9) Resumes March-30 May 2020
YVR MEL Vancouver Melbourne
YVR EWR Vancouver Newark
YVR KIX Vancouver Osaka Kansai (-8/-9)
YVR CDG Vancouver Paris Charles de Gaulle (-9) Ends 2 June 2020
YVR ICN Vancouver Seoul Incheon (-9)
YVR PVG Vancouver Shanghai Pudong (-9)
YVR TPE Vancouver Taipei Taoyuan (-9)
YVR NRT Vancouver Tokyo Narita
YVR YYZ Vancouver Toronto

Air China (787-9)

PEK AKL Beijing Auckland
PEK CTU Beijing Chengdu
PEK CAN Beijing Guangzhou
PEK LAX Beijing Los Angeles
PEK MAD Beijing Madrid
PEK MAD GRU Beijing Madrid Sao Paulo Guarulhos
PEK YUL Beijing Montreal
PEK YUL Beijing Montreal – HAV Havana
PEK SYX Beijing Sanya
PEK SHA Beijing Shanghai Hongqiao
PEK SZX Beijing Shenzhen
PEK SIN Beijing Singapore
SZX LAX Shenzhen Los Angeles

Air Europa

MAD AMS Madrid Amsterdam Schiphol (-9)
MAD ASU COR Madrid Asuncion Cordoba (-9 from 30 March 2020)
MAD ASU IGR Madrid Asuncion Iguazu (-8) (-9 from 3 April 2020)
MAD EZE Madrid Buenos Aires Ezeiza
MAD CUN Madrid Cancun Starts 29 March 2020
MAD CCS Madrid Caracas Starts 5 August 2020
MAD COR Madrid Cordoba
MAD BOG Madrid Bogota
MAD EZE Madrid Buenos Aires
MAD HAV Madrid Havana Operates 22 December 2019-28 February 2020 (-9)
MAD IGR ASU Madrid Iguazu Asuncion (-8) (-9 from 30 March 2020)
MAD LIM Madrid Lima (-9)
MAD MDE Madrid Medellin
MAD MIA Madrid Miami
MAD MVD Madrid Montevideo Starts 1 March 2020
MAD JFK Madrid New York Resumes 29 March 2020 (-9 from 2 August 2020)
MAD PTY Madrid Panama City
MAD PUJ Madrid Punta Cana Starts 29 March 2020
MAD SSA Madrid Salvador da Bahia Starts 4 August 2020
MAD SAP Madrid San Pedro Sula (-8) Operates 4 August-15 September 2020
MAD VVI Madrid Santa Cruz Starts 12 April 2020
MAD SDQ Madrid Santo Domingo (-8)
MAD GRU Madrid Sao Paulo Guarulhos (-9)
MAD TLV Madrid Tel Aviv
MAD TFN Madrid Tenerife North
JFK TFN New York JFK Tenerife North Operates 4 October 2020

Air France (787-9)

CDG ABJ Paris Charles de Gaulle Abidjan
CDG BKO ABJ Paris Charles de Gaulle Bamako Abidjan Ends 29 March 2020
CDG EZE Paris Charles de Gaulle Buenos Aires Ezeiza Starts 29 March 2020
CDG BOG Paris Charles de Gaulle Bogota
CDG BOS Paris Charles de Gaulle Boston Operates 29 March-4 May 2020
CDG CAI Paris Charles de Gaulle Cairo Starts 31 May 2020
CDG CPT Paris Charles de Gaulle Cape Town (-9) Starts 29 March 2020
CDG CKY NKC Paris Charles de Gaulle Conakry Nouakchott
CDG DTW Paris Charles de Gaulle Detroit
CDG FOR Paris Charles de Gaulle Fortaleza (-9) Starts 29 March 2020
CDG JNB Paris Charles de Gaulle Johannesburg
CDG LOS Paris Charles de Gaulle Lagos Operates 15 December 2019-11 January 2020
CDG LBV Paris Charles de Gaulle Libreville (-9) Starts 29 March 2020
CDG LAD Paris Charles de Gaulle Luanda Operates 27 March 2019-31 March 2020
CDG MLE Paris Charles de Gaulle Male
CDG MSP Paris Charles de Gaulle Minneapolis St Paul Resumes 29 March 2020; Except 1 June-31 August
CDG YUL Paris Charles de Gaulle Montreal
CDG NBO Paris Charles de Gaulle Nairobi
CDG JFK Paris Charles de Gaulle New York JFK
CDG KIX Paris Charles de Gaulle Osaka Kansai
CDG UIO Paris Charles de Gaulle Quito
CDG PTY Paris Charles de Gaulle Panama City
CDG GIG Paris Charles de Gaulle Rio de Janeiro Galeao
CDG SCL Paris Charles de Gaulle Santiago de Chile
CDG TPE Paris Charles de Gaulle Taipei Taoyuan Ends 28 March 2020
CDG WUH Paris Charles de Gaulle Wuhan Operates 29 March-29 October 2020

Air India

AMD LHR Ahmedabad London Heathrow
ATQ DEL BHX Amritsar Delhi Birmingham
ATQ STN Amritsar London Stansted (-8) Ends29 March 2020
BLR LHR Bangalore London Heathrow
MAA SIN Chennai Singapore
DEL ATQ BHX Delhi Amritsar Birmingham
DEL BKK Delhi Bangkok
DEL MAA DPS Delhi Chennai Denpasar
DEL CPH Delhi Copenhagen
DEL DXB Delhi Dubai
DEL HKG Delhi Hong Kong
DEL JED Delhi Jeddah (-8) Starts 31 March 2020
DEL CCU Delhi Kolkata
DEL LHR Delhi London Heathrow
DEL FRA Delhi Frankfurt
DEL HYD Delhi Hyderabad (Occasional)
DEL COK Delhi Kochi
DEL MAD Delhi Madrid
DEL MEL Delhi Melbourne
DEL MXP Delhi Milan Malpensa
DEL MXP FCO Delhi Milan Malpensa Rome Fiumicino
DEL BOM Delhi Mumbai
DEL CDG Delhi Paris Charles de Gaulle
DEL FCO Delhi Rome Fiumicino
DEL ICN Delhi Seoul Incheon
DEL PVG Delhi Shanghai
DEL SIN Delhi Singapore
DEL ARN Delhi Stockholm Arlanda
DEL SYD Delhi Sydney
DEL TLV Delhi Tel Aviv
DEL NRT Delhi Tokyo Narita
DEL VIE Delhi Vienna
DEL IAD Delhi Washington Dulles (-8) Starts 8 January 2020
COK DXB Kochi Dubai
BOM AMD Mumbai Ahmedabad Ends?
BOM ATQ Mumbai Amritsar
BOM BKK Mumbai Bangkok
BOM MAA SIN Mumbai Chennai Singapore
BOM DXB Mumbai Dubai
BOM FRA Mumbai Frankfurt
BOM HKG Mumbai Hong Kong (-8) Starts 24 October 2020
BOM JED Mumbai Jeddah (-8) Starts 29 March 2020
BOM LHR Mumbai  London Heathrow (-8) Resumes 14 February-13 March 2020
BOM STN Mumbai London Stansted (-8) Operates 20 February-28 March 2020
BOM NBO Mumbai Nairobi (-8)
BOM SIN Mumbai Singapore

Air New Zealand (All 787-9)

AKL ADL Auckland Adelaide
AKL EZE Auckland Buenos Aires Ezeiza Operates 3 February-27 March 2020; Resumes 15 May 2020
AKL ORD Auckland Chicago O’Hare
AKL DPS Auckland Denpasar Ends 11 April 2020; Resumes 25 October 2020
AKL SGN Auckland Ho Chi Minh City
AKL HKG Auckland Hong Kong Starts 29 March 2020
AKL HNL Auckland Honolulu Ends 30 March 2020
AKL IAH Auckland Houston Intercontinental
AKL NAN Auckland Nadi
AKL EWR Auckland Newark Starts 29 October 2020
AKL PPT Auckland Papeete
AKL PER Auckland Perth
AKL RAR LAX Auckland Rarotonga Los Angeles Occasional
AKL ICN Auckland Seoul Incheon
AKL PVG Auckland Shanghai Pudong
AKL SIN Auckland Singapore
AKL TPE Auckland Taipei Taoyuan Ends 28 March 2020
AKL NRT Auckland Tokyo Narita Except 23 July-23 August 2020
AKL YVR Auckland Vancouver
CHC PER Christchurch Perth
CHC SIN Christchurch Singapore

Air Tanzania

DAR BOM Dar-es-Salaam Mumbai

Air Tahiti Nui (787-9)

PPT AKL Papeete Auckland
PPT IPC Papeete Easter Island Operates 16 & 18 March 2020
PPT LAX Papeete Los Angeles
PPT LAX CDG Papeete Los Angeles Paris Charles de Gaulle
PPT NRT Papeete Tokyo Narita

American Airlines

ORD ATH Chicago O’Hare Athens (-8) Ends 6 October 2020
ORD BCN Chicago O’Hare Barcelona (-8) Resumes 6 April-29 November 2020
ORD BUD Chicago O’Hare Budapest Starts 7 May 2020
ORD CUN Chicago O’Hare Cancun
ORD DFW Chicago O’Hare Dallas Ft Worth
ORD DUB Chicago O’Hare Dublin Starts?
ORD HNL Chicago O’Hare Honolulu Resumes 21 November 2019-6 January 2020
ORD KRK Chicago O’Hare Krakow Starts 7 May 2020
ORD LHR Chicago O’Hare London Heathrow Ends 25 October 2020
ORD MAN Chicago O’Hare Manchester
ORD CDG Chicago O’Hare Paris (-8)
ORD PHL Chicago O’Hare Philadelphia (-8) Operates 7 January-1 February 2020
ORD PRG Chicago O’Hare Prague Starts 8 May 2020
ORD FCO Chicago O’Hare Rome Fiumicino
ORD SFO Chicaho O’Hare San Francisco
ORD NRT Chicago O’Hare Tokyo Narita Ends 2 June 2020
ORD VCE Chicago O’Hare Venice Resumes ?
DFW AMS Dallas Ft Worth Amsterdam Schiphol (-9) Operates 9-26 September 2020
DFW AKL Dallas Ft Worth Auckland (-9) Starts 25 October 2020
DFW PEK Dallas Ft Worth Beijing
DFW EZE Dallas Ft Worth Buenos Aires Ezeiza (-8) Starts 25 October 2020
DFW CUN Dallas Ft Worth Cancun
DFW DUB Dallas Ft Worth Dublin (-9) Starts 7 May 2020
DFW LAS Dallas Ft Worth  Las Vegas (-8)
DFW LAX Dallas Ft Worth Los Angeles
DFW MAD Dallas Ft Worth Madrid (-9)
DFW CDG Dallas Ft Worth Paris Charles de Gaulle
DFW PHL Dallas Ft Worth Philadelphia (-8) Operates 8 January-12 February 2020
DFW FCO Dallas Ft Worth Rome Fiumicino (-8) Operates 2 July 2020-5 January 2021
DFW SFO Dallas Ft Worth San Francisco
DFW SCL Dallas Ft Worth Santiago de Chile
DFW ICN Dallas Ft Worth Seoul Incheon (-9)
DFW PVG Dallas Ft Worth Shanghai Pudong (-9)
DFW TLV Dallas Ft Worth Tel Aviv (-9)
LAX AKL Los Angeles Auckland (-9) (-8 7-24 October 2020)
LAX PEK Los Angeles Beijing Capital
LAX EZE Los Angeles Buenos Aires Ezeiza
LAX CHC Los Angeles Christchurch (-8) Starts 25 October 2020
LAX GRU Los Angeles Sao Paulo Guarulhos
LAX PVG Los Angeles Shanghai Pudong (-9)
LAX SYD Los Angeles Sydney
LAX HND Los Angeles Tokyo Haneda (-9)
LAX NRT Los Angeles Tokyo Narita Ends 29 March 2020
MIA MVD Miami Montevideo (-8) Starts 7 January 2021
PHL AMS Philadelphia Amsterdam Schiphol (-8) Except 28 March-4 June 2020
PHL CUN Philadelphia Cancun (-8) Starts 17 December 2020
PHL LAX Philadelphia Los Angeles (-8) Operates 7 January-12 February 2020
PHL MAN Philadelphia Manchester Ends 28 March 2020
PHL ZRH Philadelphia Zurich

ANA All Nippon Airways

ITM CTS Osaka Itami Sapporo Chitose
HND BKK Tokyo Haneda Bangkok (-10)
HND PEK Tokyo Haneda Beijing
HND DEL Tokyo Haneda Delhi (-9) Starts 29 March 2020
HND FUK Tokyo Haneda Fukuoka
HND HKD Tokyo Haneda Hakodate
HND HAN Tokyo Haneda Hanoi Ends 29 March 2020
HND HIJ Tokyo Haneda Hiroshima
HND SGN Tokyo Haneda Ho Chi Minh City (-9) Starts 29 March 2020
HND HNL Tokyo Haneda Honolulu
HND HKG Tokyo Haneda Hong Kong (-9)
HND ISG Tokyo Haneda Ishigaki
HND CGK Tokyo Haneda Jakarta
HND KOJ Tokyo Haneda Kagoshima
HND KUL Tokyo Haneda Kuala Lumpur (-9)
HND KMJ Tokyo Haneda Kumamoto
HND MNL Tokyo Haneda Manila (-9) (-10)
HND MYJ Tokyo Haneda Matsuyama
HND KMI Tokyo Haneda Miyazaki
HND MUC Tokyo Haneda Munich
HND NGS Tokyo Haneda Nagasaki
HND OKJ Tokyo Haneda Okayama
HND OKA Tokyo Haneda Okinawa
HND ITM Tokyo Haneda Osaka Itami
HND CDG Tokyo Haneda Paris CDG
HND SJC Tokyo Haneda San Jose, CA (-8) Starts 29 March 2020
HND CTS Tokyo Haneda Sapporo Chitose (-9)
HND SEA Tokyo Haneda Seattle Tacoma (-8) Starts 29 March 2020
HND SHA Tokyo Haneda Shanghai Hongqiao
HND PVG Tokyo Haneda Shanghai Pudong
HND SYD Tokyo Haneda Sydney (-8/9)
HND TSA Tokyo Haneda Taipei Songshan
HND TAK Tokyo Haneda Akamatsu
HND YVR Tokyo Haneda Vancouver (-9)
HND VIE Tokyo Haneda Vienna (-9)
NRT BKK Tokyo Narita Bangkok (-10)
NRT BRU Tokyo Narita Brussels (-9)
NRT MAA Tokyo Nartia Chennai
NRT DLC Tokyo Narita Dalian (-9)
NRT DEL Tokyo Narita Delhi
NRT DUS Tokyo Narita Dusseldorf (-9)
NRT HAN Tokyo Narita Hanoi (-9) Starts 29 March 2020
NRT SGN Tokyo Narita Ho Chi Minh City
NRT HNL Tokyo Narita Honolulu (-9)
NRT CGK Tokyo Narita Jakarta
NRT KUL Tokyo Narita Kuala Lumpur
NRT MNL Tokyo Narita Manila (-10)
NRT MEX Tokyo Narita Mexico City
NRT BOM Tokyo Narita Mumbai
NRT PER Tokyo Narita Perth
NRT PNH Tokyo Narita Phnom Penh
NRT TAO Tokyo Narita Qingdao
NRT SJC Tokyo Narita San Jose, CA (-9) Ends 29 March 2020
NRT SEA Tokyo Narita Seattle Tacoma Ends 29 March 2020
NRT PVG Tokyo Narita Shanghai Pudong (-8) (-8/10 in January 2020)
NRT SIN Tokyo Narita Singapore
NRT TPE Tokyo Nartia Taipei Taoyuan

Avianca Colombia

BOG BCN Bogota Barcelona
BOG EZE Bogota Buenos Aires Ezeiza
BOG CUN Bogota Cancun (-8) Starts 30 March 2020
BOG LHR Bogota London Heathrow
BOG LAX Bogota Los Angeles
BOG MAD Bogota Madrid
BOG MEX Bogota Mexico City
BOG MUC Bogota Munich
BOG SCL Bogota Santiago de Chile
CLO MAD Cali Madrid
MDE MAD Medellin Madrid

Azerbaijan Airlines

GYD LHR Baku London Heathrow
GYD JFK Baku New York Except 29 January-29 February 2020

Bamboo Airways

HAN SGN Hanoi Ho Chi Minh City
HAN PQC Hanoi Phu Quoc
HAN PRG Hanoi Prague Starts April 2020

BIMAN Bangladesh

CGP MED Chittagong Madinah Resumes 26 March 2020
DAC AUH Dhaka Abu Dhabi
DAC CGP DXB Dhaka Chittagong Dubai
DAC DMM Dhaka Dammam (-9)
DAC DOH Dhaka Doha
DAC KWI Dhaka Kuwait City
DAC LHR ZYL Dhaka London Heathrow Sylhet (-9) Ends 8 July 2020
DAC MAN ZYL Dhaka Manchester Sylhet (-8/9)
DAC RUH Dhaka Riyadh
DAC SYL Dhaka Sylhet
SYL LHR DAC Sylhet London Heathrow Dhaka Starts 8 July 2020

British Airways

LHR AUH London Heathrow Abu Dhabi (-9) Except 1-20 March 2020. Ends 29 March 2020
LHR ATL London Heathrow Atlanta (-9) (-10 from 25 February 2020)
LHR BWI London Heathrow Baltimore/Washington
LHR BLR London Heathrow Bangalore Operates 27 October-31 December 2019 (-9)
LHR BKK London Heathrow Bangkok Suvarnabhumi (-9) Starts 30 June 2020
LHR PKX London Heathrow Beijing Daxing (-9)
LHR BOS London Heathrow Boston (-8)
LHR YYC London Heathrow Calgary (-8/9) Operates 29 March-3 October 2020
LHR CHS London Heathrow Charleston
LHR MAA London Heathrow Chennai
LHR DFW London Heathrow Dallas Ft Worth (-10) Starts 1 May 2020
LHR DEL London Heathrow Delhi Except 2-22 February; 26-28 March 2020
LHR DOH London Heathrow Doha (-9)
LHR DUR London Heathrow Durban
LHR IAH London Heathrow Houston (-9)
LHR HYD London Heathrow Hyderabad (-9 from 29 March 2020)
LHR ISB London Heathrow Islamabad
LHR JNB London Heathrow Johannesburg
LHR KUL London Heathrow Kuala Lumpur (-9)
LHR MAD London Heathrow Madrid (-9)
LHR SEZ London Heathrow Mahe Seychelles
LHR MEX London Heathrow Mexico City (-9)
LHR YUL London Heathrow Montreal Trudeau
LHR DME London Heathrow Moscow Domodedovo
LHR BOM London Heathrow Mumbai (-8/9) Resumes 1-27 October 2020
LHR MCT London Heathrow Muscat
LHR BNA London Heathrow Nashville (-9) (-10 from 3 September 2020)
LHR EWR London Heathrow Newark
LHR MSY London Heathrow New Orleans
LHR KIX London Heathrow Osaka Kansai
LHR PHL London Heathrow Philadelphia (-9) Ends 29 March 2020
LHR PHX London Heathrow Phoenix Operates 3 November 2019-7 March 2020 (-9)
LHR PIT London Heathrow Pittsburgh
LHR PDX London Heathrow Portland, OR (-8) Starts 1 June 2020
LHR GIG London Heathrow Rio de Janeiro Galeao
LHR SJC London Heathrow San Jose, CA (-9) Ends 29 March 2019
LHR  SCL London Heathrow Santiago de Chile (-9)
LHR GRU London Heathrow Sao Paulo Guarulhos (-9)
LHR SEA London Heathrow Seattle Tacoma (-10) Operates 1 July-24 October 2020
LHR ICN London Heathrow Seoul Incheon
LHR NRT London Heathrow Tokyo Narita (-9) Except 10 July-13 August 2020
LHR YYZ London Heathrow Toronto
LHR IAD London Heathrow Washington Dulles

China Eastern Yunnan (787-9)

KMG PEK Kunming Beijing Capital
KMG SHA Kunming Shanghai Hongqiao
KMG NRT Kunming Tokyo Narita (-9) Starts 18 February 2020
PVG AKL Shanghai Pu Dong Auckland
PVG DXB Shanghai Pu Dong Dubai
PVG KMG DXB Shanghai Pu Dong Kunming Dubai
PVG MEL Shanghai Pu Dong Melbourne (-9)
PVG SIN Shanghai Pu Dong Singapore
PVG SYD Shanghai Pu Dong Sydney (-9) Operates 27 October 2019-14 January 2020

China Southern Airlines

CAN AMS Guangzhou Amsterdam Schiphol
CAN AKL Guangzhou Auckland   (-9)
CAN CTU Guangzhou Chengdu
CAN CHC Guangzhou Christchurch (-9) Except 11 January-14 February 2020
CAN PEK Guangzhou Beijing
CAN LHE Guangzhou Lahore (-8) Starts 30 March 2020
CAN LHR Guangzhou London Heathrow   (-9)
CAN LAX Guangzhou Los Angeles   (-9) Except 8 December 2019-22 January 2020
CAN MNL Guangzhou Manila (-8)
CAN JFK Guangzhou New York JFK (-9) Starts 30 March 2020
CAN KIX Guangzhou Osaka Kansai
CAN CDG Guangzhou Paris Charles de Gaulle Ends 28 March 2020 (-9)
CAN FCO Guangzhou Rome Fiumicino
CAN SFO Guangzhou San Francisco
CAN SYX LHR Guangzhou Sanya London Heathrow (-8) Except 12 July-22 October 2020
CAN SHA Guangzhou Shanghai Hongqiao
CAN URC VIE Guangzhou Urumqi Vienna
CAN YVR Guangzhou Vancouver   (-9)
CAN YVR MEX Guangzhou Vancouver Mexico City
CAN WUH FCO Guangzhou Wuhan Rome Fiumicino
CAN WUH SFO Guangzhou Wuhan San Francisco
CAN CGO LHR Guangzhou Zhengzhou London Heathrow
URC BKK Urumqi Bangkok Operates 10 January-16 February 2020
URC PEK Urumqi Beijing
URC KHG Urumqi Kashi/Kashgar
URC SHA Urumqi Shanghai Hongqiao
WUH DXB Wuhan Dubai
WUH IST Wuhan Istanbul
WUH LHR Wuhan London Heathrow
WUH JFK Wuhan New York JFK

EgyptAir (all -9)

CAI AMS Cairo Amsterdam Starts 6 June 2020
CAI BCN Cairo Barcelona Operates 4 & 11 April 2020
CAI DXB Cairo Dubai
CAI FRA Cairo Frankfurt
CAI HGH Cairo Hangzhou
CAI LHR Cairo London Heathrow Operates 26 June-13 September 2020
CAI JFK Cairo New York Ends 31 May 2020
CAI CDG Cairo Paris Charles De Gaulle

El Al

TLV AMS Tel Aviv Amsterdam Schiphol (-9) Operates 13 July-23 October 2020
TLV BKK Tel Aviv Bangkok (-9) (-8 Operates 20 & 27 January; 16-23 March 2020)
TLV BCN Tel Aviv Barcelona (-8) Operates 24 February 2020
TLV PEK Tel Aviv Beijing Capital (-8) Operates 14 December 2019-27 March 2020
TLV BOS Tel Aviv Boston (-8) Starts 17 December 2019. Ends 29 March 2020
TLV ORD Tel Aviv Chicago O’Hare (-9) Starts 22 March 2020 (-8 from 22-26 March 2020)
TLV HKG Tel Aviv Hong Kong (-8) Starts 29 March 2020
TLV JNB Tel Aviv Johannesburg (-8) Operates 26 February, 4 & 22 March 2020
TLV LAS Tel Aviv Las Vegas
TLV LHR Tel Aviv London Heathrow (-8)
TLV LAX Tel Aviv Los Angeles
TLV MEL Tel Aviv Melbourne (-9) Operates 2 & 23 April & 14 May 2020
TLV MIA Tel Aviv Miami
TLV BOM Tel Aviv Mumbai Starts 9 February 2020
TLV EWR Tel Aviv Newark (-9)
TLV JFK Tel Aviv New York
TLV CDG Tel Aviv Paris (-8/9)
TLV HKT Tel Aviv Phuket (-9) Operates 11 February 2020
TLV FCO Tel Aviv Rome Fiumicino
TLV SFO Tel Aviv San Francisco Starts 30 March 2020
TLV NRT Tel Aviv Tokyo Narita (-9) Starts 11 March 2020 (-8 on 21 & 25 March 2020 & from 25 October)
TLV YYZ Tel Aviv Toronto (-8)

Ethiopian Airlines


ADD ABJ CKY Addis Ababa Abidjan Conakry
ADD ABJ JFK Addis Ababa Abidjan New York JFK
ADD ACC Addis Ababa Accra
ADD TNR Addis Ababa Antananarivo
ADD ATH DME Addis Ababa Athens Moscow Domodeovo (-8)
ADD BKK HKG Addis Ababa Bangkok Hong Kong
ADD BKK CGK Addis Ababa Bangkok Jakarta
ADD BRU DUB Addis Ababa Brussels Dublin
ADD BRU MAN Addis Ababa Brussels Manchester
ADD PNR BZV Addis Ababa Pointe Noire Brazzaville
ADD CTU Addis Ababa Chengdu
ADD MAA Addis Ababa Chennai (-8) Starts 1 April 2020
ADD DEL Addis Ababa Delhi
ADD DXB Addis Ababa Dubai
ADD DUB ORD Addis Ababa Dublin Chicago O’Hare
ADD DUB LAX Addid Ababa Dublin Los Angeles
ADD DUB IAS Addis Ababa Dublin Washington Dulles
ADD CAN Addis Ababa Guangzhou
ADD HKG Addis Ababa Hong Kong
ADD HKG MNL Addis Ababa Hong Kong Manila
ADD IST DME Addis Ababa Istanbul Moscow Domodeovo
ADD KAN KAD Addis Ababa Kano – KAD Kaduna Kaduna
ADD KAD ZNZ Addis Ababa Kilimanjaro Zanzibar
ADD FIH BZV Addis Ababa Kinshasa Brazzaville
ADD LBV NSI Addis Ababa Libreville Yaounde
ADD LFW Addis Ababa Lome
ADD LFW IAH Addis Ababa Lome Houston Intercontinental
ADD LFW JFK Addis Ababa Lome New York JFK
ADD LFW EWR Addis Ababa Lome Newark
ADD SSG DLA Addis Ababa Malabo Douala
ADD MXP Addis Ababa Milan Malpensa
ADD MXP GVA Addis Ababa  Milan Malpensa Geneva (-8/9)
ADD FCO MAD Addis Ababa  Rome FCO Madrid (-9)
ADD FCO VIE Addis Ababa  Rome FCO Vienna
ADD GRU EZE Addis Ababa Sao Paulo Guarulhos Buenos Aires Ezeiza
ADD ICN NRT Addis Ababa Seoul Incheon Tokyo Narita
ADD SIN KUL Addis Ababa Singapore Kuala Lumpur (-9)
ADD VFA GBB Addis Ababa Victoria Falls Gaborone
ADD VIE GVA Addis Ababa Vienna
ADD VIE ARN Addis Ababa Vienna Stockholm Arlanda
ADD WDH Addis Ababa Windhoek
ADD ZNZ Addis Ababa Zanzibar

Etihad Airways

AUH AMM Abu Dhabi Amman
AUH AMS Abu Dhabi Amsterdam (-9) Resumes 1 February 2020 (-10 from 29 March-11 April 2020)
AUH BLR Abu Dhabi Bangalore (-9)
AUH BKK Abu Dhabi Bangkok Suvarnabhumi
AUH BCN Abu Dhabi Barcelona Except 22-29 February 2020
AUH PEK NGO Abu Dhabi Beijing Capital Nagoya
AUH BEY Abu Dhabi Beirut
AUH BNE Abu Dhabi Brisbane
AUH BRU Abu Dhabi Brussels
AUH CAI Abu Dhabi Cairo
AUH CMN Abu Dhabi Casablanca
AUH CTU Abu Dhabi Chengdu
AUH DEL Abu Dhabi Delhi (-9)
AUH DUS Abu Dhabi Dusseldorf
AUH FRA Abu Dhabi Frankfurt (-10 from 1 February-28 March 2020)
AUH GVA Abu Dhabi Geneva
AUH HKG Abu Dhabi Hong Kong
AUH HYD Abu Dhabi Hyderabad (-9)
AUH CGK Abu Dhabi Jakarta Operates 27 October 2019-1 February 2020 (-9)
AUH JED Abu Dhabi Jeddah (Commened) (-10)
AUH JNB Abu Dhabi Johannesburg
AUH KUL Abu Dhabi Kuala Lumpur (-9) (-10 from 29 March 2020)
AUH LOS Abu Dhabi Lagos
AUH LHR Abu Dhabi London Heathrow
AUH MAD Abu Dhabi Madrid
AUH MLE Abu Dhabi Male (-9)
AUH MAN Abu Dhabi Manchester (-9/-10)
AUH MEL Abu Dhabi Melbourne
AUH MXP Abu Dhabi Milan Malpensa
AUH BOM Abu Dhabi Mumbai (-9)
AUH RBA Abu Dhabi Rabat
AUH RBA AGP Abu Dhabi Rabat Malaga (-9) Operates 26 June-13 September 2020
AUH RUH Abu Dhabi Riyadh
AUH FCO Abu Dhabi Rome Fiumicino (-10)
AUH ICN Abu Dhabi Seoul Incheon (-10)
AUH PVG Abu Dhabi Shanghai Pudong (-10)
AUH SIN Abu Dhabi Singapore
AUH NRT Abu Dhabi Tokyo Narita
AUH IAD Abu Dhabi Washington Dulles
AUH ZRH Abu Dhabi Zurich


TPE BKK VIE Taipei Taoyuan Bangkok Vienna (-10 from 15 February 2020)
TPE BNE Taipei Taoyuan Brisbane (-10)
TPE HGH Taipei Taoyuan Hangzhou (-10)
TPE HKG Taipei Taoyuan Hong Kong (-10)
TPE NGO Taipei Taoyuan Nagoya Chubu
TPE SEA Taipei Taoyuan Seattle Tacoma (-9) Starts 19 May 2020
TPE SZX Taipei Taoyuan Shenzhen (-10)
TPE NRT Taipei Taoyuan Tokyo Narita (-10)
TPE YVR Taipei Taoyuan Vancouver (-9) Operates 17 February-18 May 2020
TPE VIE Taipei Taoyuan Vienna

Gulf Air (all 787-9)

BAH BKK Bahrain Bangkok
BAH CMN Bahrain Casablanca
BAH KUL Bahrain Kuala Lumpur Starts 2 July 2020
BAH LHR Bahrain London Heathrow
BAH MNL Bahrain Manila

Hainan Airlines

PEK BRU Beijing Capital Brussels (-9) Ends 29 March 2020
PEK CTU Beijing Capital Chengdu
PEK ORD Beijing Capital Chicago O’Hare (-9)
PEK CAN Beijing Capital Guangzhou (-9)
PEK HAK Beijing Capital Haiku
PEK HET Beijing Capital Hohhot
PEK LAS Beijing Capital Las Vegas (-9) Ends 11 January 2020
PEK SVO Beijing Capital Moscow Sheremetyevo (-9)
PEK LED Beijing Capital St. Petersburg (-9)
PEK SJC Beijing Capital San Jose (-9)
PEK SEA Beijing Capital Seattle Tacoma (-9)
PEK PVG Beijing Capital Shanghai Pudong
PEK TLV Beijing Capital Tel Aviv (-9)
PEK TIJ MEX Beijing Capital Tijiuana Mexico City (-8) Ends 18 May 2020
PEK YYZ Beijing Capital Toronto (-9)
HAK CTU Haikou Chengdu
HAK CKG FCO Haikou Chongqing Rome Fiumicino
HAK SVO Haikou Moscow Sheremetyevo (-9)
CSX LHR Changsha London Heathrow
CSX LAX Changsha Los Angeles (-9)
CTU ORD Chengdu Chicago O’Hare
CTU LAX Chengdu Los Angeles
CTU JFK Chengdu New York
CKG PEK ORD Chongqing Beijing Capital Chicago O’Hare (-9)
CKG PEK YYZ Chongqing Beijing Capital Toronto (-9)
CKG BUD Chongqing Budapest (-9)
CKG LAX Chongqing Los Angeles
CKG JFK Chongqing New York
CKG PVG Chongqing Shanghai Pudong
KWE CDG Guiyang Paris (-9)
PVG BOS Shanghai Pudong Boston
PVG SEA Shanghai Pudong Seattle Tacoma (-9)
PVG TSN JFK Shanghai Pudong Tianjin New York JFK
SZX AKL Shenzhen Auckland
SZX MAD Shenzhen Madrid
SZX TLV Shenzhen Tel Aviv (-9)
SZX YVR Shenzhen Vancouver
SZX VIE Shenzhen Vienna
SZX ZRH Shenzhen Zurich
XIY LAX Xi’an Los Angeles  (-9)

Japan Airlines

NGO BKK Nagoya Bangkok (-8) Ends 29 March 2020
NGO HNL Nagoya Honolulu (-9)
KIX HNL Osaka Kansai Honolulu
KIX LAX Osaka Kansai Los Angeles (-9)
HND DLC Tokyo Haneda Dalian  (-8) Starts 29 March 2020
HND DFW Tokyo Haneda Dallas Fort Worth (-9) Starts 29 March 2020
HND DEL Tokyo Haneda Delhi (-9) Starts 29 March 2020
HND CAN Tokyo Haneda Guangzhou
HND FUK Tokyo Haneda Fukuoka
HND HEL Tokyo Haneda Helsinki (-9) Starts 29 March 2020
HND HNL Tokyo Haneda Honolulu (-9) Starts 28 March 2020
HND LHR Tokyo Haneda London Heathrow
HND MNL Tokyo Haneda Manila
HND SVO Tokyo Haneda Moscow Sheremetyevo (-8) Starts 29 March 2020
HND ITM Tokyo Haneda Osaka Itami
HND SFO Tokyo Haneda San Francisco
HND PVG Tokyo Haneda Shanghai Pudong  (-8) Operates 29 March-1 July 2020
HND SIN Tokyo Haneda Singapore Changi
HND SYD Tokyo Haneda Sydney (-9) Starts 29 March 2020
NRT BLR Tokyo Narita Bangalore (-8) Starts 29 March 2020
NRT BKK Tokyo Narita Bangkok
NRT BOS Tokyo Narita Boston Logan (-9)
NRT ORD Tokyo Narita Chicago O’Hare (-9) Ends 29 March 2020; Resumes 15 February 2021
NRT DLC Tokyo Narita Dalian (-8) Ends 1 July 2020
NRT DFW Tokyo Narita Dallas Fort Worth (-9) Ends 29 March 2020
NRT DEL Tokyo Narita Delhi (-9) Ends 29 March 2020
NRT FRA Tokyo Narita Frankfurt
NRT GUM Tokyo Narita Guam
NRT HAN Tokyo Narita Hanoi (-9)
NRT HEL Tokyo Narita Helsinki (-9) Ends 29 March 2020
NRT HKG Tokyo Narita Hong Kong
NRT HNL Tokyo Narita Honolulu (-9)
NRT CGK Tokyo Narita Jakarta (-9)
NRT KUL Toyko Narita Kuala Lumpur (-9)
NRT LAX Tokyo Narita Los Angeles (-8) Starts 29 March 2020
NRT MNL Tokyo Narita Manila
NRT MEL Tokyo Narita Melbourne
NRT DME Tokyo Narita Moscow Domodedovo
NRT SAN Tokyo Narita San Diego
NRT SFO Tokyo Narita San Francisco (-8) Resumes 29 March 2020
NRT SEA Tokyo Narita Seattle Tacoma
NRT PVG Tokyo Narita Shanghai Pudong
NRT SIN Tokyo Narita Singapore Changi
NRT SYD Tokyo Narita Sydney (-9) Ends 29 March 2020
NRT TPE Tokyo Narita Taipei Taoyuan


BNE DPS Brisbane Denpasar Bali
CNS KIX Cairns Osaka Kansai
CNS NRT Cairns Tokyo Narita
OOL ICN Gold Coast Seoul Incheon
OOL NRT Gold Coast Tokyo Narita
MEL BKK Melbourne Bangkok
MEL DPS Melbourne Denpasar Bali
MEL SGN Melbourne Ho Chi Minh City
MEL HNL Melbourne Honolulu
MEL HKT Melbourne Phuket
MEL SIN Melbourne Singapore
SYD DPS Sydney Denpasar Bali
SYD SGN Sydney Ho Chi Minh City
SYD HNL Sydney Honolulu
SYD HKT Sydney Phuket

Juneyao Air (-9)

SHA PKX Shanghai Hongqiao Beijing Daxin
SHA CTU Shanghai Hongqiao Chengdu
SHA CKG Shanghai Hongqiao Chongqing
SHA SYX Shanghai Hongqiao Sanya Phoenix
SHA SZX Shanghai Hongqiao Shenzhen
PVG HEL Shanghai Pudong Helsinki
PVG HEL DUB Shanghai Pudong Helsinki Dublin Starts 29 March 2020
PVG HEL MAN Shanghai Pudong Helsinki Manchester Starts 30 March 2020
PVG HEL KEF Shanghai Pudgon Helsinki Reykjavik Keflavik Starts 31 March 2020
PVG KHH Shanghai Pudong Kaohsiung
PVG KIX Shanghai Pudong Osaka Kansai
PVG SIN Shanghai Pudong Singapore Operates 17 January-9 February 2020
PVG TPE Shanghai Pudong Taipei Taoyuan
PVG HND Shanghai Pudong Tokyo Haneda Starts 16 January 2020
PVG NRT Shanghai Pudong Tokyo Narita

Kenya Airways

NBO AMS Nairobi Amsterdam
NBO BKK CAN Nairobi Bangkok Guangzhou
NBO DXB Nairobi Dubai
NBO GVA FCO Nairobi Geneva Rome Fiumicino
NBO FIH Nairobi Kinshasa
NBO LOS Nairobi Lagos
NBO LHR Nairobi London Heathrow
NBO LAD Nairobi Luanda
NBO BOM Nairobi Mumbai
NBO JFK Nairobi New York
NBO CDG Nairobi Paris Charles de Gaulle


AMS ATL Amsterdam Atlanta (-10)
AMS BLR Amsterdam Bangalore (-9) (-10 from 25 October 2020)
AMS PEK Amsterdam Beijing Capital (-9) Operates 25 October-28 November 2020
AMS BOG CTG Amsterdam Bogota Cartagena (-9) Ends 25 October 2020
AMS EZE SCL Amsterdam Buenos Aires Ezeiza Santiago de Chile
AMS YYC Amsterdam Calgary
AMS CTU Amsterdam Chengdu
AMS ORD Amsterdam Chicago O’Hare
AMS CUR Amsterdam Curacao Starts 2 June 2020 (-10)
AMS DEL Amsterdam Delhi Resumes 29 March 2020 (-10)
AMS DXB Amsterdam Dubai (-10 from 29 March 2020)
AMS HGH Amsterdam Hangzhou
AMS HKG Amsterdam Hong Kong (-9) Starts 30 March 2020
AMS IAH Amsterdam Houston Intercontinental
AMS JRO DAR Amsterdam Kilimanjaro Dar es Salaam (-10)
AMS LAS Amsterdam Las Vegas (-9)
AMS LAX Amsterdam Los Angeles
AMS MEX Amsterdam Mexico City (-9)
AMS MSP Amsterdam Minneapolis St Paul
AMS BOM Amsterdam Mumbai Resumes 29 March 2020 (-10 from 25 October 2020)
AMS NBO Amsterdam Nairobi (-10)
AMS JFK Amsterdam New York JFK (-10)
AMS KIX Amsterdam Osaka Kansai
AMS GIG Amsterdam Rio de Janeiro Galeao
AMS SLC Amsterdam Salt Lake City
AMS SFO Amsterdam San Francisco (-10)
AMS SJO LIR Amsterdam San Jose CR Liberia (-9)
AMS PVG Amsterdam Shanghai Pu Dong
AMS NRT Amsterdam Tokyo Narita (-9) Except May-October 2020
AMS YYZ Amsterdam Toronto
AMS XMN Amsterdam Xiamen

Korean Air (all 787-9)

ICN BCN Seoul Incheon Barcelona
ICN DFW Seoul Incheon Dallas Ft Worth Starts 29 March 2020
ICN GUM Seoul Incheon Guam Ends 28 March 2020
ICN HKG Seoul Incheon Hong Kong
ICN IST Seoul Incheon Istanbul
ICN MAD Seoul Incheon Madrid
ICN MXP Seoul Incheon Milan Malpensa
ICN SVO Seoul Incheon Moscow Sheremetyevo
ICN PRG Seoul Incheon Prague
ICN YYZ Seoul Incheon Toronto
ICN YVR Seoul Incheon Vancouver
ICN ZAG Seoul Incheon Zagreb Resumes 31 March 2020
ICN ZRH Seoul Incheon Zurich

LATAM Airlines

LIM LAX Lima Los Angeles
LIM JFK Lima New York JFK
SCL AKL SYD Santiago Auckland Sydney   (-9)
SCL BOG Santiago Bogota
SCL EZE Santiago Buenos Aires   (-9)
SCL IPC PPT Santiago Easter Island Papeete   (-9)
SCL CUN Santiago Cancun   (-9)
SCL LIM Santiago Lima
SCL MAD FRA Santiago Madrid Frankfurt   (-9)
SCL MEL Santiago Melbourne   (-8)
SCL MEX Santiago Mexico City   (-9)
SCL MIA Santiago Miami   (-9)
SCL JFK Santiago New York JFK   (-9)
SCL PUJ MIA Santiago Punta Cana Miami   (-9)
SCL GRU Santiago Sao Paulo Guarulhos   (-9)
SCL GRU TLV Santiago Sao Paulo Guarulhos Tel Aviv
SCL SYD Santiago Sydney (-9)

LOT Polish Airlines

BUD JFK Budapest New York JFK
BUD ICN Budapest Seoul Incheon (-8)
KRK ORD Krakow Chicago O’Hare
KRK JFK Krakow New York JFK Starts 3 May 2020
LAX KRK Los Angeles Krakow Operates 18 April 2020
RZE EWR Rzeszow Newark Resumes 28 March 2020
WAW BKK Warsaw Bangkok Operates 2 November 2019-14 March 2020
WAW PEK Warsaw Beijing Capital
WAW PKX Warsaw Beijing Daxing Starts 15 January 2020
WAW CUN Warsaw Cancun Operates 1 November 2019-13 March 2020
WAW ORD Warsaw Chicago O’Hare
WAW CMB Warsaw Colombo
WAW DEL Warsaw Delhi
WAW DPS Warsaw Denpasar Bali
WAW GOA Warsaw Goa Operates 10 November 2019-5 March 2020
WAW SGN Warsaw Ho Chi Minh City Operates 3 November 2019-8 March 2020
WAW LAX Warsaw Los Angeles
WAW MIA Warsaw Miami
WAW JFK Warsaw New York JFK
WAW EWR Warsaw Newark
WAW POP Warsaw Puerto Plata Ends 23 April 2020
WAW SFO Warsaw San Francisco (-8) Starts 5 August 2020
WAW ICN Warsaw Seoul Incheon
WAW SIN Warsaw Singapore
WAW NRT Warsaw Tokyo Narita
WAW YYZ Warsaw Toronto
WAW VRA Warsaw Varadero Operates 30 October 2019-18 March 2020
WAW IAD Warsaw Washington Dulles (-8) Starts 2 June 2020


MXP LRM Milan Malpensa La Romana
MXP MLE Milan Malpensa Male
MXP KHN Milan Malpensa Nanching
MXP NOS MOM Milan Malpensa Nosy-Be Mombasa
MXP PTP Milan Malpensa Pointe-a-Pitre
MXP FCO MLE Milan Malpensa Rome Male
MXP ZNZ MOM Milan Malpensa Zanzibar Mombasa
FCO LRM Rome Fiumicino La Romana Starts 21 December 2019
FCO VRN NOS Rome Fiumicino Verona Nosy-Be


AMS JFK Amsterdam New York (-9) (-8 from 29 March 2020)
BCN FLL Barcelona Fort Lauderdale
BCN LAX Barcelona Los Angeles
BCN JFK Barcelona New York JFK (-9)
BCN SFO Barcelona San Francisco (-9)
CPH BKK Copenhagen Bangkok Ends 29 March 2020
CPH LAS Copenhagen Las Vegas
CPH OAK Copenhagen Oakland
CPH MCO Copenhagen Orlando Ends 29 March 2020
CPH SJU STX Copenhagen San Juan PR St Croix
LGW AUS London Gatwick Austin (-9)
LGW BOS London Gatwick Boston (-9)
LGW EZE London Gatwick Buenos Aires Ezeiza (-9)
LGW ORD London Gatwick Chicago O’Hare (-9) Resumes March 2020
LGW DEN London Gatwick Denver (-9) Resumes March 2020
LGW FLL London Gatwick Fort Lauderdale (-9)
LGW LAX London Gatwick Los Angeles
LGW MIA London Gatwick Miami   (-9)
LGW JFK London Gatwick New York JFK   (-9)
LGW OAK London Gatwick Oakland   (-9)
LGW MCO London Gatwick Orlando
LGW GIG London Gatwick Rio de Janeiro Galeao
LGW SFO London Gatwick San Francisco   (-9)
LGW SEA London Gatwick Seattle   (-9)
LGW TPA London Gatwick Tampa   (-9)
MAD BOS Madrid Boston (-9) Ends 29 March 2020
MAD LAX Madrid Los Angeles (-9) (-8 from 29 March 2020)
MAD JFK Madrid New York (-9) Ends 29 March 2020
MXP LAX Milan Malpensa Los Angeles   (-9)
OSL BKK Oslo Bangkok
OSL FLL Oslo Fort Lauderdale
OSL LAS Oslo Las Vegas
OSL LAX Oslo Los Angeles Resumes March 2020
OSL AGP Oslo Malaga
OSL JFK Oslo New York JFK
OSL OAK Oslo Oakland (-9) Ends 29 March 2020
OSL MCO Oslo Orlando International Resumes March 2020
OSL SFO Oslo San Francisco Starts 29 March 2020
OSL SJU Oslo San Juan PR
CDG AUS Paris Charles de Gaulle Austin (-9) Starts 6 May 2020
CDG BOS Paris Charles de Gaulle Boston Resumes March 2020
CDG ORD Paris Charles de Gaulle Chicago O’Hare (-9) Starts 1 May 2020
CDG DEN Paris Charles de Gaulle Denver
CDG FLL Paris Charles de Gaulle Fort Lauderdale
CDG LAX Paris Charles de Gaulle Los Angeles
CDG JFK Paris Charles de Gaulle New York
CDG MCO Paris Charles de Gaulle Orlando International
CDG SFO Paris Charles de Gaulle San Francisco (-9)
ORY EWR Paris Orly Newark
FCO ORD Rome Fiumicino Chicago O’Hare (-9) Starts 3 June 2020
FCO DEN Rome Fiumicino Denver (-9) Starts 31 March 2020
FCO LAX Rome Fiumicino Los Angeles Resumes March 2020
FCO JFK Rome Fiumicino New York JFK
FCO OAK Rome Fiumicino Oakland Ends 29 March 2020
FCO SFO Rome Fiumicino San Francisco Starts 29 March 2020
ARN BKK Stockholm Arlanda Bangkok (-9) Ends 29 March 2020
ARN FLL Stockholm Arlanda Fort Lauderdale Ends 29 March 2020
ARN LAX Stockholm Arlanda Los Angeles (-9) Ends 29 March 2020
ARN JFK Stockholm Arlanda New York JFK (-9) Resumes March 2020
ARN SJU Stockholm Arlanda San Juan PR

Oman Air

MCT BKK Muscat Bangkok (-9)
MCT CMN Muscat Casablanca
MCT DEL Muscat Delhi (-8/9)
MCT DXB Muscat Dubai (occasional)
MCT CGK Muscat Jakarta
MCT LHR Muscat London Heathrow
MCT MAN Muscat Manchester
MCT CDG Muscat Paris CDG
MCT SLL Muscat Salalah

Qantas (787-9)

BNE ORD Brisbane Chicago O’Hare Starts 20 April 2020
BNE HKG Brisbane Hong Kong
BNE LAX JFK Brisbane Los Angeles New York JFK
BNE SFO Brisbane San Francisco Starts 9 February 2020
MEL HKG Melbourne Hong Kong
MEL LAX Melbourne Los Angeles
MEL SFO Melbourne San Francisco
PER LHR Perth London Heathrow
SYD AKL Sydney Auckland Operates 1 December 2019-28 March 2020
SYD HKG Sydney Hong Kong
SYD SFO Sydney San Francisco
SYD SCL Sydney Santiago de Chile Starts 24 June 2020

Qatar Airways

DOH BKK Doha Bangkok
DOH BHX Doha Birmingham (-8)
DOH BRU Doha Brussels
DOH CPT Doha Cape Town Ends 3 June 2020
DOH CWL Doha Cardiff
DOH CEB Doha Cebu (-8) Starts 8 April 2020
DOH CRK Doha Clark
DOH CRK DVO Doha Clark Davao
DOH CPH Doha Copenhagen
DOH DAD Doha Da Nang
DOH DAR Doh Dar Es Salaam (-8) Starts 1 June 2020
DOH DPS Doha Denpasar
DOH DUB Doha Dublin
DOH EBB Doha Entebbe (-8) Starts 2 June 2020
DOH GOT Doha Gothenburg
DOH SGN Doha Ho Chi Minh City
DOH HYD Doha Hyderabad
DOH IST Doha Istanbul Ataturk
DOH JNB MPM Doha Johannesburg Maputo
DOH CGK Doha Jakarta
DOH KHI Doha Karachi
DOH KGL Doha Kigali (-8) Starts 2 July 2020
DOH CCU Doha Kolkata
DOH KBV Doha Krabi
DOH KUL Doha Kuala Lumpur
DOH LOS Doha Lagos Ends 15 April 2020
DOH LOS ACC Doha Lagos  Accra (-8) Starts 15 April 2020
DOH LHE Doha Lahore
DOH LIS Doha Lisbon (-8)
DOH LGW Doha London Gatwick (-8)
DOH LHR Doha London Heathrow (Occasional)
DOH LAD Doha Luanda (-8) Starts 14 October 2020
DOH LYS Doha Lyon (-8) Starts 23 June 2020
DOH MAN Doha Manchester
DOH MPM Doha Maputo (-8)
DOH RAK Doha Marrakech
DOH RAK RBA Doha Marrakech Rabat
DOH MUC Doha Munich
DOH NBE Doha Nairobi
DOH OSL Doha Oslo Except 29 March-1 July 2020
DOH PEN LGK Doha Penang Langkawi (-8)
DOH PRG Doha Prague
DOH FCO Doha Rome Fiumicino
DOH UTP Doha Utapao/Pattawa
DOH VCE Doha Venice (-8) Starts 1 July 2020
DOH WDH Doha Windhoek (-8)

Royal Air Maroc

CMN ALG Casablanca Algiers
CMN PKX Casablanca Beijing Daxing Starts 16 January 2020 (-9)
CMN BOS Casablanca Boston
CMN DAK Casablanca Dakar
CMN DOH Casablanca Doha
CMN IST Casablanca Istanbul
CMN JED Casablanca Jeddah
CMN LAD Casablanca Luanda
CMN MIA Casablanca Miami
CMN YUL Casablanca Montreal
CMN JFK Casablanca New York JFK (-9)
CMN ORY Casablanca Paris Orly
CMN GIG Casablanca Rio de Janeiro Galeao
CMN GRU Casablanca Sao Paulo Guarulhos
CMN IAD Casablanca Washington Dulles
RAK MIA Marrakech Miami (-8) Operates 26 January & 2 February 2020

Royal Brunei

BWN DXB Bandar Seri Begawan Dubai
BWN HKG Bandar Seri Begawan Hong Kong
BWN JED Bandar Seri Begawan Jeddah
BWN LHR Bandar Seri Begawan London Heathrow
BWN MEL Bandar Seri Begawan Melbourne
BWN SIN Bandar Seri Begawan Singapore

Royal Jordanian

AMM AUH Amman Abu Dhabi
AMM BKK HKG Amman Bangkok Hong Kong
AMM BKK KUL Amman Bangkok Kuala Lumpur
AMM ORD Amman Chicago O’Hare
AMM DXB Amman Dubai
AMM GVA Amman Geneva
AMM JED Amman Jeddah
AMM KBP Amman Kiev
AMM KWI Amman Kuwait City
AMM LHR Amman London Heathrow
AMM YUL DTW Amman Montreal Detroit
AMM JFK Amman New York


JED AMS Jeddah Amsterdam (-9) Starts 29 March 2020
JED CMN Jeddah Casablanca
JED DMM Jeddah Dammam
JED DXB Jeddah Dubai (-10)
JED CAN Jeddah Guangzhou
JED IST Jeddah Istanbul Ataturk
JED JNB Jeddah Johannesburg (-9)
JED KUL Jeddah Kuala Lumpur (-10)
JED KUL SIN Jeddah Kuala Lumpur Singapore (-10) Starts 2 June 2020
JED LHR Jeddah London Heathrow (-10) Starts 1 July 2020
JED MAD Jeddah Madrid
JED AGP CMN Jeddah  Malaga Casablanca (-9) Operates 9 June-14 August 2020
JED MRU Jeddah Mauritius
JED CDG Jeddah Paris Charles de Gaulle (-9) (-10 from 1-28 March 2020)
JED RUH Jeddah Riyadh
JED SIN Jeddah Singapore
RUH CMN Riyadh Casablanca
RUH DXB Riyadh Dubai
RUH CAN Riyadh Guangzhou
RUH IST Riyadh Istanbul Ataturk
RUH KUL Riyadh Kuala Lumpur
RUH AGP CMN Riyadh  Malaga Casablanca (-9) Operates 9 June-14 August 2020


SIN ATQ Singapore Amritsar   (-9)
SIN ATH Singapore Athens
SIN DMK Singapore Bangkok Don Mueang   (-9)
SIN DMK KIX Sinagpore Bangkok Don Mueang Osaka Kansai
SIN DMK CTS Singapore Bangkok Don Mueang Sapporo New Chitose
SIN DMK NRT Singapore Bangkok Don Mueang Tokyo Narita
SIN TXL Singapore Berlin Tegel
SIN DPS Singapore Denpasar Bali   (-9)
SIN MAA Singapore Chennai Ends 24 May 2020
SIN OOL Singapore Gold Coast
SIN CAN Singapore Guangzhou
SIN HGH Singapore Hangzhou
SIN HRB Singapore Harbin
SIN HKG Singapore Hong Kong
SIN HYD Singapore Hyderabad Starts ?
SIN JED Singapore Jeddah
SIN MEL Singapore Melbourne
SIN NKG Singapore Nanjing   (-9)
SIN KIX Singapore Osaka Kansai
SIN PER Singapore Perth   (-9)
SIN TAO Singapore Qingdao
SIN TAO SHE Singapore Qingdao Shenyang
SIN SHE Singapore Shenyang
SIN SYD Singapore Sydney
SIN TPE ICN Singapore Taipei Taoyuan Seoul Incheon   (-9)
SIN TPE NRT Singapore Taipei Taoyuan Tokyo Narita   (-9)
SIN TSN Singapore Tianjin
SIN WUH Singapore Wuhan
SIN CGO Singapore Zhengzhou (-8/9) Operates 21 January-27 March 2020

Shanghai Airlines (787-9)

SHA HND Shanghai Hongqiao Tokyo Haneda
PVG BUD Shanghai Pudong Budapest
PVG CTU BUD Shanghai Pudong Chendgu Budapest
PVG MEL Shanghai Pudong Melbourne
PVG SYD Shanghai Pudong Sydney
PVG TPE Shanghai Pudong Taipei Taoyuan
PVG HND Shanghai Pudong  Tokyo Haneda  Starts 29 March 2020
PVG XIY BRU Shanghai Pudong Xi’an Budapest

Singapore Airlines (787-10)

SIN BKK Singapore Bangkok
SIN MAA Singapore Chennai Starts 20 May 2020
SIN DEL Singapore Delhi
SIN DPS Singapore Denpasar Bali
SIN FUK Singapore Fukuoka
SIN CAN Singapore Guangzhou
SIN SGN Singapore Ho Chi Minh
SIN HKG Singapore Hong Kong Resumes 28 March 2020
SIN MLE Singapore Male Ends 25 October 2020
SIN MNL Singapore Manila
SIN NGO Singapore Nagoya
SIN KIX Singapore Osaka Kansai
SIN PER Singapore Perth
SIN ICN Singapore Seoul Incheon
SIN PVG Singapore Shanghai Pudong
SIN TPE Singapore Taipei Taoyuan
SIN NRT Singapore Tokyo Narita

Suparna Airlines

SYX PVG Sanya Shanghai Pudong
SYZ CGO Sanya Zhengzhou

Thai Airways

BKK DEL Bangkok Delhi
BKK DPS Bangkok Denpasar
BKK DXB Bangkok Dubai
BKK SGN Bangkok Ho Chi Minh City
BKK HKG Bangkok Hong Kong
BKK HKG ICN Bangkok Hong Kong Seoul Incheon
BKK KUL Bangkok Kuala Lumpur
BKK KIX Bangkok Osaka Kansai
BKK PER Bangkok Perth
BKK HKT PEK Bangkok Phuket Beijing Capital
BKK ICN Bangkok Seoul Incheon
BKK SIN Bangkok Singapore
BKK TPE Bangkok Taipei Taoyuan (-9)
BKK HND Bangkok Tokyo Haneda
BKK NRT Bangkok Tokyo Narita
BKK VIE Bangkok Vienna (-8)


BLL HKT Billund Phuket
BHX BGI Birmingham Bridgetown (-9) Ends April 2020
BHX MBJ Birmingham Montego Bay Ends April 2020 (except 28 November-16 December 2019)
BHX MCT Birmingham Muscat Operates 16 April 2020
BHX SFB Birmingham Orlando Sanford Ends April 2020
BOH BGI Bournemouth Bridgetown Operates 20 March 2020
BRS AYT Bristol Antalya Operates 24 May-October 2020
BRS BOJ Bristol Bourgas Operates 25 May-October 2020
BRS CUN Bristol Cancun Operates 3-24 April 2020
BRS DLV Bristol Dalaman
BRS DBV Bristol Dubrovnik
BRS HER Bristol Heraklion Operates 3 May-October 2020
BRS LCA Bristol Larnaca
BRS LPA Bristol Las Palmas Operates 4 May-October 2020
BRS SFB Bristol Orlando Sanford Resumes 2-30 April 2020
BRS PMI Bristol Palma de Mallorca Operates 2 May-October 2020
BRS PUJ Bristol Punta Cana
CPH CUN Copenhagen Cancun
CPH KBV Copenhagen Krabi
CPH MRU Copenhagen Mauritius
CPH MBJ Copenhagen Montego Bay
CPH PQC Copenhagen Phu Quoc (-8) Operates 9 December 2019-17 March 2020
CPH HKT Copenhagen Phuket
CPH POP Copenhagen Puerto Plata
DSA CUN Doncaster Sheffield Cancun Ends 28 October 2020; Resumes 3 May-October 2020
EMA CUN East Midlands Cancun Ends 28 October 2020
EMA SFB East Midlands Orlando Sanford Ends 28 October 2020
GLA CUN Glasgow Cancun
GLA SFB Glasgow Orlando Sanford
GLA PUJ Glasgow Punta Cana
HEL CUN Helsinki Cancun
HEL CMB Helsinki Colombo
HEL KBV Helsinki Krabi
HEL MRU Helsinki Mauritius
HEL MBJ Helsinki Montego Bay
HEL PQC Helsinki Phu Quoc (-8) Operates 16 December 2019-24 March 2020
HEL HKT Helsinki Phuket
KSD KBV Karlstad Krabi Operates 16 & 31 January and 15 February 2020
KSD HKT Karlstad Phuket Operates 31 December 2019, 15 January, 16 February, 2, 3 & 18 March 2020
LGW AYT London Gatwick Antalya (-9)
LGW AUA London Gatwick Aruba (-9) Operates 7 May-October 2020
LGW BGI London Gatwick Barbados (-9)
LGW CUN London Gatwick Cancun (-9)
LGW DLM London Gatwick Dalaman (-9)
LGW DBV London Gatwick Dubrovnik (-9) Operates 3 May-October 2020
LGW FUE London Gatwick Fuerteventura (-8) Operates 2 May-October 2020
LGW HOG London Gatwick Holguin
LGW SJD London Gatwick Los Cabos
LGW MLE London Gatwick Male
LGW MRU London Gatwick Mauritius
LGW MBA London Gatwick Mombasa
LGW MBJ London Gatwick Montego Bay
LGW MCT London Gatwick Muscat Operates 16 April 2020
LGW SFB London Gatwick Orlando Sanford (-9)
LGW PFO London Gatwick Paphos (-9) Operates 6 May-October 2020
LGW PQC London Gatwick Phu Quoc
LGW HKT London Gatwick Phuket
LGW POP London Gatwick Puerto Plata
LGW PUJ London Gatwick Punta Cana (-9)
STN CUN London Stansted Cancun
STN SFB London Stansted Orlando Sanford
MAN AYT Manchester Antalya Resumes 1 May-October 2020
MAN AUA Manchester Aruba
MAN BGI Manchester Barbados
MAN BOJ Manchester Bourgas (-9) Operates 15 May-25 September 2020
MAN CUN Manchester Cancun
MAN SNU Manchester Cayo Santa Maria
MAN DLM Manchester Dalaman (-9) Operates 4 May-2 October 2020
MAN GOA Manchester Goa
MAN IBZ Manchester Ibiza (-9) Operates 1-15 May 2020
MAN ACE Manchester Lanzarote (-9) Operates 7 May-October 2020
MAN LCA Manchester Larnaca (-9) Operates 7 May-24 September 2020
MAN MAH Manchester Mahon (-9) Operates 22 May-4 September 2020
MAN MRU Manchester Mauritius
MAN MAH Manchester Menorca
MAN MBJ Manchester Montego Bay
MAN MCT Manchester Muscat Operates 17 April 2020
MAN SFB Manchester Orlando Sanford
MAN PMI Manchester Palma de Mallorca (-9) Operates 22 May-29 September 2020
MAN POP Manchester Puerto Plata
MAN PVR Manchester Puerto Vallarta
MAN PUJ Manchester Punta Cana
MAN VRA Manchester Varadero (-8/9) Operates 26 March-29 October 2020
NCL CUN Newcastle Cancun
SFT KBV Skellefta Krabi Operates 17 January, 1 & 21 February, 7 March 2020
SFT HKT Skellefta Phuket Operates 2 & 17 February, 8 & 23 March 2020
ARN CUN Stockholm Arlanda Cancun (-8) Operates 19 December 2019-19 March 2020
ARN CMB Stockholm Arlanda Colombo
ARN KBV Stockholm Arlanda Krabi
ARN MRU Stockholm Arlanda Mauritius
ARN MBJ Stockholm Arlanda Montego Bay
ARN PQC Stockholm Arlanda Phu Quoc (-9) Ends April 2020
ARN HKT Stockholm Arlanda Phuket (-8) Operates 6, 10, 16 December 2019 & 13 March 2020
ARN POP Stockholm Arlanda Puerto Plata (-8) Ends 24 March 2020
ARN HEL MBA Stockholm Arlanda Helsinki Mombasa

TUI Airlines Belgium

BRU CUN Brussels Cancun
BRU MIA Brussels Miami Resumes 4 April-August 2020
BRU PUJ MBJ Brussels Punta Cana Montego Bay
BRU SDQ CUR Brussels Santo Domingo Curacao
BRU SDQ PUJ Brussels Santo Domingo Punta Cana
BRU SDQ AUA Brussels Santo Domingo Aruba
BRU PUJ Brussels Punta Cana
BRU VRA CUN Brussels Varadero Cancun

TUI Netherlands

AMS CUR AUA Amsterdam Curacao Aruba
AMS CUR Amsterdam Curacao
AMS AUA CUR Amsterdam Aruba Curacao
AMS BON CUR Amsterdam Bonaire Curacao
AMS HOG CUN Amsterdam Holguin Cancun
AMS PBM Amsterdam Paramaribo
AMS POP PUJ Amsterdam Puerto Plata Punta Cana
AMS PUJ MBJ Amsterdam Punta Cana Montego Bay
AMS VRA CUN Amsterdam Varadero Cancun

Turkish Airlines (All 787-9)

IST ATL Istanbul Atlanta
IST BKK Istanbul Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Operates 29 March-25 October 2020
IST BOG PTY Istanbul Bogota Panama City
IST BOS Istanbul Boston Starts 29 March 2020
IST CPT Istanbul Cape Town Starts 10 March 2020
IST CCS Istanbul Caracas Starts 1 April 2020
IST CMN Istanbul Casablanca Ends 28 March 2020
IST DPS Istanbul Denpasar Bali
IST ADB Istanbul Izmir
IST KUL Istanbul Kuala Lumpur Starts 12 May 2020
IST LAX Istanbul Los Angeles Starts 10 June 2020
IST YUL Istanbul Montreal Starts 29 March 2020
IST JFK Istanbul New York JFK Starts 9 March 2020
IST SIN Istanbul Singapore Starts 19 July 2020
IST NRT Istanbul Tokyo Narita Starts 26 October 2020
IST IAD Istanbul Washington Dulles

United Airlines

ORD BRU Chicago O’Hare Brussels (-9) Starts 28 March 2020
ORD FRA Chicago O’Hare Frankfurt (-9) Starts 28 March 2020
ORD MUC Chicago O’Hare Munich (-9) Starts 28 March 2020
DEN FRA Denver Frankfurt
DEN LHR Denver London Heathrow
DEN NRT Denver Tokyo Narita
DEN IAD Denver Washington Dulles Ends?
IAH LHR Houston London Heathrow (-9)
IAH SYD Houston Sydney (-9)
LAX IAH Los Angeles Houston Intercontinental (-9)
LAX LHR Los Angeles London Heathrow (-9)
LAX MEL Los Angeles Melbourne (-9)
LAX NRT Los Angeles Tokyo Narita (-9)
LAX PVG Los Angeles Shanghai (-9)
LAX SYD Los Angeles Sydney
LAX HND Los Angeles Tokyo Haneda Starts 28 March 2020 (-10)
EWR BCN Newark Barcelona   (-10)
EWR BRU Newark Brussels (-10) Except 13 February-4 March 2020
EWR CPT Newark Cape Town
EWR DUB Newark Dublin   (-10)
EWR FRA Newark Frankfurt  (-10) Ends 28 March 2020
EWR LAX Newark Los Angeles   (-10)
EWR CDG Newark Paris Charles de Gaulle   (-10)
EWR SFO Newark San Francisco   (-10)
EWR TLV Newark Tel Aviv (-10) Ends 28 March 2020
SFO AMS San Francisco Amsterdam Schiphol (-9) (-8 from 28 March 2020)
SFO AKL San Francisco Auckland (-10)
SFO CTU San Francisco Chengdu
SFO DEL San Francisco Delhi (-9)
SFO DUB San Francisco Dublin (-8) Operates 5 June-28 October 2020
SFO FRA San Francisco Frankfurt
SFO MEL San Francisco Melbourne (-9)
SFO MUC San Francisco Munich (-9)
SFO KIX San Francisco Osaka Kansai (-8/9)
SFO PPT San Francisco Papeete Fa’a’a (-8/-9)
SFO CDG San Francisco Paris Charles de Gaulle
SFO ICN San Francisco Seoul Incheon (-9)
SFO PVG San Francisco Shanghai Pu Dong (-10) Resumes 13 Febaruary 2020
SFO SIN San Francisco Singapore (-9)
SFO SYD San Francisco Sydney (-9) Resumes 26 March 2020
SFO HND San Francisco Tokyo Haneda (-9) (-10 from 6 January 2020)
SFO NRT San Francisco Tokyo Narita
SFO IAD San Francisco Washington Dulles
SFO ZRH San Francisco Zurich (-8) (-9 from 2 May 2020)
IAD PEK Washington Dulles Beijing Capital
IAD LHR Washington Dulles London Heathrow
IAD CDG Washington Dulles Paris Charles de Gaulle
IAD GRU Washington Dulles Sao Paulo Guarulhos (-8) Resumes 28 March 2020

Uzbekistan Airways

TAS DXB Tashkent Dubai
TAS FRA Tashkent Frankfurt
TAS IST Tashkent Istanbul
TAS CGK Tashkent Jakarta
TAS LHR Tashkent London Heathrow (-8) Starts 3 April 2020 (Except 1 May-10 July 2020)
TAS VKO Tashkent Moscow Vnukovo
TAS JFK Tashkent New York
TAS ICN Tashkent Seoul Incheon
TAS SHJ Tashkent Sharjah
TAS NRT Tashkent Tokyo Narita (-8) Starts 29 March 2020

Vietnam Airlines

HAN PEK Hanoi Beijing Capital (-9) Except 1 July-24 October 2020
HAN FRA Hanoi Frankfurt
HAN SGN Hanoi Ho Chi Minh
HAN LHR Hanoi London Heathrow
HAN KIX Hanoi Osaka Kansai
HAN SYD Hanoi Sydney
HAN NRT Hanoi Tokyo Narita
SGN BKK Ho Chi Minh Bangkok Suvarnabhumi
SGN PUS Ho Chi Minh Busan (-10)
SGN FRA Ho Chi Minh Frankfurt
SGN LHR Ho Chi Minh London Heathrow
SGN KIX Ho Chi Minh Osaka Kansai
SGN ICN Ho Chi Minh Seoul Incheon (-10)
SGN SYD Ho Chi Minh Sydney
SGN NRT Ho Chi Minh Tokyo Narita

Virgin Atlantic (787-9)

LHR BOS London Heathrow Boston Logan Ends 29 March 2020
LHR DEL London Heathrow Delhi
LHR HKG London Heathrow Hong Kong
LHR JNB London Heathrow Johannesburg Ends 29 March 2020
LHR LOS London Heathrow Lagos
LHR LAS London Heathrow Las Vegas
LHR LAX London Heathrow Los Angeles
LHR BOM London Heathrow Mumbai
LHR EWR London Heathrow Newark
LHR SFO London Heathrow San Francisco
LHR GRU London Heathrow Sao Paulo Guarulhos Starts 29 March 2020
LHR SEA London Heathrow Seattle Tacoma
LHR PVG London Heathrow Shanghai Pudong
LHR IAD London Heathrow Washington Dulles
Vistara (All -9)
DEL BOM Delhi Mumbai Starts?
DEL HYD Delhi Hyderabad Starts?
DEL NRT Delhi Tokyo Narita Starts?
DEL LHR Delhi London Heathrow Starts?

WestJet (All -9)

YYC DUB Calgary Dublin
YYC OGG Calgary Kahului
YYC LGW Calgary London Gatwick
YYC CDG Calgary Paris CDG
YYC FCO Calgary Rome Fiumicino Starts 2 May 2020
YYZ LGW Toronto London Gatwick
YVR LGW Vancouver London Gatwick Starts 26 April 2020

Xiamen Airlines

FOC PEK Fuzhou Beijing Capital Ends 29 March 2020
FOC PKX Fuzhou Beijing Daxing (-8) Starts 29 March 2020
FOC JFK Fuzhou New York JFK   (-9)
FOC CDG Fuzhou Paris
FOC SYD Fuzhou Sydney
FOC NRT Fuzhou Tokyo Narita (-8)
XMN AMS Xiamen Amsterdam Schiphol   (-9)
XMN PEK Xiamen Beijing Capital Ends 29 March 2020
XMN PKX Xiamen  Beijing Daxing (-8) Starts 29 March 2020
XMN HGH MEL Xiamen Hangzhou Melbourne
XMN LAX Xiamen Los Angeles
XMN MNL Xiamen Manila (-8/9)
XMN MEL Xiamen Melbourne
XMN TAO LAX Xiamen Qingdao Los Angeles   (-9)
XMN SYD Xiamen Sydney
XMN YVR Xiamen Vancouver


NRT BKK Tokyo Narita Bangkok Suvarnabhumi (-8) Starts May 2020
NRT ICN Tokyo Narita Seoul Incheon (-8) Starts July 2020



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