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Kemble, UK

by Matt Falcus

Photo (c) Bob Franklin

Photo (c) Bob Franklin

Photo (c) Stuart Hamilton

Last Page Update: 3 July 2020
Last Full Log: 15 June 2020

** PLEASE NOTE – I am only able to update this list if people can contribute updates on the storage/scrapping situation at Kemble. Please email me!


Latest Arrivals
LY-VEI Airbus A320 (4 May 2020)
TF-AAC Boeing 747-400 (11 May 2020)
TF-AAH Boeing 747-400 (12 May 2020)
VP-CMS Airbus A320 (12 May 2020)
G-LSAH Boeing 757-200 (8 June 2020)
F-HSUN Boeing 747-400 (9 June 2020)
F-HSEA Boeing 747-400 (13 June 2020)
F-GTUI Boeing 747-400 (15 June 2020)
XW358 Jet Provost (16 June 2020)
TF-AAD Boeing 747-400 (17 June 2020)
LY-NVY Airbus A320 (DUE)


Belfast Apron & Scrapping Area

(2-MMTT), Boeing 727-76, Platinum Services (Minus nos 1 & 2 engines, APU in running order)
(G-CELW), Boeing 737-377(BDSF), ex-Jet 2 (Cockpit section)
(G-CJNS), RJ-100, ex-Brussels Airlines (Fuselage)
(G-EMBC), Embraer ERJ-145EU, ex-British Airways (Fuselage)
(HB-JGK), Lockheed L-1329 Jetstar II (Fuselage)
5H-FJD, Airbus A319-131, Fastjet (Minus engines, undercarriage, nose radome, tail)
EZ-A106, Boeing 717-22K, Turkmenistan Airlines (Minus engines, outer wings, undercarriage, radome)
EZ-A107, Boeing 717-22K, Turkmenistan Airlines (Minus engines, outer wings, undercarriage, radome)
(G-CEHA) RJ-85, All white (Cockpit section)
M-FTOH, Boeing 727-269(A), Air Salvage Int’l
EI-GIZ, Airbus A320-214, Aigle Azur
LY-VEQ Airbus A320-200, SunExpress
G-LSAD Boeing 757-200, Jet2
XW358 Jet Provost, RAF (Fuselage)

(Scrapping Compound)

(2-LYTF), Embraer ERJ-175-200LR, Official Carrier of BC Lietuvos Rytas (Forward fuselage section)
EZ-A101, Boeing 717-22K, Turkmenistan Airlines (Minus engines)
EZ-A102, Boeing 717-22K, Turkmenistan A/L (Minus engines and radome)
D-AGEN, Boeing 737-75B(W), Germania (Minus engines, nosecone, tail, winglets)
2-AGDD, Airbus A340-642, ex-Qatar A/W (Minus engines)
D-AGEP, Boeing 737-75B(W), Germania (Minus engines & tail)
EC-MFB Airbus A340-300, Plus Ultra (minus engines)
9H-AEJ, Airbus A319-112, All white, ex-Air Malta (Minus engines)
LN-RPG Boeing 737-683, SAS (minus engines & tail)
G-GDFE, Boeing 737-3Q8, Jet2 (Minus engines)
G-CELX, Boeing 737-377(BDQC), ex-Jet 2 (minus engines and radome)
YL-LCN, Airbus A320-211, All white, ex-SmartLynx, (in pieces)
PH-ADO (S5-AAL), CRJ900 Adria Airways (Minus engines)
G-LSAG, Boeing 757-21B, Jet2 (Minus engines)


D site apron
G-LSAH Boeing 757-21B (Jet2)


Site H
(VP-CMN), Boeing 727-46, Air Salvage Int’l (Fuselage with inner wings)
G-BRIA, Cessna 310L, Air Salvage Int’l (Fuselage on pallets)
4L-TGN Boeing 737-7BK, Georgian Airways (Minus engines)
G-CELY Boeing 737-300, Jet2
VP-CMS Airbus A320 (Qatar Airways)
LY-VEI Airbus A320
OK-NEN Airbus A319, CSA (Eurowings titles)


North Apron
G-CIVL Boeing 747-436, British Airways
G-CIVJ Boeing 747-436, British Airways
EI-FFM Boeing 737-73S, Air Italy
F-HSEA Boeing 747-422 (Corsair)
F-HSUN Boeing 747-422 (Corsair)
XH134, English Electric Canberra PR.9, Silver RAF
XH135, English Electric Canberra PR.9, 39(1PRU) Sqn RAF



Taxiway C
G-MKGA, Boeing 747-2R7F, ex-MK Airlines (Used for events)
PH-BFG Boeing 747-406, KLM (Minus engines) (TF-AMG on nosewheel door)
TF-AAC Boeing 747-400, Air Atlanta (minus engines)
TF-AAD Boeing 747-4H6 (Air Atlanta Icelandic)
TF-AAH Boeing 747-400, Air Atlanta (minus engines)
F-GTUI Boeing 747-422 (Corsair)
G-CIVN Boeing 747-436, British Airways
EC-MFA Airbus A340-300, Plus Ultra (minus engines)


Small disused taxiway south of Taxiway C
OK-MEL Airbus A319, CSA
OY-JTT Boeing 737-700, Jet Time (no engines)
OY-JTR Boeing 737-700, Jet Time (no engines)
LY-SPC Airbus A320-200, GetJet
VP-CFR Airbus A320 (ex A7-ADC) ex Qatar A/W (Minus engines)
OE-IKW, Airbus A320-233, ex-AtlasGlobal TC-ATT


Fire Dump


Resource Group Hangar
G-BIBG, S-76 ex-Bristow
80+55, Bo105 ex-Germany Army
80+77, Bo105 ex-German Army
N19CU, Dominie ex-RAF
N19UK, Dominie ex-RAF
N19CQ, Dominie ex-RAF


Tower Area
XE665, Hawker Hunter T.8C, RAF
XR540, Hawker Siddeley Gnat T.1, Red Arrows RAF (actual reg XP502)



XM496, Bristol 175 Britannia C.1 RAF (Preserved)



With credit to Christopher Walpole, Chris Clark, Katie Wells, Noel Ennett, Les Hitchings, Nick Burt, Dave Rose, Mark Cooper, Mattia de Bon, Nick Stone, Wayne Groves, Andrew Smith, Terry Dann, Campbell Andrews, Chris Hobson, Ian Comley, Barry Ried, Bob Franklin, Rob Taylor, Rob Martin, Graham Brown, Tony Smith, Edwin Wilson, John Rigby, Csaba Czeilinger, Stan, David Ellis, Dave Peel, Paul Mitchell and Robert Mitchell

Jet Provost XW358. Photo (c) Ollie Brake


Photo (c) Tony at RedSnapperImages

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