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How to get to the Brussels Airport Spotting Platforms

by Matt Falcus
brussels spotting

brussels spotting

Brussels Airport really encourages aviation enthusiasts to come and watch aircraft. It recently built two spotter platforms to give elevated views and good photographic opportunities alongside its perimeter fence.

The first is next to the 01/19 cross runway. It includes a small park and raised platform to elevate you above the fence line. This platform overlooks the intersection of runways 01/19 and 07R/25L, and also has views across to part of the terminal. It’s good for shots of aircraft on these runways – especially 01 arrivals.

You’ll find it near Nossegem, where there is free parking at the football club canteen followed by a 7-minute walk. Otherwise it’s a 20-minute walk from Nossegem train station.

Photo (c) Brussels Airport

The second spotting platform is near the transit centre, on the site of the most popular unofficial spotting location previously used by spotters. It includes a dedicated raised platform to view over the fence and is perfect for runway 25L arrivals (the most common direction), with distant views towards the terminal.

There is free parking at the transit centre (just off N227 near the tunnel under the runway). Alternatively, it’s a 15-minute walk from Nossegem train station.

A footpath follows the fence line from the platform towards the end of runway 25L if you want approach shots.

(c) Brussels Airport

Brussels Airport is one of Europe’s main hub airports, and is also a busy cargo and military airport, with the Belgium Government’s fleet based at the adjacent Melsbroek Air Base (which shares the runways).



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