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Sharjah Photo Passes Are Back!

by Matt Falcus

Sharjah Airport has reintroduced the airside photo pass scheme which was abandoned a few years ago. Traditionally, this was one of the best opportunities for spotters and photographers to get amongst the excellent selection of rarer aircraft that could typically be found at this UAE airport.

Sharjah is famous for the Russian types, cargo aircraft, and Western types from years gone by. It also has been used extensively for storage and scrapping. Sadly the airport is much quieter these days, and many of the stored aircraft have gone. It has instead turned into a major hub for Air Arabia, and services a number of other airlines.

The airport’s website has the application form for the pass. Although it stated the price is AED350, the application form has the true price of AED1000. A little steep perhaps. A minimum of 10 working days is required to process the pass, with the UAE working week being Sunday to Thursday.

What does the pass allow? Well it allows airside access to the various ramps. Whereas in the past you were often free to roam as you wished, these days you will be escorted by an agent.

A quick link to the application form: http://www.sharjahairport.ae/photographyform.pdf

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