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Madrid Terminal 1 Spotting

by Matt Falcus

Earlier this week I was in Madrid on business, flying with Jet2 through Terminal 1. Since Terminal 4 is now the focus of this huge airport, I thought I’d update you on the spotting situation in the older terminal – especially since most low cost airlines seem to serve it.

Once airside, most gate areas have a window looking in either direction along the terminal, and most have views across to the cargo ramp and runways.

An eating area between the A and B gates is fronted by large windows looking over the long-haul part of the terminal.

Further to the south, the extended part of the terminal is much more modern. It handles long haul flights by airlines such as Air Europa, Air Comet, TAM, Santa Barbara Airlines and Aeromexico. This long part of the building has views at each gate across the cargo and sometime storage area, though larger aircraft often obstruct the view.

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