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This unique membership club gives you the content, resources and inspiration to take your plane spotting hobby further.

Get Even More Airport Spotting Content With Premium Membership!

High-quality content and resources for aviation enthusiasts, with new content weekly and regular gifts and competitions.

The best place for serious aircraft spotters.

Gain access to our library of helpful content which will give you all you need to know about plane spotting, aircraft news and many other useful resources right to your fingertips.

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Get access to our Premium Membership, its library of content, and regular new content for just £5 per month!

Includes dozens of our best aviation guides and reference material, such as Last Chance to Fly (now updated monthly), reference guides, printable airport spotting guides, plus new content every month.

Weekly email updates of the latest airliner deliveries and orders.

Monthly spotting magazine delivered straight to your inbox, full of articles, spotting guides, propliner news and reviews.

Monthly competition. Every member is entered to win a fantastic prize (models, books etc).

Member discounts on all our spotting guides and aviation books!

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Hi there, I’m Matt

And I’m a spotter just like you!

In fact, I remember as a kid being taken to my local airport, hoping to see something good flying in.

Whenever I was in a book store or newsagent I’d hope to pick up a new book telling me where to spot planes, or what new planes there are to see.

When I was older and became more independent, I started visiting airports around the world, flying on cool and unusual aircraft types and airlines, and I’d often share notes with other spotters to help them too.

That’s when I wrote my first book, detailing where to spot at airports around Europe. Now, I have written around 20 books and countless magazine articles on civil aviation. My Airport Spotting Guides series alone has sold around 10,000 copies since the first edition in 2008.

I also run AirportSpotting.com, which I’m sure is how you found this page. Every month I write scores of articles on the latest airline and airport news, plus resources like spotting guides, trip reports and spotting hotel reviews. I really try to make this the go-to resource for aviation enthusiasts and spotters like you to make the most out of your hobby and spot more planes!

Want to known more? All of these resources and articles are available now at www.AirportSpotting.com

Frequently Asked Questions

By joining up as a Premium Member of AirportSpotting.com you will be given instant access to all of our premium resources which are available only to members. We also produce new content every month which will be given to you.

Resources include PDF books and spotting guides; aircraft, airport and airline guides; information about the latest aircraft deliveries, and much more. This is not content which we publish for free on our website.

Every month we will send you a digital magazine, with articles, stories, spotting guides and other news for aviation enthusiasts.

You’ll also be in with a chance of winning a prize every month, and we’ll give you a discount to use on our books and at Justplanes.com’s amazing video store.

Free membership gives you a free PDF to the world’s best spotting guides, plus a weekly news round-up email and notifications of new articles on our website.

Premium Membership gives you access to special content, more email content, PDF guides and books, discounts on our books and on other aviation websites, plus a monthly competition to win an amazing prize (which could include models, books, merchandise and more).

We think it is! The content we produce could easily be sold as books in its own right, and we keep on delivering every month. Plus, you have discounts on all our aviation books, discounts on aviation videos, and the chance to win prizes every month.

All of this for a small fee, and you’re getting a lot of value for your money which will really boost your aviation knowledge and spotting potential!

Yes, if you feel that Premium Membership is not for you, you can cancel at any time. If you pay monthly, you will not pay any more after the current month. If you pay an annual fee, your membership will remain active until the anniversary of your last payment is over.

Once you cancel you will not have access to premium content.

Yes! The purpose of the Premium Membership is to allow you to go deeper in your interest. We put together lots of great content that is not published elsewhere – it’s only for Premium members and will stay that way.

You’ll still receive the same email updates that Free members get, but you’ll also get so much more great stuff!

No, we only cover civil aviation – airliners, biz jets, vintage jets and props and sometimes military transport types, plus the airports they all fly from!

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