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Iran – the last chance for an early A300

by Matt Falcus

A300B2 MahanAir (c) Mohammad RazzazanContinuing our look at rarer passenger aircraft types still in service around the world, in this piece we look at the early Airbus A300 – namely the B2 and B4 models.

Later A300B4-600s are still relatively common around the world, however, the original B2 and B4 models are now pretty rare. In fact, there is only one country where they still operate for passenger airlines – Iran. All other flying examples now carry cargo.

Iran has become well known in recent years as a place enthusiasts can go to take flights on older types of aircraft as they are still in service due to sanctions on the country buying newer aircraft. Most notably, people travel there for the last chance to fly on a passenger Boeing 707.

But the A300B2 and B4 is also in its twilight there, flying for Iran Air and Mahan Air. So if you haven’t flown on this historic type – the first widebody twinjet, and the first aircraft developed by Airbus – then maybe this is something to add to your aviation bucket list this year.

Both airlines mainly fly these A300s on domestic and regional services from Tehran Mehrabad Airport.

Examples still in service:
EP-IBS – A300B2 c/n 080 – Iran Air
EP-MHM – A300B2K c/n 090 – Mahan Air
EP-IBT – A300B2 c/n 185 – Iran Air
EP-IBV – A300B2 c/n 187 – Iran Air
EP-IBZ – A300B2 c/n 226 – Iran Air
EP-MHP – A300B2K c/n 244 – Mahan Air
EP-IBG – A300B4 c/n 299 – Iran Air
EP-IBH – A300B4 c/n 302 – Iran Air
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