Kemble, UK

A320 SP-HAI. Photo (c) Chris Hobson

H Site in April 2019. Photo (c) Bob Franklin

Ex-Germania 737-700 D-AGEP. Photo (c) Bob Franklin

Last Page Update: 18 May 2019
Last Full Log: 17 April 2019

** PLEASE NOTE – I am only able to update this list if people can contribute updates on the storage/scrapping situation at Kemble. Please email me!


Latest Arrivals
D-AGEL B73G (10 April 2019)
D-AGEN B73G (10 April 2019)
D-AGEP B73G (17 April 2019)


Belfast Apron & Scrapping Area
G-CELA B733 (no engines)
G-CELI B733 (no tail, engines or undercarriage)
G-CELW B733 (cockpit section)
RP-C8994 A320 (fuselage barrel section)
OO-DWC/G-CKSG RJ100 (fuselage section)
TF-AMV B747-400 (no engines)
5H-FJD A319 Fastjet (no tail no engines, on pallets)
HB-JGK Jetstar (fuselage, no engines)
N389DF B737-300 (no engines)
EI-RUJ B738 (no radome, engines or tail)
EZ-A106 B717 (no engines or wings. On pallets)
EZ-A107 B717 (no engines or wings. On pallets)
HA-SHA B735 (cockpit)
N105KR A319 (rear fuselage section)
N550LD Citation (no tail)
CS-TTQ A319 (no cockpit, engines or tail)
A6-LRC B777 (no engines)
2-MNBV A321 (no engines)
LY-VEF A320 (no tail no engines)
D-AGEU B73G (no tail no engines)
B-6177 A319 (no engines. On pallets)
LZ-AWS A321 (no engines)
B-6169 A319 (no engines)
RP-C8995 A320 (no engines)


D site apron
M-FTOH B727 (complete with engines, in running order)


Site H
VP-CMN B727 (fuselage, clipped wings, no engines)
G-BRIA Cessna 310 (on pallets)
D-AGEP B73G (no engines)
D-AGEQ B73G (no engines)
D-AGES B73G (no engines or tail; in hangar)
G-CELO B733 (no engines, 1 horizontal stab missing)
G-CELX B733 (no engines)
TF-ISZ B757 (no engines)
SP-HAI A320 (no engines)
2-MMTT B727-100


North Apron
XH134 Canberra
XH135 Canberra


Taxiway C
G-MKGA B747-200
EZ-A101 B717 (no engines)
EZ-A102 B717 (no engines)


Fire Dump


Resource Group Hangar
G-BIBG S-76 ex-Bristow
80+55 Bo105 ex-Germany Army
80+77 Bo105 ex-German Army
N19CU Dominie ex-RAF
N19UK Dominie ex-RAF
N19CQ Dominie ex-RAF


Tower Area
XE665 Hunter
XR540 Gnat



XM496 Britannia RAF Preserved


Lyneham Flying Club Hut
(Drive along the perimeter road, past Starspeed hangar, and where this intersects with the old taxiway, with ASI to your left, turn right as if heading for the Britannia. Park on the right and walk across the grass towards the trees, walking to their left by the fence)

M25-04 Bulldog (Malaysian Air Force) (fuselage)

With credit to Nick Stone, Wayne Groves, Andrew Smith, Terry Dann, Campbell Andrews, Chris Hobson, Ian Comley, Barry Ried, Bob Franklin, Rob Taylor, Rob Martin, Graham Brown, Tony Smith, Edwin Wilson, John Rigby, Csaba Czeilinger, Stan, David Ellis, Dave Peel, Paul Mitchell and Robert Mitchell


Photo (c) Tony at RedSnapperImages

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