Kemble, UK

Last Update: 16 April 2017

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Former Chevron Ramp

(HZ-AIV) B744 ex SAUDIA cs
(HZ-AIY) B744 ex SAUDIA cs
N175GT B772 ex-Thai International (ex HS-TJE)
N176GT B772 ex-Thai International (ex HS-TJF)

Hangar 1

Hangar 2


Outside Hangars

(VP-CMN) B727 fuselage used for corporate functions – near entrance to H1 offices
G-CELW B733 ex Jet2
PT-MZC A319 ex-TAM
F-GLZH A340-300 ex-Air France
9V-SLK A320 ex-Silk Air


D-Site Apron



Belfast Apron

(G-CELJ) B737 ex Jet 2 cs
G-CELJ B733 ex Jet 2 cs
G-DAJB B752 ex Monarch ccs
(4R-ADA) A343 front fuse + 2 other fuse sections – all white – to be made into a shortened “A330” cabin trainer for a Chinese customer
VP-CQW E190 FlyNAS cs – fuselage in 2 pieces
N216AP B737 Shanghai Airlines cs
(PT-MZD) A320 front fuse – all white
N303SF A319 China Eastern cs
G-CGYU RJ85 ex Belgian cs
TF-AMS B744 ex SVA cs
G-CHHA RJ85 ex Belgian cs


Scrapping Compound

G-EMBC EMB145 fuselage
SX-VIP B737-300 ex-GainJet (fuselage)
G-ISLG ATR42 ex-Blue Islands (fuselage)
H02 A109 cabin – olive drab cs – at Western edge of compound
H05 A109 cabin – olive drab cs – at Western edge of compound
(N19DZ) ATR72 front fuse – all white – at Western edge of compound
SX-BIB ATR42 fuselage – ex Olympic Aviation cs – behind N19DZ
(2-LYTF) E170 fuselage in 2 pieces – ex Air Lituanica cs
(EI-IXG) ? A321 cockpit – ex AZA cs
(4R-ADA) A340 cockpit – all white
G-CELZ B737 ex Jet 2 cs
G-CELR B733 ex Jet2 cs
(EI-OZI) A300f ex DHL cs
YL-LCA A320 Travel Service cs
(EI-STD) B734F fuselage – all white
(G-BNWS) B763 ex BAW cs
(EI-IXF) A321 fuselage in several pieces – ex AZA cs, marked “Bologna”
PT-MZE A319 ex-TAM
G-BRIA Cessna 310 fuselage stored at back of hangar
VP-CKA B727-100 (cockpit)
TF-AAE B744 ex-Saudia
G-CEGR B200 ex-Cega Air Ambulance


South Side

G-MKGA B742F MK airlines cs


Lufthansa Technik Hangar

G-BIBG S-76 ex-Bristow
80+55 Bo105 ex-Germany Army
80+77 Bo105 ex-German Army
N19CU Dominie ex-RAF



XM496 Britannia RAF Preserved

With credit to Graham Brown, Tony Smith, Edwin Wilson, Paul Mitchell and Robert Mitchell

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