Kemble, UK

There are many stored airliners at different airports around the world, and the situation regularly changes. These pages list the known aircraft at Kemble Cotswold Airport. Please comment if you know something has changed.


Last Update: 9 December 2014

VP-CMN 727 (fuselage only)
N389DF 737 KD Avia (fire trainer)
VP-BJX 737-500 KD Avia (cockpit)
VP-EPX 747-300 Air India (cockpit)
N347DK C-47
XM496 Bristol Britannia  RAF  (preserved)
D-ASDB VFW-614 (preserved)
G-CHFE BAe 146
G-CGYU BAe 146
G-ZAPO BAe 146
G-CHHA BAe 146
G-BVWD BAe 146
N379AC BAe 146
HB-IXR RJ100 Swiss

G-CELU 737-300 ex-Jet2
N303SF A319 ex-China Eastern
TC-ATJ A320 ex-AtlasJet
G-DAJB 757-200 ex-Monarch
N216AP 737-700 ex-Shanghai Airlines
EI-IXG A321 ex-Alitalia
EI-IXU A321 ex-Alitalia
VP-BRQ 737-500 ex-Yamal
VP-BRS 737-500 ex-Yamal
VP-BRU 737-500 ex-Yamal
VP-BRV 737-500 ex-Yamal
N176SG 747-300 ex-Qantas
B-5091 737-500 (cockpit)
TF-AME 747-300 Air Atlanta Icelandic
F-HLOV 747-400 Corsairfly
EC-ICT A320 ex-Vueling (fuselage only)
EI-OZI A300 ex-DHL
F-WTDG A321 (fuselage)
G-ODUB E110 (fuselage only)
G-MKCA B747 MK Airlines
G-MKGA B747 MK Airlines

N25AG Jetstar (fuselage only)
N19CU HS125 ex-RAF
N19EK HS125 ex-RAF
N19UG HS125 ex-RAF
N19XY HS125 ex-RAF

With credit to Graham Brown and Robert Mitchell