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World Airports Spotting Guides

by Matt Falcus

Where to spot at over 300 airports worldwide

  • Where to spot and photograph aircraft

  • Hundreds of worldwide airports

  • The perfect spotting companion

World Airports Spotting Guides

The perfect planning guide for your spotting trips wherever you are heading. World Airports Spotting Guides is the book you need with you to know where to spot and what you’ll see at each of the hundreds of airports covered.

Practical, concise and packed full of useful information.

This is a must-have book for any aviation enthusiast.

What is included in this book?

  • Over 300 airports in 50+ countries

  • Details about where to spot and photograph aircraft

  • What aircraft you’ll see at each airport

  • Details of spotting hotels and aviation museums at each airport

  • Many useful maps and other details

  • Facts and figures about world airports

Matt FalcusAbout the author

Matt Falcus has been a globe-trotting aviation enthusiast for 25 years. His regular travels take him to many of the world’s airports in pursuit of his hobby, and through his spotting guide books and website, AirportSpotting.com, he is an expert on the best places to spot aircraft.

His spotting books deliver information on where to spot at many worldwide airports, and he regularly writes for aviation magazines. Matt lives in the UK and is a private pilot, writer and software developer.

Is this book for me?

World Airports Spotting Guides has enough information to help you plan any spotting trip, and it is also concise and compact enough to take on the road with you.

You should get a copy of this book if:

  • You are an aviation spotter or photographer who likes to try out different airports

  • You are planning on visiting some new airports this year

  • You are looking for inspiration or advice on which airports to visit

  • You are not sure the best places to watch aircraft

What people say about World Airports Spotting Guides

These are genuine comments from the Amazon sales page for this book:

“Very informative and useful publication for those interested in aircraft spotting and relevant hotels.”

“Excellent book”

“This book is helpful and with lots of info on all the Airports to spot from”

Get your copy today

Also available on Kindle

Take World Airports Spotting Guides with you wherever you go in electronic format. It is available on Kindle eBook readers and apps, with all of the same information as the print book.