Boeing 787 visiting the UK!

STOP PRESS! Boeing are sending one of their 787 aircraft to the UK in September, visiting two airports.

The airliner will arrive at Manchester Airport direct from Seattle on the morning of 3rd September, where it will be shown to existing customers Monarch Airlines and ThomsonFly.

Then, on 4th September it will be flown to London Heathrow airport. I believe this is in order to demonstrate the aircraft to British Airways, but please comment if this isn’t the case.

Well I’ll be heading to Manchester to catch this I think. Anyone else going? I’ve heard it will be one of the machines painted in ANA livery.

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2 Responses

  1. janet howarth says:

    i heard the same but trying to get it confirmed, i heard it was being in boeing livery but not confirmed wish somebody knew please anyone help !!

  2. admin says:

    Apparently this has now been confirmed as not happening. Sorry for the bad info guys!

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