Interesting Flights Across the Atlantic

There are many interesting ways to cross the Atlantic by air.

If you’re planning to fly from Europe to America/Canada, or America/Canada to Europe this year, here are some suggestions of interesting ways you can do it depending on your interests as an enthusiast.


Dreamliners from Britain

Norwegian 787-9

There are many Boeing 787 Dreamliner routes in and out of the UK, especially across the Atlantic. Air Canada, American, British Airways, Norwegian and Virgin Atlantic all have schedules, and Thomson Airways operates seasonal flights. Some examples:

Air Canada

  • Calgary to London Heathrow
  • Toronto to London Heathrow
  • Vancouver to London Heathrow

American Airlines 787

  • Chicago O’Hare to London Heathrow
  • Los Angeles to London Heathrow (from April 2017)

British Airways 787

  • London Heathrow to Baltimore/Washington
  • London Heathrow to Calgary
  • London Heathrow to Newark
  • London Heathrow to New Orleans (from 27 March 2017)
  • London Heathrow to Philadelphia, Austin (787-9)
  • London Heathrow to Boston (787-9)
  • London Heathrow to San Jose (787-9), Toronto


  • London Gatwick to Boston
  • London Gatwick to Fort Lauderdale
  • London Gatwick to Los Angeles
  • London Gatwick to New York JFK
  • London Gatwick to Oakland
  • London Gatwick to Orlando
  • London Gatwick to Seattle
  • London Gatwick to Denver

Virgin Atlantic

  • London Heathrow to Boston
  • London Heathrow to Los Angeles
  • London Heathrow to Miami
  • London Heathrow to Newark
  • London Heathrow to New York JFK
  • London Heathrow to San Francisco
  • London Heathrow to Seattle (from May 2017)
  • London Heathrow to Washington Dulles (from 26 March 2017)

United Airlines

  • Los Angeles to London Heathrow


Other Dreamliner Routes


Elsewhere you can fly 787s across the Atlantic from different European countries.

Air Canada

  • Calgary to Frankfurt
  • Montreal to Frankfurt
  • Toronto to Copenhagen
  • Toronto to Frankfurt
  • Toronto to Madrid
  • Toronto to Paris CDG
  • Toronto to Rome Fiumicino
  • Vancouver to Frankfurt

Air Europa

  • Madrid to Miami

Air France

  • Paris CDG to Atlanta (from 2 October 2017)
  • Paris to Montreal (from May 2017)

American Airlines

  • Chicago O’Hare to Barcelona
  • Dallas Ft Worth to Paris CDG

Ethiopian Airlines

  • Dublin to Los Angeles
  • Dublin to Washington Dulles


  • Amsterdam to Salt Lake City (from 26 March 2017)
  • Amsterdam to San Francisco
  • Amsterdam to Toronto
  • Amsterdam to Vancouver (from 29 October 2017)
  • Amsterdam to Washington Dulles (from 29 October 2017)

LOT Polish Airlines

  • Warsaw to Chicago O’Hare
  • Warsaw to Los Angeles (from 3 April 2017)
  • Warsaw to Newark (from August 2017)
  • Warsaw to New York JFK
  • Warsaw to Toronto


  • Barcelona to Fort Lauderdale, Los Angeles, Newark, Oakland
  • Copenhagen to Boston, Fort Lauderdale, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York JFK, Oakland, Orlando
  • Oslo to Boston, Fort Lauderdale, Los Angeles, New York JFK, Oakland, Orlando
  • Paris CDG to Fort Lauderdale, Los Angeles, New York JFK, Orlando
  • Stockholm Arlanda to Fort Lauderdale, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York JFK, Oakland

United Airlines

  • Houston Intercontinental to Frankfurt
  • San Francisco to Paris CDG


Airbus A350 Routes

Lufthansa A350 D-AIXA

Until more European airlines take Airbus A350s, there are few ways to cross the Atlantic on the type. Here are some examples:


  • Munich to Boston

Singapore Airlines

  • Manchester to Houston Intercontinental


Airbus A380s

Air France A380 (c) Joe Ravi

The whale of the skies is a smooth, quiet and comfortable way to travel. These are the A380 routes across the Atlantic.

Air France

  • Paris CDG to Los Angeles
  • Paris CDG to Miami
  • Paris CDG to New York JFK
  • Paris CDG to Washington Dulles

British Airways

  • London Heathrow to Los Angeles
  • London Heathrow to Miami
  • London Heathrow to San Francisco
  • London Heathrow to Vancouver
  • London Heathrow to Washington Dulles


  • Frankfurt to Houston Intercontinental
  • Frankfurt to Los Angeles
  • Frankfurt to Miami
  • Frankfurt to San Francisco


Boeing 747-8 Routes

Lufthansa Retro 747-830

Lufthansa Retro 747-830

The venerable 747 still flies, with the latest -8 intercontinental in service with Lufthansa on the following routes:


  • Frankfurt to Chicago O’Hare
  • Frankfurt to Newark
  • Frankfurt to New York JFK
  • Frankfurt to Washington Dulles


Airbus A310

Air Transat A310

The Airbus widebody A310 still plies a few routes across the Atlantic, which may be interesting to some of you. They include:

Air Transat

  • Toronto – Glasgow
  • Toronto – Manchester
  • Toronto – London Gatwick

SATA International

  • Lisbon – Ponta Delgada – Boston


Boeing 737s Across the Atlantic

It might not sound too appealing, but there are regular Boeing 737 flights across the Atlantic.


  • Glasgow – Halifax (Summer, 737-700)


The first airline to fly the 737MAX across the Atlantic

  • Belfast International – Newburgh Stewart & Providence
  • Cork – Providence
  • Dublin – Newburgh Stewart & Providence
  • Edinburgh – Hartford, Newburgh Stewart & Providence
  • Shannon – Newburgh Stewart & Providence



I hope this gives you some inspiration on ways to get across the Atlantic on interesting modern aircraft. Sadly there are no classic aircraft flying any more, although airlines such as American and United still fly Boeing 757s and 767s across the Pond.

Remember to visit our Airbus A350 Routes Page and Boeing 787 Routes Page for a full list of routes served by the types.



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13 Responses

  1. Ian says:

    An interesting alternative is a 757/737 flight. Icelandair used to offer Heathrow to Baltimore with a plane change in Keflavik. It was the cheapest route to the USA and Baltimore is closer to Washington DC than Dulles and has short immigration queues.

    May still be possible.

  2. Matt Falcus says:

    Very true Ian! Icelandair and WOW Air are both cheaper options if you change in Reykjavik.

  3. Malcolm Reed says:

    Did I see that Norwegian are planning to deploy the 737MAX from Edinburgh to “New York” later this year for £69 each way?

  4. Matt Falcus says:

    I heard about the plans for that route, but not the type. Would a 737MAX make it that far? Be great to see, if so!

  5. Malcolm Reed says:

    Yes, here’s the link. Don’t know when seats go on sale or which US airport they’ll head for.

  6. Dory says:

    Another unusual one is Scandinavian’s Copenhagen to/from Boston on a 737-700 (Privatair). The plane has been reconfigured to 86 seats (20 business & 66 economy), from the former 44 business seats only which was used on the now defunct Stavanger – Houston route. I was lucky enough to do the Stavanger-Houston flight one way a couple of years ago, and there were only 16 passengers plus 6 crew that day (!) … what a neat experience to do 10+ hours on a 737!

  7. I think that SAS used to fly a 737-700BBJ from Stavanger to Houston. This would be an interesting flight. SAS ended this service on October 24, 2015.

  8. Matt Falcus says:

    Would definitely be an interesting way to travel!

  9. Matt Falcus says:

    Fantastic! Yes an interesting way to fly across the Atlantic!

  10. Matt Falcus says:


  11. Paul Towers says:

    What about BA’s A318 from London City via Shannon?

  12. Matt Falcus says:

    Great suggestion Paul. I’d love to try it, but can’t quite justify the cost yet. One day…

  13. Marcel says:

    Air Transat has wayyy more routes with the a310

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