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American Airlines Announced MD-80 Retirement in September

by Matt Falcus

It’s been a long time coming, but the end is finally in sight for American Airlines’ McDonnell Douglas MD-80 fleet.

The airline has announced that the type will be retired fully from its fleet on September 4, when the last 26 examples still flying will be flown off to the desert for parting out and scrapping (or maybe onward sales if they’re lucky!).

The MD-80 has served American well since its introduction in the 1980s, and was the largest fleet of the type operated by any airline at its peak.

Over the past few years the type has been dwindling, with many examples being flown off to Roswell, New Mexico, for storage and scrapping every month. Now, with newer Airbus A321 and Boeing 737-800 types entering the fleet, it’s time for the MD-80 to retire.


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Final Services

The final services to be operated by the aircraft on September 4, before their retirement are:

1449Sept. 3GRR1425DFW1606
2372Sept. 3SAT1955DFW2110
2257Sept. 3MSY1943DFW2122
1010Sept. 3DFW2034STL2218
267Sept. 3DFW2226TUL2329
2454Sept. 4ICT0500DFW0615
2180Sept. 4AMA0500DFW0618
2232Sept. 4LBB0500DFW0627
2586Sept. 4PNS0500DFW0656
2200Sept. 4CLE0540DFW0732
2891Sept. 4VPS0545DFW0754
2338Sept. 4MFE0615DFW0755
2540Sept. 4OMA0600DFW0758
2605Sept. 4RDU0600DFW0758
2326Sept. 4DSM0600DFW0800
2185Sept. 4SAT0700DFW0814
2500Sept. 4CVG0629DFW0802
1999Sept. 4STL0730DFW0924
1538Sept. 4VPS0719DFW0934
1038Sept. 4ICT0810DFW0937
2335Sept. 4ABQ0650DFW0938
80Sept. 4DFW0900ORD1135

(credit American Airlines)

American MD-80



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Martin Dennett June 27, 2019 - 12:12 pm

Very appropriate that the last flight number will be “80”. Let’s hope the DFW – LHR flight has departed by then…


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