Bournemouth Aviation Museum Reopens

Great news today. Bournemouth Aviation Museum is to re-open this Saturday (18 October 2008), 10 months since it was closed by the airport due to them requiring the land for other purposes.

Now the museum has been relocated alongside the Wonderland Family Adventure Park and the exhibits have been reassembled ready for the museum’s reopening.

In addition to this, the museum intends to erect a viewing platform from which visitors can watch and photograph the movements at Bournemouth Airport, which is very welcome.

Eventually an Aviation Heritage Centre is planned for the site, which was once home to the manufacturing plant of the BAC 1-11 amongst other aircraft.

The museum’s website is at

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3 Responses

  1. Matt says:

    Unfortunately the opening of the museum has been put back to October 25th due to electricity not being supplied in time.

  2. Peter Olding says:

    Correct address for Museums website is


    Bournemouth Airport

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