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Final European flight of a BAC 1-11

by Matt Falcus

BAC 1-11Last week marked the final flight in Europe of a BAC One-Eleven (1-11) aircraft, with QinetiQ’s (former Royal Aircraft  Establishment) last flying example, ZH763, making the short journey from Boscombe Down to Newquay, in the south west of England.

The aircraft is to be preserved under cover as a fully serviceable exhibit, which will hopefully be seen moving around the airfield under its own power at special events held by its new owners, Classic Air Force, who have a number of serviceable historic aircraft.

As the type approaches its 50th anniversary, it is fitting to retire an example in this way, for future generations to enjoy.

Meanwhile, Classic Jet Tours in the USA are organising four enthusiasts flights on the last remaining operational 1-11 in the USA this October. The aircraft, N999BW, is operated in a VIP configuration by Jet Place Inc. These tours are likely to be the last chance for anyone to fly on a BAC One-Eleven, so if you’re interested make a booking at www.classicjettours.com and get down to Dallas Love Field.


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