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Frankfurt Airport Viewing Terrace Re-Opened

by Matt Falcus
Frankfurt Airport Viewing Terrace

Frankfurt Airport Viewing Terrace

Great news from Germany today as the Frankfurt Airport Viewing Terrace re-opened just in time for spotters to enjoy the last of the summer sun.

The terrace is located in Terminal 2 and its future had been uncertain when its planned upgrade seemed to be getting nowhere.

Fraport CFO Dr. Matthias Zieschang said: “Since its first inauguration in 1994, our Visitors’ Terrace in Terminal 2 has been a magnet for tourists, local residents, and aviation enthusiasts alike, attracting up to 2,700 guests every day. The terrace is a major feature of the airport, proving that FRA is much more than simply a transportation facility. Frankfurt Airport is a real experience, a tourist attraction in its own right and always worth a visit. Our guests enjoy the fascinating world of aviation, witnessing aircraft from all over the world take off and land and the action on the apron, as well as the atmosphere in the terminals. Now, the look and comfort of the new, improved Visitors’ Terrace will further enhance their experience.”

Covering 1,800 square meters, the Visitors’ Terrace has room to accommodate up to 800 guests at once. Its redesign has included the addition of a modern reception and attractive new flooring in the outdoor area. Comfortable seating, partly in the sun and partly shaded by pavilions, helps make the time spent on the terrace even more enjoyable and relaxing. A new stainless steel wire mesh fence with apertures for taking pictures has also been installed. Because of the new protective fence, guests now no longer need to clear a security check. Among other things, this opens up the possibility to temporarily leave the platform―for example, to grab a snack at McDonald’s or use the attractive new play areas for children―and then return.

The Visitors’ Terrace will now be open from Monday to Friday between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m., and until 7 p.m. on weekends, on holidays in the German state of Hesse, and during some special events at the airport.

Final admission is 30 minutes before closing time. A day pass costs three euros per person, with children younger than four and disabled persons with proof of status, along with an authorized escort, being admitted free. Families and other groups can purchase five day passes for the price of four (12 euros).

An ideal way to supplement a visit to the terrace is by going on an airport tour, which takes guests right into the thick of the action. A 45-minute starter tour can be booked right at the Visitors’ Terrace. Full details here.



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