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HS 748 Enthusiast Flights

by Matt Falcus

How would you fancy a trip on that rare workhorse, the Hawker Siddeley HS.748? Very few of them remain in service today, so it’s quite unusual to get the chance to fly on one.

Henry Tenby’s AirlineHobby site is offering enthusiast flights on an Air North example on three different dates this summer, and tickets are limited so get yours now!

The dates are:

Saturday, 16th June from Vancouver Airport South Terminal
Saturday, 14th July from Vancouver Airport South Terminal
Saturday, 11th August from Vancouver Airport to Abbotsford Air Show and back.

Every ticket booked will receive a free Air North HS748 DVD from Henry Tenby’s excellent collection of titles.

Flights last around an hour, and will cover all aspects of interest to the enthusiast.

You can find out more information from this link: http://www.airlinehobby.com/welcome/748tour/hs748charter.cfm


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HS748 John December 17, 2018 - 12:59 am

I found this article through Google. Was this a one-off event? I am extremely interested in everything related to HS748. Any information would be highly appreciated!
Greetings from Italy


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