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KLM Cityhopper Fleet and Guide

by Matt Falcus

KLM Cityhopper is the Dutch regional airline partner that has played a pivotal role in connecting cities across Europe since its inception. Founded in 1991, it is a subsidiary of the renowned Dutch carrier, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, and is headquartered at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.


KLM Cityhopper’s History

Photo (c) Rob Hodgkins

The airline’s history can be traced back to the merger of two regional carriers, NLM CityHopper and Netherlines. These airlines, which primarily operated within the Netherlands and neighbouring countries, came together to form KLM Cityhopper in 1991. This merger allowed for greater efficiency and enhanced regional connectivity, consolidating KLM’s presence in the European market.

At the time of the merger, NLM CityHopper had a fleet of Fokker F27, F28 and Saab 340 aircraft. Netherlines had Jetstream 31 and Saab 340 aircraft.


Early KLM Cityhopper Fleet

KLM Fokker 70 at Durham Tees Valley

KLM Cityhopper Fokker 70

KLM Cityhopper was quick to upgrade its fleet, focusing on homegrown Fokker aircraft. It retained the Saab 340s from the merger until 1998, but took on a new fleet of Fokker 50, 70 and 100 aircraft.

These types made up the fleet of the airline until the final Fokker 70 was retired in October 2017. The Fokker 50s left in 2010 and the Fokker 100s in 2012.


KLM Cityhopper Fleet Today

Meanwhile, the airline had started introducing new Embraer E-Jet aircraft from 2009, with 32 EMB-190s eventually joining.

These were supplemented by smaller EMB-175s from 2016, and modern E195-E2s from February 2021.

KLM Cityhopper’s fleet is known for its fuel efficiency, passenger comfort, and versatility on short-haul routes. Over the years, the airline has expanded its route network to cover numerous destinations in Europe, making it a vital part of KLM’s regional and international operations.

In recent years, KLM Cityhopper has also taken steps to reduce its environmental impact by exploring more sustainable aviation practices and technologies.


KLM Cityhopper Fleet

PH-EZX KLM CityHopper Skyteam

PH-EZX KLM CityHopper in Skyteam livery

At the time of writing, the KLM Cityhopper fleet comprises the following aircraft:

  • PH-EXA                 Embraer 190
  • PH-EXB                 Embraer 190
  • PH-EXC                 Embraer 190
  • PH-EXD                Embraer 190
  • PH-EXE                 Embraer 190
  • PH-EXF                 Embraer 190
  • PH-EXG                Embraer 175
  • PH-EXH                Embraer 175
  • PH-EXI                  Embraer 175
  • PH-EXJ                  Embraer 175
  • PH-EXK                 Embraer 175
  • PH-EXL                 Embraer 175
  • PH-EXM               Embraer 175
  • PH-EXN                Embraer 175
  • PH-EXO                Embraer 175
  • PH-EXP                 Embraer 175
  • PH-EXR                 Embraer 175
  • PH-EXS                 Embraer 175
  • PH-EXT                 Embraer 175
  • PH-EXU                Embraer 175
  • PH-EXV                 Embraer 190
  • PH-EXW               Embraer 175
  • PH-EXX                 Embraer 175
  • PH-EXY                 Embraer 190
  • PH-EXZ                 Embraer 175
  • PH-EZA                 Embraer 190
  • PH-EZB                 Embraer 190
  • PH-EZC                 Embraer 190
  • PH-EZD                Embraer 190
  • PH-EZE                 Embraer 190
  • PH-EZF                 Embraer 190
  • PH-EZG                 Embraer 190
  • PH-EZH                 Embraer 190
  • PH-EZL                 Embraer 190
  • PH-EZM                Embraer 190
  • PH-EZN                Embraer 190
  • PH-EZO                Embraer 190
  • PH-EZP                 Embraer 190
  • PH-EZR                 Embraer 190
  • PH-EZS                 Embraer 190
  • PH-EZT                 Embraer 190
  • PH-EZU                Embraer 190
  • PH-EZV                 Embraer 190
  • PH-EZW               Embraer 190
  • PH-EZX                 Embraer 190 Skyteam livery
  • PH-EZY                 Embraer 190
  • PH-EZZ                 Embraer 190
  • PH-NXA                Embraer 195-E2
  • PH-NXB                Embraer 195-E2
  • PH-NXC                Embraer 195-E2
  • PH-NXD                Embraer 195-E2
  • PH-NXE                Embraer 195-E2
  • PH-NXF                Embraer 195-E2
  • PH-NXG                Embraer 195-E2
  • PH-NXH                Embraer 195-E2
  • PH-NXI                 Embraer 195-E2
  • PH-NXJ                 Embraer 195-E2
  • PH-NXK                Embraer 195-E2
  • PH-NXL                Embraer 195-E2
  • PH-NXM               Embraer 195-E2
  • PH-NXN               Embraer 195-E2
  • PH-NXO               Embraer 195-E2
  • PH-NXP                Embraer 195-E2
  • PH-NXR                Embraer 195-E2
  • PH-NXS                Embraer 195-E2

+ 7 Embraer 195-E2 on order


Today, KLM Cityhopper continues to be a key player in connecting European cities, contributing to the overall success of the KLM Group. Its rich history, dedication to service, and commitment to innovation ensure that it remains an essential part of the European aviation landscape.



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