Lost Airline Colours of Europe Now on Kindle


The popular book I wrote at the end of 2016 which took a nostalgic look back at the airlines and colour schemes of Europe from days gone by is now available on Kindle.

Lost Airline Colours of Europe has hundreds of old colour photographs showing the types of aircraft and airlines you may remember from the 1970s, 80s and 90s (and some earlier than that).

It covers all of those old leisure airlines you used to fly on.

It also includes lots of airlines which are still around today, but which looked very different back then.

See how airline liveries have changed over the years, and how aircraft types have been replaced from the classic old jets and propliners.

Lost Airline Colours of Europe is available on Kindle here:




If you’d prefer the print version, you can still buy a copy here:

Lost Airline Colours of Europe

To see these pictures and many more British leisure airline liveries from days gone by, order a copy of our new book, Lost Airline Colours of Europe Timelines, which is available now.

Includes hundreds of pictures of classic airliners and airline colours that have disappeared from our skies.

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