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Palma Airport Nearby Attractions – Son Bonet

by Matt Falcus

Palma Son BonetContinuing my look at what aviation attractions you can find close by popular airports for spotting, in this post I’m looking at Palma Airport on the Spanish island of Mallorca.

Palma is one of Europe’s busiest holiday airports, packed full of leisure and low cost airlines. Given its near constant sun, it’s a favourite amongst spotters and photographers.

However, also on the island is another small airport worth visiting.

Son Bonet Aerodrome is the original airport for Palma de Mallorca, opening in the 1920s. It grew as a mixed military and civil airport, until it could expand no further and the current airport took over in the late 1950s.

Son Bonet today is used for general aviation, flight training, and some executive flights. It is easy to get to, only around five miles from the main airport, and even closer to the city.

At its main entrance, a preserved Douglas DC-3, EC-EJB, stands guard. In the north west corner of the airfield, a group of Antonov An-2 aircraft have been stored for some time. The aerodrome has a single runway, with all ramps and hangars on the north side of the runway.

Spotting at the aerodrome is possible from the roads around the perimeter, but airside access is rarely granted.


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