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Will Ryanair buy Stansted Airport?

by Matt Falcus

London Stansted RyanairThat’s what recent news stories seems to suggest. Ryanair – who yesterday claimed they’d buy a dog if it was the right price – are looking to take a 25% stake in London Stansted Airport now that BAA has been forced to sell it.

Believing that owning a significant stake in arguably its most significant airport would allow it to grow traffic at the airport, Ryanair’s Michael O’Leary recently commented “There is enormous opportunity for cutting the cost base at Stansted. You could take the airport [from 30 million] to 60 million passengers a year and account for nearly all the growth in the southeast.”

“We’d change the whole structure of the airport to lower costs, increase the number of flights and increase traffic.”

Ryanair would invest no more than 24.99% into the airport, as part of a consortium buying the facility from BAA.

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