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Spotting at Fort Lauderdale Executive – Jet Runway Cafe

by Matt Falcus
Jet Runway Cafe
Jet Runway Cafe

(c) Jet Runway Cafe

Spotting at Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport is now a little easier and more comfortable after we found out about the Jet Runway Cafe which offers fantastic views of the action and large windows for photography.

spotting at fort lauderdale executive

spotting at fort lauderdale executive

Fort Lauderdale Executive is, as the name suggests, a secondary airport for the Florida city which handles mainly executive and general aviation traffic. Airline traffic (and some biz) use the main Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International a few miles to the south (here’s a spotting guide for that airport).

The Jet Runway Cafe was recently found by Dean Mitchell, who provided the pictures in this report from his visit (you can also visit his Flickr page here for more pictures).

It is a recommended place to eat, targeting pilots and people flying out of the airport. It fronts onto one of the parking ramps at the airport, with a busy taxiway passing very close by and both runways visible just beyond.

Dean commented about his visit: “Most of the bizjets that landed taxied past very close. I can highly recommend it and there were some very interesting conversations going on. No one seemed worried about me taking pictures and all in all was a great couple of hours and the food was amazing and service very friendly.”

The Jet Runway Cafe can be found at 5540 NW 21st Terrace, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309. Its opening hours are Monday- Friday: 7:30am-3pm, Saturday: 7:30am-2pm (closed Sundays).
You can visit its website here: http://jetrunwaycafe.com/


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