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Spotting at Tokyo Haneda Airport

by Matt Falcus


Haneda Airport in Tokyo is enjoying somewhat of a renaissance recently, with a bunch of new international routes granted (and now snapped up by some major airlines), and being at the centre of All Nippon Airways’ Boeing 787 launch.

The airport has four runways, including the new 05/23. It also has three passenger terminals and a cargo terminal. The new International Terminal is across the field from the other two, and is quite impressive.

But, despite the international growth, Haneda is the place to come for seeing Japan’s domestic aircraft, operated by ANA, Japan Airlines and their various connector networks.

The airport, as with most in Japan, is quite easy to spot from. It has official observation decks on all three terminals that are open from 6.30am to 10pm daily. Each is reached from within the terminal via elevator, and each is free to enter.

For photographers, it’s best to head to the decks on Terminal 1 and 2 on a morning, and the International Terminal on an afternoon. Unfortunately no deck in particular is 100% perfect for seeing all movements, so you may need to move around a bit.


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