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Stockholm Bromma – Spotting Guide

by Matt Falcus

Stockholm Bromma is the the tiny downtown airport serving the Swedish capital. It is the original airport serving the city and a historic place which still sees airline flights today.

Bromma is located just a few miles to the north west of the city centre, and is one of Europe’s oldest commercial airports still in operations, having opened in 1936.

A historic photo of Bromma Airport. Credit SAS Museet.

The architecture of the airport buildings evokes this era, with a number of classic hangar buildings.

Today Stockholm is primarily served by the much larger Arlanda Airport to the north. However Bromma is still a popular gateway, particularly for domestic and commuter flights.


Bromma Airport Layout

A former runway now incorporated into a sports complex on the south side.


The old hangars, now incorporated into a retail park.

Bromma has one active runway, 12/30.

It is quite limited in length due to the surrounding roads, city and landscape. Therefor it can only handle aircraft up to Airbus A320/Boeing 737 in size.

Former runways are still evident, however the southern portion of the airfield is occupied by a sport centre.

The terminal building and active hangars and aprons are on the north side of the runway.

Behind this is a row of additional historic hangars, however they are now in use as a retail park, with the aprons used as a car park.


What you’ll see at Bromma

BRA Braathens Regional Airlines ATR 72-600 SE-MKL 191228 BMA

Historic Douglas DC-3 SE-CFP used to be based at Bromma, operated by Flygande Veteraner in vintage SAS colours.

Stockholm Bromma Airport is served by BRA Braathens Regional Airlines who link it with cities across Sweden and Scandinavia.

Nyxair also serves domestic routes, whilst Finnair provides a link to Helsinki.

Until recently Brussels Airlines had a long-standing route to Belgium.

Bromma is also a popular hub for general aviation and executive aircraft movements, often with a number of biz jets present.l – particularly on the apron to the south east of the terminal.


Spotting at Stockholm Bromma

The Saab 2000 prototype seen from the hill overlooking the airport, behind the terminal.

The biz jet parking area and hangar to the east of the terminal, seen from the spotting hill.

1. Hill Overlooking Central Area
A hill behind the terminal is a great vantage spot for photographing aircraft on the runway and watching all movements. You can see many of the parking areas from here. It’s easiest reached from the P2 car park.

SR-RGD Braathens Regional Airbus A319-112

2. South Side
A golf course and sports complex occupies the southern side of the airport alongside a disused runway. You’ll be able to spot through the fence by walking along the path running alongside the active runway where you can find gaps to spot and photograph through.

To get there continue south on the 279 past the airport entrance. Turn right onto Kvarnbacksvagen at the next crossroads, then right again (signposted Bromma Golf).

The path continues to the end of runway 12, where you can photograph aircraft lining up and landing. Alternatively you can drive to this spot by heading north from the terminal.

Former Linjeflyg Convair 580 SE-CCX, seen from the south side.

A long term resident on the south side is a former Linjeflyg Convair 580 airliner. This is used as a fire training aid, with fading colours of the former Swedish airline. It can be seen from either location, but spot 2 allows you to walk closer to it and see it through the fence.


Have you been spotting at Stockholm Bromma before? Have you flown through the airport? Leave a comment below!





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Jan Buisman December 6, 2023 - 6:28 pm

Bromma is no longer the base for the DC-3 of Flygande Veteraner, Daisy is based at Västerås.

Spelling for BRA should be Braathens Regional Airlines.

Matt Falcus December 6, 2023 - 8:31 pm

Thanks Jan, I’ll update that.

Anders Nilsson December 6, 2023 - 8:53 pm

You are not allowed to photograph in on Grafair’s ramp. You can get prosecuted.
Great photo spots on the hills nerar both runway ends.
In the summer mornings the hill near the parking is great for taxi- and action photos.


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