The Best Plane Spotting Happens Just Outside Of DC’s Restricted Airspace || Jaunted

The Best Plane Spotting Happens Just Outside Of DC’s Restricted Airspace || Jaunted

Jaunted has posted a nice piece about spotting at Washington Reagan National Airport in the USA. The Gravelly Point Park passes the end of the runway giving some spectacular views of departing aircraft at close range.

The park is popular with cyclists and walkers, and shouldn’t draw too much attention if you want to watch the movements – as that’s what most people are doing anyway!

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  1. JAMES SPEORL says:

    I found this site and thought maybe a local aircraft watcher could help me. There must be someone who would recall aircraft spotting way back when. I am looking to solve the mystery of a very unusual helicopter I used to see as a kid in the PG County, Maryland area, 1970-73. I had never seen one like it before, nor have I ever seen one since then. I have determined by comparing my vivid memory (swift moving, white with red stripes, rounded looking, fixed-wheeled, jet-style design) to Internet identification photos that the model in question must be the SUD Alouette III. This makes sense as it best matches my memory, it was used for corporate/charter service, and my few sightings were of it flying over and quickly descending to land in the distance near a business/industrial park (Industrial City – Hyattsville/Bladensburg, Md). It acted as if it were making a runway landing rather than a typical vertical move. I could never pinpoint just where it was landing or who owned it. I am now trying to locate the possible destination, as well as the operator of it. I thought maybe it was a corporate copter for one of the trucking companies in that area? I have discovered there was “one” Alouette listed in Maryland at the Montgomery County Airpark, circa 1970. Does any helicopter buff in this region know of a detailed list of all Alouette models in the region during 1970-1973, as well as have any images? Help solve this mystery!

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