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Watch out for more CRJ’s at Exeter

by Matt Falcus

Flybe’s maintenance division at Exeter Airport in the south-west UK has been approved as an Authorised Service Facility for Bombardier CRJ aircraft.

The facility already services Dash 8 and Q400 aircraft, but now the commuter jet will also be handled here.

Flybe is based at Exeter, and also flies the Q400 aircraft, so it makes sense that their Aviation Services division handles their maintenance. However, over recent years a number of operators have sent their aircraft to Exeter to be serviced by them. This has resulted in a number of exotic aircraft visiting.

Now it looks set to get better, with CRJ aircraft also coming in.

The deal was signed at the recent All Series Bombardier Operators Conference, and Exeter has now become the only facility aside from Bombardier to be approved to do this work on both aircraft types.

So watch out for some interesting movements heading Exeter’s way in the future.


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